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As I travel the road to Sveltesville and share my new book, All Is Forgiven, Move On and chew the fat with Our Lady of Weight Loss fans, one of the comments I have repeatedly heard is this: “I wish I were a naturally thin person.”
The Naturally Thin (TNT) -or- Fake It Till You Make It from Janice Taylor, Beliefnet Blogger
I’ve been observing ‘the naturally thin (heretofore referred to as TNT) for close to seven years now, collecting data in my own very scientific manner, and this is what I know for sure about TNT.
Crazy ATES: Eight Points of LITE from The Naturally Thin

1. TNT do not go hog wild! Contrary to popular belief, the great majority of TNT people do put a ceiling on the amount of food they ingest, as well as what they ingest. They are aware of their weight and want to maintain it and/or they are concerned about their health.
2. If a TNT person should eat more than he or she set out to, they just ‘right’ themselves the next day, without even thinking about it.
3. When eating out, TNT people either order an appetizer for their main dish –or- they share their main dish with someone at the table – or- they only eat half of it (without having to pour hot sauce, pepper and other ingredients on it to make it uneatable).
4. TNT people enjoy what they are eating. They are present (in the moment) with their food. They are not preoccupied with the next bite, the next course or the next meal.
5. TNT people don’t stuff down their emotions. In fact, I have encountered TNT people who actually lose their appetites when upset. Imagine that!
6. TNT people eat until sated (not stuffed). What’s your definition of full? (FYI … in my ‘past’ life, I ate until I couldn’t breathe. That’s when I knew I was full!)
7. TNT people’s good moods are not dependent on the Scales of Injustice.
8. TNT people don’t suffer from food amnesia. They actually remember what they ate.
Mind-Twisting New Point of View: Food is NOT comfort nor is it a method of coping.
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