Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Yours in Tears – in response to Therese, Beyond Blue!

I read Therese’s Beyond Blue post (re: crying in the office) and responded to it! Here follows my response … particularly important for those who want to weigh-less. If you want to/need to/have to cry, let it out … don’t stuff it down!!!Hey there, Beyond Blue … and Beyond Blue Peeps. FYI – Blue is a very powerful color … it is the most popular of colors, and Blue has healing properties. BLUE removes guilt, reminds you of your goals, calms and soothes, keeps bad spirits away, conveys an air of importance and confidence AND suppresses appetite!! I digress, which is something I do! Sorry … back to crying in the closet. Or boo-hoo’ing at work and at your cube. OMG! YES, I cried in my cube, in my office, in my closet, in the bathroom, in the hallway, on my boss’s desk (very dramatic scene), in the elevator, etc. For the record, it did not get in my way, only my weigh! I achieved a nice level of success at the office … the crying was a sign, however, that the office was not contributing to my happiness (on the contrary). So, there you have it. One day, I stopped crying and left – removed 50 pounds plus the boss (another 165 pounds) and here I am. Famous in my own mind!Therese, I have been to the abyss and back, more than once. I’ve cried so much (in past lives) that I damaged my vessels and as soon as I now even water a tiny bit, my eyes begin to swell. Not pretty!I watered a bit yesterday. Was watching the movie, Rudy. A great inspirational movie! For those who are in the mood to let it all out and get in that great cry, watch it! (Oh, I digress again!!!)Thanks, Therese for a good cry. I’ll share you blog post with my fabulous group, the KITT Club. And thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to make myself a “Cry Baby Club” tee-shirt. Send me your address and I’ll make one for you.Yours in tears,JanicePS: For more crying fun, do watch John Water’s movie, Cry Baby!

  • Chicoryhill

    Crying is good, but sometimes it’s a sign that we are not taking care of ourselves. We don’t get enough sleep, or we don’t excercise, so our bodies build up tension. It has to go somewhere. So, while it is good to cry, it is also good to try to find out why.

  • Pat

    Ahhh…..Johnny Depp.

  • cat

    there’s nothing like a good cry – it’s cleansing. when I cry, I name all the reasons I’m crying – no matter how juvenile they sound – and it helps! I get out of that place, but recognize that there’s still a child in me that needs to tantrum a bit. Then I drink some water and watch a comedy!

  • joanna

    I like to cry in the CVS parking, McDonalds parking lot with an iced coffee, shaws, Walmart parking lot. I even sobbed in Applebees. All last week. Never cried in these places before. I even stopped to see my therapists, who I haven.t had to see in a year and a half. Why! My sister was here who has anger issues, who went on a rampage, with me as a victim. Me, who is on the edge of bipolar, or a little bipolar. Said by people in the know. Everything I said was taken wrong and twisted and turned in so many ways. i wanted to run away. She went home. I had to get back on medication. Which I haven,t been on for a year and a half. But things are starting to calm down. So I am glad to know its okay to cry. Crying really helped me this week. Also during this week my niece was put on life support and my other sister was told to make the decision to pull the plug. Horrible, horible horible. My niece is holding her own now.But it will be a long haul. Good news, no suicide thoughts. Just wanting to run away,

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