Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

FLOW: Happiness Beyond Time and Space

Juicy and Tender Flow by Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, Cert. Hypnotist, Author, Columnist and 50-pound big-time-loser.
Have you ever gotten so beautifully and intensely absorbed in an ‘action’ that time ceased to exist? You look up from the task at hand and two, three or more hours have mysteriously passed without your being aware of it?
Welcome to the State of Flow!
Flow is a mental state that emerges when a person is so fully involved and immersed in what he or she is doing that time ceases to exist and a feeling of energized focus flows.
A Rose by Any Other Name.
The state of Flow is also referred to by athletes as “being in the zone.” Practitioners of Eastern religions have spoken about “being at one with things.” Stock market operators describe the psychological state of flow on high volume trading days as being “in the pipe.” Other names include “optimal experience,” “feeling on a high,” and “being totally focused.”
The Flow Experience.
Flow is, in effect, a ‘trance’ state. And trance states are the very best states to be in to create, to see, to experience, to get lost in channeling the juices that will manifest your dreams into reality.
Flow is a space out of time and away from thought. To feel flow is to feel completely at one with what you are doing, to intuitively know that you are strong and, in this very special flow state, able to control your destiny. Flow is accompanied by feelings of great pleasure independent of the results.
One is IN Flow when one is truly IN the process.
Here are some tips for helping your flow trance state to show up a little more often as well as strengthening it!


Six Succulent Steps to Flow

1. No News is Good News
The creative part of you is more sensitive than you might realize. The negative stream that passes from the news desks across America to your heart and mind short circuits flow. Choose your news sources carefully. Avoid screaming anchors, short-sighted pundits, and anyone that promotes fear and intolerance.
2. Listen to Poetry
If you do enjoy having ‘sound’ on in the background, do listen to music. Music activates the same feel good part of the brain that food does. And for a real treat – try listening to poetry. (You can purchase great poetry on i-Tunes! Wow. What a world!!)
3. Creative Work Bench
Whatever your medium, be it collage, painting, writing, sewing, cooking, thinking great thoughts … have your ‘creative work bench’ standing ready. Designate an entire room or even a corner of a room as your very own ‘creative space’ and keep your tools open and ready to go. When the urge hits, you can let it ‘flow.’
4. Sacred and Spiritual Moments
Carve out time for creative acts and honor them. Keep those times sacred and separate! Do not stop to make phone calls or run an errand. Allow yourself to let go and fully give yourself to the activity, whether it is listening to music, reading a good book, writing poetry, or singing. Acknowledge the sacred and spiritual in these moments.
5. Aesthetics Matter
Nature is always (yes, always) awe-inspiring. If you can live in a beautiful place, do. And if you are city folk (as am I), a few houseplants on the windowsills does wonders. Every new leaf is a miracle.
6. Stand Ready for Creative Thought
When aHA moments happen, when creative thoughts bubble to the surface, write them down. We think we’ll remember them, but more often than not, they disappear into the ether. So, be prepared. Pens, pencils, pads in every room, in every bag. Maybe a mini-recorder in the car!
What can you add to this list that can activate your inner-flow?
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  • Susan K. Perry

    Do fit people find flow easier? Ha. The same distractibility and unease and anxiety that keep one from flow might keep one from keeping the hand (holding excess calories) away from the mouth… ? I’m pretty sure that would be applicable to me, anyway.
    Susan K. Perry, Ph.D.
    Psychology Today Blog “Creating in Flow”:

  • Renee Drew

    My FLOW gets going and really flows when I’m rubber stamping! My creativity starts taking over, especially when I have someone in mind who will receive the results. Best of all, my mind forgets about mindless munching!

  • cat

    My FLOW happens with art – whether I’m crocheting, making jewelry or drawing…I put on an audible book and lose myself for a few hours. It’s wonderful!

  • Kris

    I need to find something that makes me feel like that. I’ve been pretty down lately (weight gain, end of summer, colder weather…)and am really having a hard time feeling happy and satisfied. How does one find something that brings on that flow? Should I just keep trying things and see what I like?

  • Brian

    Wonderful article…I love “the Flow”
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Elisa

    Beliefnet has been a miracle in my life since I signed up for the e-mails. I read them every day, sometimes I print them out just to pass along the messages they contain. I find all of the messages uplifting and I start everyday with a reading before I go to my (gasp!!)8am class.

  • Shirley

    In the flow happens to me and I can reveal that no time is present, it’s a gift and I cherish it, like when my first granddaughter was born, being in the room, helping deliver her, there was no time, time did stand still, I love her so much, the next generation is here, WOW!

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