Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Stressed to Your Last Nerve? (How to Pray, Chant and Play it away.)

Are you stressed? Irritable? Having trouble sleeping? Do you feel like screaming? Crying? Pouring a jug of water over your boss’s head?
We all feel stressed from time to time, so it is essential to have an arsenal of coping mechanisms at hand. Instead of heading for the refrigerator, here are some stress management tips that should help ease the pressures of life!
Breathe. No kidding! Taking in a few deep cleansing breaths and slowing down does wonders. Are you ready? Breathe deep…. inhale, exhale. Ahhhhhh.
Change your routine. Shake it up baby. If you’ve been sitting all day, get up! Let’s get physical! Stretch. Walk. And … if you’ve been lifting heavy boxes (anyone out there lifting???), then sit down and take a load off. Think deep thoughts.
Keep things in perspective. When you find yourself in an emotional twist, ask yourself … “Will this matter in ten years? Five years? Tomorrow? In ten minutes?”
Smile and Laugh. Every chance you get. (Laugh lines are sexy!)
Add Vitamin C to your diet. Studies show that vitamin C knocks out the secretion of stress hormones.
Pray: Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. ~ Isaiah 26:3 KJV
Chant: Aum Mani Padme Hum (pronounced “Om mahnay pahdmay hoom”). The most popular translation is “Hail the Jewel in the Lotus.”
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How do you let go of stress? Leave a Comment below, please!
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  • StHilarious

    Chanting: Aum Mani Padme Hum works as long as you do not chant with your mouth full. Chanting for 24 hours a day works.

  • Janice

    Dear St. Hilarious … Thank you for the laugh.
    I hope you will join the Kick in the Tush Club community and leave your funny message there!
    Our Lady of Weight Loss.

  • Renee Drew

    Cuddling and petting my kitty, and listening to her motor run is calming. Seems as if I can feel my blood pressure dropping as she purrs.

  • Sylvee Vetter (SylV)

    Kitties are one of God’s wonderful gifts, I think because he is sitting up there and the kitty angels are purring to him and he wanted to share with us! A purring cat, with soft hair to touch makes my day and night!

  • sharron fisher

    Think about someone or something other than yourself. When I read about taking Vitamin C to help
    stress, I remember my veterinarian recommending that I give 1000 mg a day to my dog as well
    (65lb chocolate lab – relevant for dosage if anyone decides to try it with their pooch). Getting up from
    the computer and interacting with CoCo immediately helped to shift my mood.

  • Anonymous

    Margie, my Cairn terrier rescue, is my stress relief. She is a happy little dog who lives to catch the lizards in my garden. When she catches one and it freezes (or God forbid she accidentally kills it)she lays down next to it with her little face really, really close and then talks to it. I just imagine her saying ‘come on, play with me, you know you want to, wake up’. She loves to have her belly rubbed and she will lay for 10-15 minutes in my lap with the most contented smile on her face. I watched a documentary where they took people’s blood pressure in a dr.’s office and then brought a dog in for them to interact with and took it again. Their bp was always significantly lower when they were petting the dog.

  • Anonymous

    Learn to play attention. Jesus said unless we become as children we cannot enter the kingdom. children naturally spend their time in playtime reverie. As adults we forget that we have created these roles we play and confuse them for reality rather than the plays they are.

  • Michael cervantes

    Learn to play attention. Jesus said unless we become as children we cannot enter the kingdom. children naturally spend their time in playtime reverie. As adults we forget that we have created these roles we play and confuse them for reality rather than the plays they are.

  • Valerie

    I’m fortunate to be living on the coast because when my stress level is at it’s peak I head for the ocean, park the car, and just stare. Something about the hugeness of it makes my troubles seem so small. I do alot of outreach & volunteering so I’m well aware that things could always be worse but when I’m unable to put things in perspective myself, I’ve been blessed with two of the most incredible friends, that I know I can turn to at any given moment, to do it for me!! We’ve established relationships that allow for serious reality checks as opposed to enabling the pity parties…..and if that doesn’t work, the absurd jokes start.:)
    The vitamin C thing was good to learn and I’ll definately add extra to my supliments. I recently had routine blood work done and found that my vitamin D level was extremely low which I guess has become more common because of all the skin block we use to avoid skin cancer. The problem is that vitamin D deficiencies can lead to serious depression which would make it pretty tough to deal with stressful times. Something to think about…….


