Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

What’s In Your Mental Junk Drawer?

Are you familiar with the computer term, GIGO?
It means “garbage in, garbage out.” I learned this term from a computer-geek friend of mine who was commenting on my rant on the Britney coverage. My friend said, “Why are you watching that junk? It’s pure GIGO.* You need to clean out your mental junk drawer.”
We make such a valiant effort to eat healthfully and be positive, yet we allow our minds to be bombarded with an unending stream of negative thoughts and violent images. Our mental junk drawers are jam packed with trashy talk shows, negative news stories, violent movies and nasty gossip.
How to steer clear of the negativity?


1. Do not watch the news, violent movies or empty-calorie television shows, especially before bedtime.
2. Do not hold on to old grudges and hurts. Let it go. All is forgiven. Move on!
3. Do not focus on your problems. Shift your energy to helping someone else.
4. Do read inspiration and motivational books, magazines. Keep your mind awash in positivity.
5. Do spend some time solving crossword puzzles or number games. They exercise your brain, enabling you to learn more easily.
6. Do not worry. There’s no point to it, and worrying is a real buzz kill.
7. Do sit quietly, all by yourself. Ahhhhhhhh…
8. Do use the term “It’s pure GIGO.” Let’s coin this catchy phrase and whenever you hear anything negative, simply say, “It’s pure GIGO.” (And remember … you heard it hear first!)
New Point of View: A clean mental junk drawer in conjunction with a clean diet promotes permanent fat removal.
What’s in our mental junk drawer? How are you going to clean it out? How often have you used the phrase “It’s pure GIGO.” this week? Join the Kick in the Tush Club community and discuss amongst yourselves!!!

  • darleen

    This was really good! Everyone needs to hear this and I will definitely pass it along. On a parallel note, there is a mantra that if everyone followed boy would this world be a happier and better place!! It is called the optimist creed and it was written long ago and is still around to day. It is by Christian Lawson. Thanks again for the good article.

  • vashedd

    Thanks! I needed this today! I LOVE the term “Mental Junk Drawer” How appropriate…

  • Kim

    Thanks for the helpful tips on clearing negative thoughts. I try to be mindful everyday of where my thoughts are going. I really like having a catch phrase to remind me when I feel the negativity coming through… “it’s pure GIGO”!

  • Ralph

    Re: What’s in Your Mental Junk Drawer? . . . . .
    Very, very good article. Desperately needed by many people these days. Horrible thought that people will vote in the presidential election according to what they hear on the trash talk shows on both radio and TV. You know which ones I mean.
    By the way, on point no. 8, you have one little typo, no big deal, but . . . . ” . . . you heard it hear first”. Shouldn’t “hear” be spelled “here”?

  • Ursula Severin

    Real helpful…I have already started the GIGO rule.

  • michele

    OK, Good artical. Now, i’ll put GIGO to the test . We all need to do this daily …THanks.Respectfully Michele

  • michele

    Good artical.. we all need to do this daily,or atleast try to at best. I know iI am ,Sure did need this my junk drawer is full.
    Respectfully, Michele
    Ps I will keep you informed of my cleaning out goes. GIGO

  • Wanda

    Thank you for this article. You see I have been bombarded with thoughts of guilt from my past. and I feel it is because I have not let go and excepted that God has already forgiven me. I hung on to the junk and dwelt on it. Now I am ready to let go and Trust God that I have been forgiven and take each new day as a new step towards a possitive way of life and Thinking. And I thank God that he has not given up on me but has shown me a way to look forward.
    there fore I have Spring cleaned my mental junk drawer :)

  • Hyacinth Sherene Brohier

    to empty a mental junk drawer you do not need friends just follow GIGO
    this continues from wednesdays thoughts……about someone having suicidal thoughts well send them to me and I will assit them …the world has no place for people with suicidal thoughts and if they get them there ! is because you are not follwoing the GIGO rule .
    Here is a simple scenario that should be considered GIGO
    Just like the people who are renting the basement “a pair of nosey people they are a couple who moved in from california …..but they are shouting comments to me in the middle of the house. so i think they belong to the GIGO category ….( Garbage in and Garbage out ! )
    sorry if i may sound so harsh …….but it helps to make you stronger as a person!
    hey I am not the lady of the half baked apple either …I am already Fully qaualified in the UK( UK as in great Britian and not abbreviation for Kentucky) and if the cap fits put it on !!!!!!! and I am also qualified in the USA ….sorry if the lady of the house suffers from an inferiority complex……
    well teh woman who has moved form clifornia with her husband rents the bsemtn and she thinks she is the lady of the house ….well i let her think she is and how to i do that …..I igonore her and do nto talk to eihter herself or her husband…..
    Some people and comments are just GIGO. ( and my father is not a glass maker ! )
    HAe a nice day !

