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Our Lady of Weight Loss

The Final Goodbye: A Meditation for Randy Pausch

ART randy pausch.jpgThe Garden of Peace: Where Spirits Pass and We Say Goodbye by Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, Certified Hypnotist, 50-pound big-time-loser.
For those of us who have lost a loved one and/or are feeling the loss of Professor Randy Pausch, best known for his “Last Lecture,” given to his students in the fall of 2007, nearly one year after being diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, I offer you “The Final Goodbye” meditation.
Imagine a Garden of Peace…
A place that you might see in your mind’s eye; a peaceful place where calm and harmony are natural; a place where spirits pass from this world to the next. Perhaps your Garden of Peace is overgrown with wild flowers or weeping willows. The birds sing songs of love as the bees buzz from one flower to the next.
While we cannot enter the garden, as it is not our time, we are able to see and experience this garden in a real way.
Those who have passed to the other side are no longer inhibited and influenced by the matters of the world – they are free to see the universal truths and wisdoms. And all we need to do to communicate with them is say their name.
They will ‘appear’ in the Garden of Peace in some way, shape or form. Remember that they are no longer in their bodies; they are in spirit form. I don’t know how this person will present himself to you, but you do. Perhaps, he or she may speak to you through your favorite flower, sending a beautiful fragrance your way; or you may mysteriously feel an Angel brushing your cheek, or you could see the person in their old form sitting cross-legged under the weeping willow, or on a bench in the middle of a honeysuckle grove.
Look and listen and when the time is right, offer your prayers, your final goodbyes. This is a time you can be sure that all that you need to say can be said; peace can be yours.
You might want to simply let this person know that you love them, that you will carry them with you, always. I don’t know what you need to or want to say, but you do. And when you are finished reach out for a final touch, a hug, and say your last goodbye.
Take a moment to process your feelings, take it in on the deepest level, in every cell, molecule and atom, all that is useful and good from this meditation and carry it with you always.


* * *

My Farewell to Rancy Pausch . . .
I see Randy under the weeping willow, doing push ups, smiling and inspiring still and I say to him … Thank you for living life fully, for being a beacon of light, for going after your dreams and inspiring me through your words.
“Brick walls are not there to keep us out. The Brick Walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. The Brick Walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly. They are there to stop OTHER people.”~ Randy Pausch
And now, Randy smiles and waves goodbye, leaving with me with feelings of peace, love, a calmness of spirit, a sense of renewed purpose. I take these feelings in on the deepest level.
And I move on … making this day count, knocking down the brick walls that are surely not meant for me (or you).
Spread the word, NOT the icing!
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  • Nathanne

    Thank you, Janice, for this lovely meditation. I have lost many loved ones, and it is never easy. But I have had dreams where they visit me, and they are smiling and happy, and appear younger and healthy in the dreams. It’s very comforting.

  • Bud Eskew

    Although I never met Randy and I do not profess to know his religious or spiritual grounding, I know Randy is in Heaven today with God and all His angels. Though we will miss his lessons and his life force here on Earth, God needed a guy with a good wit and sharp soul to assist with cosmic matters versus Earthly ones. To Randy’s family I can only offer my meager human sympathy and I hope the God I love holds you close in His spirit today and for the days to come. One day, we will all be together and we will know all the secrets that Randy now knows!
    God Bless Us All
    Bud Eskew
    Canton, GA

  • Katy Mitchell

    The quote about the brick wall is one that I think he nailed.

  • Pete

    Yes, what Randy said about brick walls is what I carry most with me.
    Hopefully Chad Hermann will get over his incredible jealousy now.

  • Anonymous

    what a terrible loss. i feel so bad for his wife, kids and mom. the saying only the good die young holds true here. he was a gentleman with a kind soul. he will be soarly missed.

  • N J Houseman

    Thank you for this web site. I too have lost loved ones; they have crossed over. Once, soon after my brother died, his vision came to me while I was sitting on the coutch in the living room. He looked like he did when he was strong and healthy and in his eyes was the look of light-hearted happiness; like he was when he was young. The vision only lasted about 10 seconds but I knew that he was telling me he was happy and okay. He looked so healthy, like he was about to laugh outloud. I think perhaps it was the look of ecstasy in his eyes. He was one of a kind. A very nice man.



  • Debbie Lipp

    To Randy’s beautiful wife Jai, amazing children Dylan, Logan and Chloe and the rest of his family, we grieve for your loss. My heart is so heavy with sadness at this wonderful man’s passing. What great works he has done and what a difference I know he’s made in so many lives. When I first heard of his passing on the news Friday, even though it was inevitable, my heart sank and tears welled up for the incredible family that I don’t even know, but yet was given the privilege and blessing to experience a glimpse into your lives in these past months. You are an amazing woman Jai and my heart, thoughts and spirit are with you and your family at this time and always. Your husband truly has made a difference in life proving the power of one person’s voice. You also have made a difference in life showing the support, the pillar of strength you had to be even when you were not feeling that inside at times, the beauty of your spirit, the depth of love in your soul you have for your husband and children. What a sweet, precious woman you are.
    With a full heart, Debbie Lipp

  • Jill Schee

    To the Pausch Family,
    As a cancer survivor I was able to get great strenghth from Randy. He has made a difference in so many peoples lives and he will go on forever in our hearts. Jai, you are an amazing woman with incredible strenghth. I am very proud that I was able to meet you through your husband’s book, and his “Last Lecture”. The love the two of you have shared is the love many people search for most of their lives. I hold you, and the children, in my thoughts and prayers.
    Sincerely, Jill Schee

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