    When stress tries to grab hold of me, I GET out of the way! Living by the shore is the best stress reliever God can give. The sunshine,the openness of the ocean, the breeze off the water, the gulls dipping and cawing.
    God is wrapping His arms around me and hugging the stress away! Amen
    Jesus loves you

  • Lee Woods

    This is not a solution for getting over stress but a very bad stress situation itself. Our son is in rehab – it’s a blessing as he is doing well. However, he will be released soon and is no way ready for the real world. His Dad and I are praying that he will go into a Clean and Sober house immediately after release. The biggest problem is his girl friend – they have been living at our house since last August. Our son went into rehab almost 3 months ago. She remained here while he was there. About 2 weeks ago, without any notice and no calls or word since then. We got along very well and in fact were going to stop by and get some work applications for her. We did so much for her. She was released from parole in November – we paid for everything including her ID (which she hadn’t had for 10 years), SS card and health insurance. Then a couple of days ago she appeared at our front door and handed me a folded note and said “This is for you” and left. She had defriended the neighbor next door who told me she had seen her on the street. The neighbor was told that the girl friend didn’t want to go to work, was back on drugs and chose the street life style. The note was (it turned out to be a death type tatoo) which frightened us to the point of calling the police. Who came over and discussed this with us. We were recommended to obtain an eviction and restraining order (which we haven’t done yet). I am to appear in court for our son soon on 3 misdeamnors (sp). He is not allowed to appear for himself from rehab. What has this done to me and us – extreme tension – almost unbearable situation. We have a chance to go to the mountains tomorrow for a couple of days – which we are really looking forward to. I too love the ocean but the mountains will do. Yes, I am a believer and without that I don’t know how I could have even managed the above. Thanks for reading.

  • Shelley Birch

    I’m a 48 year old college student. I decided to go back to school to get my Bachelors in Business Admin. I’ve been divorced for 8 years now and at the same time my Mom passed away, my best friend and I have never been under so much stress in my entire life. The last 8 years have been terrible and lonely. I’m constantly worrying about my kids, money to pay bills and now my car’s transmission is falling apart. I believe in God and Jesus, but I wonder if he’s angry with me. I don’t know why. I don’t know so many bad things have happened for so long. I try to de-stress myself, but I think it is so ingrained in me now I wonder if I’ll ever be able to stop it and stop worrying. I live alone because my son just joined the army and my daughter has been moved out for the last three years. Please pray for me. That’s all I ask.

  • Tony

    Let go, Let God.

  • Wendy

    Hi everyone–My situation is often stressful but the biggest stressor comes from within. I work so hard, and then I don’t really know how to find down time, usually.
    Lately, since I moved to a new state, I have also felt somewhat lonely. What I found that helps is this:
    I light candles and play music that is beautiful and pray for those I loved so much who have died. The feeling I get from candles is very special. I also make sure to walk every night (it’s hot here) and to smile at everyone I see, whether they smile back or not.
    I avoid TV but am on the internet (obviously) and have to have more social life and less work stress. My body seems to like stressing out. So as in the article, I make sure to take breaks from sitting at the computer. also, I think eating well is a good goal, not yet achieved.
    I love to read so when I’m too tense, that is hard. I keep books near by to enter others’ realities and read about spiritual things to keep my perspective. I hear you above who lost your mom, and have been divorced and worry about kids and money. Many of us have been in that position. It’s best I think for kids and even without money to cultivate as rich an inner life as possible. I don’t think I’m the only one who is my own worse enemy. I work to avoid unpleasant feelings but I believe there is a better way. To smell the roses so to speak. To see beauty wherever it can be found, ocean or not. To think of blessings for others makes me feel better. I like the line above, when stress hits I get out of the way. Great idea. Blessings upon all who posted here.

  • Francie

    Dear 48 year old college student, OH you will be alright try to stay in faith and always keep telling yourself that ” MY best days are ahead of me, not behind me”……..suffering is temporary….but the glory of God is forever ! i lost my only brother to cancer this past December and my family and myself are still trying to accept life without him, i know how you hurt…… i do too ! i guess God has his plans for all of us, i will remember you in my prayers, peace to you.

  • McKenzie Echo

    The entire Universe is in total chaos. It isn’t just me having one
    problem after another. Not even time to catch ones breath to move onto
    the next crisis. STRESS…..I was married 24 years and he just left.
    I got left with the dump, 24 years of accululated stuff, his rabbit and his dog. Six Months after he left I met a man. Who looked me in
    the face and told me one thing after another and lots of promises and
    every single thing was a lie. Because of him I contracted Bacterial
    Meninghitis, which in adults is deadly. (Most people lose their limbs and I know why) The most horrific pain in the world. I had to learn
    how to walk again, have railings installed at my home. I kept my job and got very behind. With meds costing me a small fortune. But I lived. The house needed repairs and unfortunately my home is now in
    Foreclosure. The rabbit died. Then I met a real man, a biker/bad/bad boy. We were both the same age and just perfect together. We met we
    liked and he moved in. He died 2-13-08. Then my mother-in-law died 3-5-08. STRESS….one step forward, 30 steps back…..It is No wonder I
    have to color my hair. I haven’t had a raise in 9 years. Held against me because I was so sick. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital most of which I don’t remember, I was ripped on drugs. Now sometimes
    I fall down and the neighbors probably think I am drunk. The fuel just to get back and forth to work. I drive an hour to and from work.
    I have already cashed in any spare change I had. I’ll tell you about stress…..