  • RV_Webster

    More than excellent how you describe and put the pictures to the way
    the mind man works, and women too.

  • Sally

    How to get rid of negative mental junk?? I have been reading “A New Earth” and joined Oprah’s online class. That has helped me a lot–and I have a lot of “junk” to get rid of. Think in the “Now”–get rid of the past and let the future take care of itself. It usually doesn’t turn out the way you anticipate anyway. I think if the negative stuff in your head goes, the weight problem will follow.

  • Anonymous

    Great advise and how it is sooo true…thank you, your article came at the right time(God’s time, always)in my life.

  • Lynne

    Sometimes the only thing in my mental junk drawer is me! On the other hand I can make it better. I am an optimist by nature.

  • mary

    I have tons of junk in my mental drawer, but I am an optimist myself. I can make it better. I think it better, my mind’s eye sees it better and it gets better. I have done alot of spring cleaning, but have a ways to go. God is with me, gives me the strenth and courage to do what I have to do just for today. Thank you so much for all your input. I need your support. We need each other.

  • JosefineAnne

    I agree about all the negative gossip but I do try to stay informed about current events via the printed word. One thing, I enjoy mysteries which most often involve violence….I like to figure out the clues and feel good when the villian is apprehended. Some mystery fiction is extremely well written on various levels. Is there something wrong with me enjoying this genre of literature, and what about the authors?!

  • Jean

    To JosefineAnne,
    I saw a special on TV regarding Agatha Christie’s mystery novels. She used a formula for each one and they did studies with folks reading them and found out that their blood pressure went down and such. I remember as a young girl my mom reading them when she had a bad stretch in her life and had an ulcer. She always seemed relaxed afterwards. I feel mysteries are like puzzles; they take your mind out of yourself. Keep reading but stay away from the explicite violent novels and CSI shows. There are plenty of nice mentally challenging mysteries out there to read besides Christie. Good luck!

  • Linda Jackson

    Thanks so much for the tips on staying clear of “stinking thinking”. It is true, true, true and we can all use a reminder now and then. God bless you all out there.
    LJ, Las Cruces, NM

  • Skye

    I do practice the above, but would like to say that “garbage in, garbage out” predates computers (as do I). I remember hearing it used in the 70’s, maybe before. I thought it came about when you were adding things up on an adding machine and bookkeeping did not balance. Usually didn’t balance because something had been entered on the adding machine wrong – garbage in, garbage out. This is the context in which I first heard it. Just saying. . .everything old is new again!
    I’d also like to say, although I do practice non-violence (including not watching or listening to violence), it can be challenging for others around me – coworkers, social acquaintances, etc. who think I’m just weird for not seeing the latest movie, or new TV show, because of violence. Instead of defending my position (which is a form of conflict), my reply usually is “We all have our own way of being.” Then if they inquire as to why the pacifist beliefs, I share with them why I have made that choice – some of which you have so eloquently stated above.

  • TAB

    When I admitted to being an alcoholic in 1979 and prayed to God for
    an answer, I found AA. It would be a lie if I said I was sober ever
    since. Not to justify my slips, but thanks to God and AA I knew in
    my heart and soul it was not His Will for me to continue drinking.
    A lot of what is said above I heard In AA years ago. The GIGO phrase
    comes to mind and reminds of my sponsors admonition that when we get
    sober we also “clean up our act”. These four words encompass a great
    deal. I still use some of the catch phrases today. Let GO and Let God,
    One Day at a Time and The Serenity Prayer. After all these years I
    still have a problem working this one, “Take What You Can Use And
    Leave The Rest”. I seem to focus on what I think won’t work or is

  • traneh

    it was a useful article.I some times use GIGO
    itis good for mental health.take care.

