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I’ve Got to Be Me! You’ve Got to be You! By Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, Cert. Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, Author, Blogger and 50-pound big-time-loser. (write Janice for free consult)
I’ve ‘borrowed’ the above classic Oscar Wilde quote, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken,” more than once (like every 10 minutes – thank YOU, Oscar), and it always gets a laugh and produces an a-HA moment.
It is soooo the truth! Some of us embrace the idea of being ourselves – a freeing concept – while others ‘try’ to be themselves – not exactly knowing who they are and a bit reluctant to put it out there!
Here follow some kick-tush suggestions on how to be you! I recommend that you first listen and watch these YouTube specials before diving head first into ‘you.’ All belting out “I’ve Got to Be Me,” one of these truly unique ‘characters’ is sure to inspire, motivate and pump you up!
Clay Aiken: I’ve Got to Be Me
Sammy Davis, Jr. : I’ve Got to Be Me
Michael Jackson: I’ve Got to Be Me
King of Drags : I’ve Got to Be Me
And now … without further ado ~

Our Lady of Weight Loss’s Top Eight Tips on How to Be You
… apparently, more difficult than one might imagine!

1. Take Stock: In order to be yourself, you do have to know, understand and accept yourself. The best way to do that is to take time to contemplate your life, your choices and your naval. (Back in the day, people would ask, “What are you doing?” to which you might respond, “Contemplating my naval.”)
2. Accept Your Mistakes: Know that there is no such thing as failure; only feedback. Take a good look at your choices. While feedback is a useful commodity, there’s no reason to repeat mistakes and failed attempts.
3. Let Go of Caring About What Other People Think: The fact of the matter is that it really doesn’t matter how people perceive you and worrying about what others think is a brick wall of your own making! It is virtually impossible to be the person that everyone likes. (There are even a few who don’t like Oprah. No joke!)
4. Be Open and Honest. A bold move, but nonetheless, ask yourself, “What have I got to hide? Do I feel ashamed or insecure about any aspect of myself?” If yes, if you are loaded with ‘flaws,’ note what they are, come to terms with them and then transform them into quirks … in my case ‘kookiness!’ (In case you didn’t know, O, the Oprah magazine deemed me a ‘kooky genius.’ I succeeded in utilizing my flaws to the max!)
5. Laugh At Yourself. So what if you are a mess. We all are and are secretly terrified that we’re going to be undone by our misfortunes and flaws. Imagine how relieved everyone will be to know that you (and in turn, they) can turn their unfortunate stories into something funny. They will laugh with you! Oh my … laughter does feel good!
6. Develop Your Individuality. What’s your style? In form, fashion, thoughts, and manner of speaking? If you are a round and luscious goddess who wears red and thinks ‘interesting’ thoughts and speaks in a NuYawk accent, go for it! Stand tall, be proud, be your character.
7. Play in Traffic. If you don’t play in traffic, you can’t get hit by a truck. Ha! In other words, if you don’t get out there and risk getting crapped on by a pigeon, you’ll never be yourself. Be sure to carry those nifty clean wipes. Something splatters on you; clean yourself up and play some more.
8. You and You – Side by Side: Ultimately, you are hanging out with you all day long. So, be your best, most interesting and fun self. Hang tight with you!
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