  • McKenzie Echo

    I do not have a bath tub to soak in. I have a shower. My house is
    a disaster because all I do is go to work and come home exhausted. Am
    I stressed, you bet. I listen to music. I read ALL the time, love to read. The dog is not walkable, she is a beast and trys to kill everything. I would not even trust her around a baby or small child.
    I pray everyday, and not just for myself. I pray for World Peace
    and for good for everyone. At the exact time when I got the Meninghitis a young 22 year old coach was also on the news that had
    contracted it. He died, I lived. God is just not done with me.
    I am 52 years old. Still not 100% from the illness and make the
    best of whatever life throws at me. What choice do I have. What I
    have learned is I am not afraid to die. I would have just went to sleep. No more worries, no more bills, no more anything. In spite of
    everything. I still love too deeply and try to help anybody that I can.

  • Eckhart

    Sounds like your pain body is having a feeding frenzy.

  • Pat

    On days when it is nice outside and I’m feeling stressed I go out to my lawn swing, sit and listen to all the different sound of the birds and other sounds that I hve not paid attention to. After about 10 to 15 mins. I feel so much more relaxed and sometimes taking a nap in the swing. The back and forth motions just melt the tension away.

  • Anonymous

    I lost my Dad, (my very best friend) last February, and now I live with my 92 year old Mother who sleeps 22 hours a day. I am retired, divorced and no life, but I do believe I am where I am supposed to be. And yes, I believe in God and love God. I am stressed most of the time, so I will try breathing deeply. Peace to all.

  • Jan Howard

    When I am really stressed, I take St. Johns Wort. It is very safe and can be taken daily without any reactions. Ck with your Dr. first and stay out of sun when taking it. I also do yoga and walk daily. This really helps. When I am consistently running nothing bothers me. I am usually stress free when running daily. Lately, too lazy to run. LOL Meditation and prayer are excellent choices as well and Qi Gong too. Blessings, Jan

  • Darlene

    I know about stress. My husband of 20 years dumped me. My 27 year son-in-law has a rare form of cancer. He is not responding to the Chemotherapy. Next step, pray we can get into a clinical trial to maybe get a stem cell transplant. If that doesn’t work, he may have a year to live. My grandkids are so freaked out. I pray a lot. I am still very hopeful and pray for a miracle. Yes, I know stress, but it will pass and everything will be okay.

  • lorraine

    Iknow about stress as well , i am so stressed sometimes i dont know what to do sometimes i say god help me when im so stressed out i just listen to my music on 103.9fm which comes on in philadelphia . yolonda adams host the show sometimes ,it juat lets me know that god cares and that other people have promblems like myself ,,and they pray to the lord as well like i do so always remember that know matter what god never will abandon or forsake us

  • Maureen

    When I feel stressed, I find that doing a crossword puzzle (or any other word game) has a calming effect on me (as long as it isn’t too hard).

  • Dawn

    Stress will kill you if you let it, but God is Life and He bestows that gift upon us daily…so, when I feel put upon or frustrated, I strive to remember my blessings and not focus on my worries. Coincidentally, just this evening while I was driving, someone cut me off and, although I do struggle with road rage, I inhaled deeply and let it out slowly and it did make me feel better. So, I am a believer for without breath there could be no life, right? and GOD IS LIFE!!!
    Peace and Blessings,

  • Linda Ammons

    I find when I feel really stressed out; I go for a walk. Especially to the Park; where there is a lot of people to start talking to.[You will forget all your troubles or worries. If you have an animal; mine is the best medicine for me. Just playing with her or just loving her; or petting her. Singing spiritual songs; if you don”t sing just listen to them; you will fell so good. May the Lord Jesus bless you all.

  • Elena Salaiz

    When I feel stressed I go for a drive and listen to my favorite c.d.s especially those by Josh Groban. I find his songs very calming. I will also turn on the radio at home and listen to the oldies and dance alone in my living room. As I listen to the music and dance I feel happy and stress-free. Music and dance are miracle workers for stress. I’m sure a lot of people have found this joyful distraction from the woes of life. Peace and joy to all! Life is something we can definitely handle when we realize we can take a few breaks during the day, everyday!

  • Sukie’sFeatherlessMom

    Reading these posts helps relieve some tension! I can relate to a few of them. When,I’m stressed I need to get up and change my environment for a while, if I can. Getting up or out and moving around instead of sitting and dwelling. If the weather isn’t good for a walk, I jump in my car and just go for a drive. I too love Josh Groban. Without my car I think I would have gone crazy a long time ago. When I come back I can start over with a calmer and more refreshed attitude. I bought a green cheeked conure,a parrot, after my divorce. She brings remarkable peace and joy to me and I take her with me for walks, drives, and even if I travel out of town and stay in a hotel. And I always pray and talk to God! In good times and bad.

