Our Lady of Weight Loss

Are you familiar with the computer term, GIGO?
It means “garbage in, garbage out.” I learned this term from a computer-geek friend of mine who was commenting on my rant on the Britney coverage. My friend said, “Why are you watching that junk? It’s pure GIGO.* You need to clean out your mental junk drawer.”
We make such a valiant effort to eat healthfully and be positive, yet we allow our minds to be bombarded with an unending stream of negative thoughts and violent images. Our mental junk drawers are jam packed with trashy talk shows, negative news stories, violent movies and nasty gossip.
How to steer clear of the negativity?

1. Do not watch the news, violent movies or empty-calorie television shows, especially before bedtime.
2. Do not hold on to old grudges and hurts. Let it go. All is forgiven. Move on!
3. Do not focus on your problems. Shift your energy to helping someone else.
4. Do read inspiration and motivational books, magazines. Keep your mind awash in positivity.
5. Do spend some time solving crossword puzzles or number games. They exercise your brain, enabling you to learn more easily.
6. Do not worry. There’s no point to it, and worrying is a real buzz kill.
7. Do sit quietly, all by yourself. Ahhhhhhhh…
8. Do use the term “It’s pure GIGO.” Let’s coin this catchy phrase and whenever you hear anything negative, simply say, “It’s pure GIGO.” (And remember … you heard it hear first!)
New Point of View: A clean mental junk drawer in conjunction with a clean diet promotes permanent fat removal.
What’s in our mental junk drawer? How are you going to clean it out? How often have you used the phrase “It’s pure GIGO.” this week? Join the Kick in the Tush Club community and discuss amongst yourselves!!!

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