  • King’s Profile

    For more than a year there is a type of junk I have been trying to get rid of: TV news stories about murders, deaths in fires, vandalism, all kinds of violence. These I can avoid fairly well if I am watching TV news by myself, but it’s a challenge if my husband is with me.
    At first I tried switching to another channel when such stories came on, the way I like to do during commercials. My husband does not like that habit of mine, and I don’t want to upset him.
    Then I tried asking for the TV to be put on mute until each such story was over. That exasperated him and made me tense watching to see when each such story ended.
    In recent months, I have just sat there in silent resentment during such stories.
    Encouraging a healthy relationship with my husband is of higher importance, but my recent actions toward such mental junk undermine that.



  • Anonymous

    Easier said then done. Everytime you turn around negativity. With our so called freedom which allows all the this negative energy we’re at a stand still. Everytime you turn on the T.V it’s in your face gossip, violence, nudity, what are we to do? All this bull crap on T.V make it acceptable to our young nation. How can we keep instilling moral values in our children and they get the complete opposite on T.V. So honestly how do we clear the junk? It’s not gonna go away it just get’s worse.

  • Lynne

    You can view the glass half empty. You can view the glass half full. You can drink whatever’s in the glass and make it quite useful!

  • Rebecca in Tucson, AZ

    Lynne is exactly correct with the glass analogy. I just love the idea of drink it and make it quite useful. Good one, girlfriend!!! Here’s one thing I do. Near the end of day I look back over my day to see what I liked and what I didn’t like, including or rather especially about myself. I then vow to work at ridding myself of what I wasn’t happy about and nurturing what I was. Doing this on a daily basis keeps it from piling up! Here’s an exercise that’s not as easy as it sounds, but very, VERY POWERFUL. Look yourself in the eyes in the bathroom mirror and saying your own name “…….I love you” This works like nobodies business. I warn you though, the first time I tried I found myself 45 minutes later puttering around the house!!! But, finally I got it out, it’s not important to believe it at first. I challenge you to try this for 3-5 days and see if it makes a big difference in your life!!! It sure did for me. So… God Bless and take care of yourselves out there. We need to be our own best friends!

  • Taylor O’Connor

    I only watch certain shows on TV, which I usually TiVo. If I don’t like what I’m seeing on TV I will either change the channel or leave the room if someone else is watching it. If I go to a movie and don’t like what I am seeing then I will walk out. Most of my extra time is spent either reading or listening to a motivational book on tape or CD or watching a motivational DVD. I also am writing a book, working on speeches & presentations. For several years I have read or listened to as many motivational books on tape or CD as I can. I usually listen to a CD when I’m in my car. It has completely changed my life. I watch very little TV and I don’t read the newspaper. I do try to stay up on important current affairs, but I make a conscious choice of what I put into my mind. No one puts a gun to your head and makes you watch something you don’t want to watch. I don’t let anyone else choose for me. If someone cares about you then they will respect this about you and not insist you watch something anyway. The more good information I put into my mind, the more I crave. I also APPLY the information I get from the books I have. I DO THE HOMEWORK. I don’t just read it and then not do what it suggests. So many people read a book and then put it on the shelf and not apply what they read. If you really give this stuff an honest try it will truly change your life for the better. It takes time and you have to want it so bad you are willing to do whatever it takes. You have to have that gut-burning desire. Try this for even 2 months and you’ll see that it makes a difference. Also don’t hang around negative people. You are responsible for your choices and who you have in your life. Too many people are concerned about what other people think of them. They don’t want to hurt someone elses feelings so they let others dictate what they do. Sometimes change is hard for some people, however sometimes it is neccessary. If you want things to change for the better in your life then you have to do things differently or don’t complain about your life. There is always a solution to any problem. Sometimes it takes work and commitment and you may be ridiculed by others. However if someone is really your friend and cares about you they will respect you and your wishes and not ridicule you. You may need to clean house and get new friends. You even have a choice about how much interraction you have with family members.
    If you’re not willing to make changes and draw boundaries, then don’t b*tch about the way things are. All this is from someone who has made a lot of changes and has experienced these things. I didn’t really start to grow up and do something about my life until I was 52. It took a near-death experience to get the ball rolling. It wasn’t always easy and it took an incredible amount of work and dicipline. I’m so glad I did. I was really serious about wanting a change in my life.

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