  • Queaster

    I Q, release by stress by praying, or getting computer, and play a card game until I win, but I know without a doubt, prayer, and calling out JESUS, it well give you release instint, try it there is power inb the name of JESUS.

  • joanne

    i have 5 children,tons of bills, 4 brothers and sisters, 9 14 nieces and nephews(that need babysat) i’m going thru a custody battle(that i can afford with no child support)i’m trying to get in collage, and help start a small concrete business with my husband. my life gets pretty stressful at times, i pray ALOT! i have learned how to use my moments alone in the car! i plan for some stresses, and i leave plenty of space in my schedule and budget for unexpected things that pop up at the last minute. and my very BEST stress buster….when i’m really stressed and can do anything for my problems….i quit worrying about how to fix my problems and try to help my friends and familys problems. it always make me feel better about myself and my life when i can do something to help someone elese through hard times and make thier lives feel a little better. after working on other peoples problems my problems usally get solved with thiers or dissapear on their own. but everytime it makes me relize that i’m not the only one with problems(sometimes my problems seem tiny compared to theirs)and it always makes me feel better about the things i DO have and the hard things i have gotten through in my life.

  • soyinka

    I have learned to deal with stress now I could not before but I got to know God and the Blessings that he has for me and I began to think that he is all ways there for me no matter what and he wont put no more on a person than they can bare. I have a relationship with him now and I know that he loves me. When I am stressed now all I need to do is pray and ask him to help me and the feeling goes away and I know that he is right there with me. I have turned my life around and have given it to the Lord and I help people that need to get their Faith back I try to guide them to the Lord and if they need a friend I will be there for them and let them know God is there for them like he is there for me. The Lord guides me to any one that needs help, love , or just a friend . God is your light in time of need he will be there for you at all times all you have to do is call on him he will be there for you so thats why stress don’t bother me now like it did before I just lean on God.

  • Tosunda Sherrod

    I am a single parent with two children. I am also a full time student and i work. My life is very stressful there are days when i don’t know if i am going or coming, so i call on the name of the lord and i ask him to help me, and to continue to guide me. I started writing down my favorite scriptures that i keep with me at all times and when things get stressful i pull it out and read them, this really helps me get back focused. I talk with God constantly through out the name because i always need him to guide me.

  • Jean McDowell

    As we all know – the only thing constant is change. The one thing that remains constant in my life is my faith & just remembering that makes the stressful times easier. I go to God as I would to my Father, & I ask Him, the way a child would – perhaps to hold my hand if I get spooked walking down a street at night. I ask Jesus’s Mother, Mary to help me say & do the best for my sons. She raised one that wasn’t always easy, but He turned out just fine. I ask her to help me to do the same. It always helps to take my service dog for a walk. He’s so wildly in love with life & all creatures great & small that you can’t help but relax.

  • deadman

    This is the first time ever I am expressing myself to others. All though my life i studied and worked on building my career and forgot that i should make good lasting friends as well. from last few years am feeling lot of emptiness within, i tried religion but again could not concentrate, am also feeling that i am not been able to do good progress in professional life as well. what to do………..

  • debbie conk

    I agree, that the only constant in life is change. When my life gets too easy or comfortable, it seems it gets all jumbled again just to see how I will handle it. Jobs end, friends move on, children grow up,
    we get older, life just keeps changing. But the one contant, our Lord is always there. Keep going to him and he will never turn his back on you. You will never be alone in your walk of life.

  • jenni

    I can relate to so many of the stories here! I have been through things in my life that I never dreamed would ever happen. Childhood was tough, 14 years of a very difficult marriage, 4 children (one with autism, another with ADHD and severe allergies to boot), terrible custody battles that never seem to end, recent death of loved ones, father dying from emphysema, financial difficulties that are continuously there, so many family members with serious situations in their lives, — on and on. However, God is my constant in the storms of life. He is everywhere, always, and knows every hair on every head and every single thing that life could ever throw at us. Many times we wonder why things happen, as did Job in the Bible, but we must accept that God sees the big picture when we don’t. He really is in control, and he loves us and wants what is best for us. When I feel the most alone, totally out of options and control over the circumstances in my life, I talk to Jesus. He is my best friend and always listens and accepts me as I am. I listen to positive music, read scripture, and tell myself that “everything will be alright”. I know that I can rise above any situation with God’s help, because he gives me the strength and ability to do so. It may never be easy, it hasn’t been yet, but I know that after this life I will have an eternity of amazing rewards and unending joy in heaven. What an amazing promise! I also try to find at least one good thing about life or the day. Concentrating on the positive, no matter how small, often helps me to regroup and realize that there are wonderful things about life as well as the negative stuff. Always remember that God believes in you and your abilities; he created you! He is the constant in an ever changing world. I am praying for each of you that God’s love will touch your lives and situations and bless you beyond measure!

