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I’ve got the “End of Summer Blues” and I’ve got ’em bad! by Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, Cert. Hypnotist, Author, Columnist and 50-pound Big-Time-Loser.
As the light days of summer shorten, and the temperature moves from hot to warm to cool to cold, so goes my heart.
How is it that the end of summer sends a good many of us spiraling down into the abyss, extra layer of clothing in one hand, donut in the other?

From Sad to Overcomer- The One MInute Cure!

There are different reasons that we are oh so sad. Let’s take a look at our “suffering syndromes,” and then make that all important conscious shift to energized overcomer!
Our Suffering Syndromes:
1. RSMS – Return to School Mentality Syndrome: Some of us are actually returning to school, as teacher and/or student, or to work after an extended summer vacation. And for some leave ‘early’ Fridays are over. And some of us (I’m guessing most of us) have the belief indelibly etched deeply into our minds that summer marks the ‘end of freedom.’ Ugh!
2. SDS – Short Days Syndrome – The days are shorter; less light. Although September may be lovely, we know that winter is soon to come. A time when we tend to be less active and social. Ugh!
3. SPS – Squandered Plans Syndrome – Some are disappointed because they didn’t get to do all the things that they had planned to do this summer. Whether it was to go to South America, take the Circle Liner around Manhattan (over-rated), or clean out their closets. Ugh!
4. AURS – Agreed Upon Reality Syndrome. People are walking around talking about just how their energy is beginning to wane, how they have the blues, how sad they are (including me; guilty!) Double Ugh!
5. SSS – Summer Style Syndrome. Summer is free, easy, light-weight and it costs less to look good. A simple pair of sandals vs. thigh high insulated boots! UGH!
Be an OVERCOMER! Find something to be in happy about in less than one minute.
1. ISC – Identify Shift Cure. Rather than identifying with “Suffer,”be an “Overcomer.” YAY!
2. SURDC: Soak Up Remaining Days Cure. Truth be told, autumn is quite possibly the most beautiful and comfortable time of year. Get out there, soak up the sun, go for a walk (or two or three), have a BBQ. Make sure you make the most of September and October, so you don’t feel that you squandered the fall! YAY!
3. APJC – The Autumn Photo-Journalist Cure! Capture the last days of summer and the turning leaves of autumn on film. Press some of those gorgeous fallen leaves in a book. You can spend the winter sorting through your pics and creating an amazingly beautiful ‘remembrance album.’ YAY!
4. HWEC – Happy Winter Events Cure. Make a long list of things that you are looking forward to doing this winter. You might include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, St. Valentine’s Day, and Pi Day (March 14 – a favorite in our house) on your list, as well as a possible vacation to a warm place J. Perhaps you can find the time to sign up for that Rumba class you’ve always wanted to take; painting class; healthy cooking class; Photoshop class. YAY!
5. WSC – Winter Style Cure. Layer-Up! Wear colorful scarves and hats. Accessorize up the kazoo! Put those little heat pads for your pockets in your pockets! Woo Hoo, my energy is really starting to pick up! I see shopping in my future! YAY!
Be an Overcomer!!
Spread the word, NOT the icing!

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