  • Melissa

    I am a single mother of one, one income and I work very hard to have what I own. Why I am telling you this is because there are so many others out there who can relate to this and need to be reminded YOU ARE NOT ALONE. My day begins by getting ready for work, preparing breakfast for my daughter and getting her off to school. I go to work and try to have as much of a positive attitude as possible. You life really will be better if you can always try to find the good in every situation rather than dwell on the bad. My experiences have taught me to HAVE FUN, LAUGH, ACT LIKE A KID NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE. Remember, only you and a few others know your true age; so make yourself happy. Don’t wait for others to make the first move or you could be waiting a long time. You and God are the only ones who know what you face each and every day, so lean on Him and everything will be fine.
    I know this is kind of jumbled, but it is how I deal with stress and get through difficult times in my life. So, if you get anything from it that may be helpful, GREAT, use it. And above all else, never forget to love yourself, because God loves you and YOU ARE SPECIAL!!!!!

  • Ila Larson

    When I am under a lot of stress and a particular incident or person has me upset, I practice all of the things I want to say while driving alone in my car — usually to or from work. Then I put it in my Heavenly Father’s hands. This seems to get all the ugly things said and out of my system so that I either speak calmly and courteously or maybe don’t need to say anything at all when I have to deal with the situation. So, if you are driving on the freeway and see someone ranting and raving (to themselves), they are probably relieving some stress. I always hope people will think I am singing to the radio. Bottom Line: If I can hold myself in check until I get in the car…..I will be fine.

  • Queaster

    To all that’s going thru something, mental physical, lonely, dissappointment, and hurt, remember that there’s always hope in the Name of Jesue, he state in his word, he’ll never leave, or forsake you, and most important of all know without any doubt, HE LOVES YOU, UNCONDITIONALLY,IT’S IS IN HIS HOLY WORD, AND IT WILL NOT LIE, TRY IT, JUST CALL ON JESUE,JESUE, THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUE, PLEASE TRY IT AND PRAISE HIM FOR THE GOOD AND BAD, SEE I WENT THRU A TERRIBLE DIVORCE after 34yrs, of marriage to the father of my three children, I know what pain is, suffering, doing without Fpl, H2O, no phone or car, see the Lord had to get my attention, I was focus on my hurt,My lost, and my childrens, but the Lord told me to try him and he would supply all my needs. And did he,I didn’t even have an income at all, but I had no other choice, but to obey God, And I can tell you this, it was the best thing I ever did in my life, he’s blessing me as I type this, and most of all He let me know he’ll the Author of things the beginning and the end, so beleive me he knows all, Just trust and obey his word, thank him for Gracy and Mercy. And Much Love Q

  • shariah

    One of the best stress buster tools I have which usually works pretty well it to think the word JOY. Really think it well, as you feel JOY becoming available around you begin to breath it in as if it is in the air around you. You will find that as you think JOY and consciously breath it in it starts to take over. You can do this exercise with any emotion you want to empower. JOY, HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY, PEACE whatever you want to feel. It works great!

  • Drema

    When I am stressed out I simply sing the second verse of “Away in a Manger”…be near me Lord Jesus..I ask you to stay..close by me forever..and love me I pray..Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care…and take us to Heaven to live with Thee there.
    Another song I sing is “My Jesus Knows Just What I Need”

  • Kathy Hitchcock

    How can I get out of stress?

  • SandyLoveall

    I concentrate completely on saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, The sweetest Name I know” over and over in my mind or out loud. This calms me so very much.

  • Connie


  • sabine

    when you feel sressed out put your knee down, take it to Jesus he is tho only who will never abandon you.

  • Lisa Stewart

    I noticed that when my kids have a rough day they sing “You are my sunshine, My only sunshine ” they also sing ” The Old Rugged Cross “”. they have seen me stressed and they will start to sing and I join in- they are so receptive and know what it is like to have stress, even in their young lives. Live, Laugh and Love…..Words to live by. Focus your life and look upon Jesus- he will never leave you or fail you in any way.

  • Bill

    First we need to understand that the only thing we control is our own feelings. Then preventive measures like knowing who to turn to when things get stressful will keep you from becoming stressed out. When I notice the symptoms coming on I turn the problem over to God… with Him all things are possible.

  • Vickie

    When feeling stressed as mentioned above, take lots of deep breaths and continue to pray. Remember you can walk away from stress.

  • Angela

    Thank God for some place to vent! I am 42 years old and have a 2 1/2 year old at home that I am raising alone. I am also my mother’s legal guardian, as she had a stroke in 2004. I have been so stressed out the past few years that my hair is about two inches long. Up until two years ago, I was also taking care of my stepdad who had cancer and was on home hospice care. At that time, my daughter was only 9 months old. I felt like a horrible parent because I didn’t have the time to spend with her that she deserved. Now, I have my older sister staying with me and mom. She has her own home and we are living in a two bedroom apartment. Most of the time she doesn’t clean up after herself and leaves things lying around that my daughter can get into. We fight anytime I bring up her cleaning up after herself. She had been admitted to the hospital three times since December with breathing problems and is now on oxygen and a bipap machine. I feel alone. Before my sister got sick, she was never there to help me take care of mom or my step dad. Mom is a gamblehoilc. She spends at least $1000 a month at the casino, while I’m struggling to keep the lights on. I have a very demanding boss who depends on me way too much. He expects me to be at work EVERY DAY whether I or my baby is sick. And gets upset if I need to leave early for an appointment (I work 8-5). So, I’m stressed out before I even make it home. Sometimes, my sister is at my house before I get there. About half the time she has my 12 year old nephew with her. They sleep on the couches and have totally ruined my furniture. I have everything covered with mix matched sheets. My baby’s father is an absentee dad who hasn’t paid child support since January (She was only getting $45/week). My baby missed her father and asked about him all the time and I just don’t know what to tell her. She sees my stress and I hate that she does. She will see me crying and ask me what’s wrong and tell me it will be okay. We have no privacy at home. My sister has an oxygen concentrator and oxygen tanks all over my living and dining rooms. Not to mention suit cases and plastic bags of clothes everywhere. She’s also a stress eater and eats fast food EVERY night, plus whatever I cook. My fridge is so full of left overs that I have to clean it out once a week. I am so far in debt that I hate payday because I’m broke before I get paid. I try to tell myself that God won’t give you more than you can handle. But some days I tell him that he’s really pushing me to the limit. On top of all this, I have high blood pressure and irritable bowel syndrome. So the more I’m stressed, the more I’m in the bathroom. I know that I need to look to God, but I feel guilty because I waited until I really need him. I just need him to tell me that everything will be okay.
    Thanks for the opportunity to vent!

  • Felicia

    My life is wonderful…so I don’t have too much reason to be stressed. God has blessed me w/ a wonderful husband, great kids, a great mother in law, loving/caring parents, a good job, a nice house, lots of friends, a wonderful church home/life…my main “stressor” is we need to refinance our house in November…we’re maxed out on the mortgage and I’m working diligently to pay down the home equity line to have at least $10,000 equity available by November. We tithe and I feel like that is why God has blessed us so much…we keep our word and he certainly keeps his word and more! I just need to quit stressing over this mortgage situation…we’re in an ARM and I need to get us in a fixed so that we don’t have an outrageous interest rate come November. I pray and I leave it at God’s feet but then for some reason I feel like I have to go and pick it back up again and worry about it. Stupid I know!! My husband is wonderful but he got into some financial stresses and over extended himself when he and his first wife were married and then when she left and he kept the house…long story…but anyway, we’d have about $50,000 or more equity if he hadn’t of decided he needed a $7,000 riding lawn mower when he was single…or gone on 2 cruises, etc. So anyway – I just need to place my stress aside and trust that the Lord will guide us to the right mortage person/company and that he will provide us what we need to get into a fixed rate we can afford. At times I just want to sell it and move into a smaller place but my in laws sunk a lot of $$ in this house for my husband in the beginning and bought the land the house is on…so I know we’d get a million questions as to why we would want to downsize…..and it is home and our 9 year old this is the only house he’s ever known and we got married at this house and my daughter knows this has home as well…she moved in here w/ me when we married and she was only 9 (she’s a sophomore at college now). I pray that God will see to it that I keep titheing as I know that is the right thing to do and I know our lifes are so wonderful because we follow his commands…I just need to stop stressing over this and allow the Lord to handle things for me. I pray that I only spend what he would have me spend on everything from groceries to gifts to everything and that I will be able to get our finances in order by November. And don’t get me wrong we’ve never made a payment on the house late, so we’re credit worthy on the house front…but I hope that I can just pay down enough on the equity line to make things smooth in November. Thank you Lord for this place to share my stresses w/ other Christians and for leading me to this site. Amen!

  • Ronda

    As a motivational speaker once said….”don’t sweat the small stuff”. Life is too short so try to deal with things as they come and let go of things as they are solved or irrelevant. I always think to myself when things are at a really low point that hings could always be worse. So I appreciate what I have and know that I am blessed with life itself.

  • valerie abner

    i have been liveing with almost daily stress. most cause of my ill’nes and unable to do much at age 45. when i always worked 2 jobs.i went from homeless to abattered women sheltet for a whole year to a dark apartment where i was deppressed all time, to the decent apartment i now live in. still i feel anxiety eveary day. as my dad died new years 2007 and i live 2 hrs. from my family and have been liveing on 115.00, yes one hundred and fifteen dollars for 5 yrs, as i have 5 docs and none say i can go to work. i just got my social security approved, but they are takeing their sweet time sending my money. i am going to use it to move close to my grown kids and family.
    but in the mean time i go beyond stressed to severe anxiety and deppresion ,cry eveary day of my life it seems. i take 23 meds daily , 4 of which i simply can no do without,as they are lifesaveing meds. i have lots of medical promplems so eveary time a doc. says test i stress,evearytime i open my small suitcase{not a make up case ,an actual small suitcase for my meds,my nebulizer machine, my carpel tunnell braces, my tens unit. i stress cause i gota figure out what meds make me sick with a certain med, then figure out different times to take them. my son was jumped by a gang of ten the other nite, they did not know him ,he did not know them, i have stressed so bad over this i had a full blown panic attack thaT LASTED FOR A LONG TIME, just yesterday. i can’t get to him,like i said they are 2 hrs. away. my stress is at such a high level, if i can, i will sleep the day away to avoid it, but thats not to be done much as i can’t sleep with out bad dreams or thoughts running my mind and then myy favorite the pain all over my body,as well as mental pain. thanx for letting me get this out

  • Ruth

    I am thankful for a place to vent. Maybe this will make me feel better. We are so deep in debt we can’t buy groceries or even turn on the heat. All winter I have worn two pair of pants and a sweatshirt, sweater and undershirt and sometimes a coat and a pair of gloves to stay warm. We have the heat on just enough to keep the water from freezing. I am disabled with a medical problem for which there is no cure. My husband runs every time someone else calls and wants him to do something for them but I have to beg for weeks to get him to do anything for me. I am no longer able to drive or do much of anything else and I try to get him to help me but he just sits and sleeps until the telephone rings. I am always told tomorrow he will do whatever I need. Tomorrow never comes. He has borrowed so much money that bill collectors call every few days. I have no idea what he does with it. He has nothing to show for it. He says he borrows it for our oldest daughter but she called the other day and cursed me out because I had repeated what hw had told me about borrowing the money for her. At one time she told me she would help take care of me when I reached the point that I needed help. Now she doesn’t have time to come and see me. She wants everything I have, which is not much, but she is not going to get anything. I am giving everything away while I am still living so there will be nothing left for her. Our younger daughter tells me her friends come first. I have lost a lot of weight because we have nothing to eat. I drink a lot of water. I pray often and I pray for my husband and our two daughters that one day they will feel the need to help me. I ask God if it be His will would he please provide us with enough money to pay the bills and pay our tithes at church but so far those prayers have not been answered. I worry a lot but I have been trying to leave my burdens with the Lord, but I always manage to pick them up again. Our oldest daughter tells me what time to make my doctor appointments and she will take me. When the time comes, she has other plans and I am left stranded. I know that the Lord has brought me this far and that He will take me on home when the time comes. My husband borrows money and never tells me anything about it. I find out about it when a bill collector calls and when I tell him the payment is past due he gets mad at me because he did not want me to know anything about it. When his vehicle tore up he took mine and now mine is torn up too. He bought another vehicle without my knowledge and after six months still will not let me see the paperwork. He gets the mail everyday and just brings in what he wants me to see. He hides the resst of it in his vehicle. The only time he ever acted like he loved me was back when we first got married and I was paying off his bills. If he want to buy a new vehicle, back then I had to sign for him, he would pretend he loved me so much. He just could not do enough for me until I signed the papers and then it was all over. I was never allowed to ride in it, just figure out how to pay for it. I am so lonesome, my husband or kids are never around and it is just me and the TV. When my husband decides to come home he will sit down and go to sleep. I talk to the Lord a lot, I know he will listen and I know that He cares for me whether anyone else does or not. I wish I was able to help others. I would love to be able to do things for others but I am not able. Some young people today think only of themselves and nobody else.
    Thank’s for letting me get this off my chest. I don’t want pity but I do wish that whoever reads this would pray for me. I get so tired of looking at these four walls seven days a week.

  • june whitaker

    I am greatful to have a place to speak my mind without having to listen to it’ll get better. My husband went to jail again for drugs and I’m tired of dealing with this so I am filing for divorce. I lost my car, home, and job when he went to jail as my car was in his dad’s name and I turned him in, my job cause I could no longer get to work, and my home cause we lived with his parents. I have 4 chldren that I am trying to get custody of and he made that impossible when we were together. I feel like my life is over and yet my mom says it’ll get better. That’s ll she ever says but I know it’s true I just get tired of hearing it cause it ain’t got better yet. Please if anyone knows ways for someone like me to get help let me kow.

  • Nancy

    I’m a single parent of an eight year old boy. He is having behavioral problems mostly in school. I tried to get him help at an outpatient program, when I was told my insurance had expired 3 months ago, without my knowledge. I was furious. I am thankful for my family who has been very supportive and for my boss for giving me the time to take care of my son’s needs. I am still struggling to get him the much needed help. He is a bright A student, but he has so much anger in him. I wish I knew what to do….I just ask that you keep him in your prayers……..Thanks for taking the time to read this…………….God Bless You All…..Nancy

  • Jackie

    This is to the lady who dosen’t get out and feels unloved by her husband and chidren and not enough money to make ends meet. I just want you to know that you are special and loved by God if by no one else you must start to see yourself through God’s eye you are created in his image and when he thought of you he feel in love with the thought of you and created you so remember to see yourself as God sees you a beautiful human being created in his image God Bless you sweet heart. You are in my heart and I pray that you may feel the love of God.

  • Luciana

    Hello. To any of you who would like to chat about ANYTHING, just to have a friend to talk to, please write me. My email address is Put the word FRIEND in the subject line just so I don’t accidentally delete you. May God bless and keep you all.

  • Luciana

    Has anyone ever noticed that the word “stressed” spells “desserts” backwards? Ah, yes. STRESS! One way I release a lot of stress is this. It may sound awful, but it really works. I don’t stress very often, but when I do, if a difficult situation presents itself to me, I always wind up hearing or finding out about the struggles of others. It always seems that my struggles aren’t as big as theirs. Sometimes I feel ashamed, especially when I notice how amazingly well they may be handeling their situation. Usually it’s their faith in God that’s the ticket. I have a very good friend who happends to be a wonderful father to his 3 daughters and 1 son. He’ll drop whatever he’s doing for those kids. About 9 months ago his sweet 19 year-old son was killed in a car accident. Of course he was devastated, but the days that followed were incredible. He and his ex-wife were amazinlgy strong because of their faith in God. When I’m going through a tough situation, I always remember how he and his ex dealt with such an awful tragedy. It seems that there is always someone else worse off than you. God bless and take care.

  • Denise

    Everyday is a blessing from God even the stress we feel from time to time. I know Jesus gives us peace, but stress is a part of life also.
    I a mother, a wife of a husband who is so ungrateful. I’m a career woman and my job comes home with me paper work, emailing,etc. I try to be positive about things and try not to get to stressed. But it so hard when your husband doesn’t understand that a little help is better than none. It is good to know that someone is always near to me.
    And that presents if the Love of Jesus Christ, when I feel stressed. I meditate on the word of God John 3:16 and I think about that great and wonderful Love that Jesus has for me. And that takes away all of my stress because the greatest gift of all is in side of all of us and it is called “LOVE”. Thank you for listening and keep Jesus in your every situation.
    God Bless

  • Heidi

    I am a married woman and my husband and I have so much stress in our lives, mostly because we’re living off of my disability only which is about $650 a month. My husband has been trying to get his disability for the past 3 and a half years. He gets so down on himself saying that he’s a loser and worthless because he brings in no income of his own. It TOTALLY breaks my heart to know he feels so bad about himself. I can’t stand it. I’ve been praying so hard that he gets a “yes” this time. I always remember that there are so many people that have so much less than we have and always pray for everyone. I know that God hears all my prayers and I always tell Him how much I love Him and need Him. My husband needs and deserves this disability and I really pray that he gets it. To everyone out there, please know that you are all in my prayers and please pray for us. Thanks.

  • Debbie L Moronez

    I am single and my son just moved to Florida to further his life and going to college. I am in shock and feeling really lonely. I wake up and go to bed feeling like I don’t have a plan or anything. I am seriously depressed, empty and I pray and ask God to take this loneliness feeling away, so I can move on. I have a beautiful home, relationship, but that is not enough. Please pray for me.

  • sis jing

    how to avoid stress?just maintain a positive outlook in life and if stress is really attacking u,.go to your room, relax in your bed and make a deep breath listen to praise and worship songs…then if your feelings have calmed down already.Read a to God,meditate. or if your house is far from your workplace ,go to a nearby beach or any place that can cool u down and take a break!…Don’t let stress eat u up!!pray that God will take in control of your emotions….:-)

  • Debra Rincon

    I have found that Prayer and Therapy and support meetings have really helped me want to do better, and look better, and eat healthier. Because before, I didn’t really care about the outside appearance’s or wearing nice clothes or makeup. I wore ton’s of makeup before, I don’t know if I needed it, or I just felt depressed and that’s why I caked in on so much. Now, that I feel much better about myself. I am wearing alot less makeup than before, I care about what I am eating, and I want to walk more and do more healthy things than before. Now, I love to go to Farmer’s Market’s, grow my own veggie’s. They taste better and I feel better. My only vice’s left are smoking and coffee. After these things are gone I will be just the way I would like to be.Thanks for all the good ideas and stories on this site also.

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