Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Janice Taylor’s FORGIVENESS GIVEAWAY; Win Valuable Prizes NOW!

Janice Taylor’s FORGIVENESS GIVEAWAY…Answer this question: What foods do you find irresistible? leave your comment below … and you could WIN big!In honor of the release of my new book (on May 15) – All Is Forgiven, Move On: Our Lady of Weight Loss’s 101 Fat-Burning Steps on Your Journey to Sveltesville and my birthday (woo hoo, I love birthdays), Viking Studio/PenguinGroup, my publisher is sponsoring The Forgiveness Giveaway!My publisher will send ME to YOU! for a party (venue to be determined)!!! You and your friends (up to 25) will receive Free (if it’s free, it’s for me) autographed books. We’ll dish the dirt, chew the fat, talk, laugh and have healthy snacks! All you need to do to be in the game is answer the following question:What foods do you find irresistible?Leave your answer in ‘comments’ below! It’s that easy!! Deadline: April 25 (winner to be announced on or about May 1).Thank YOU soooo much for playing with me. I just love to play, party, make new friends and celebrate! Yahooooooo. Feel free to ask me questions, too. AND BE SURE TO ANSWER THE QUESTION IN ” COMMENTS” BELOW. So fun to read them!PS: Feel free to pre-order All Is Forgiven, Move On … or wait till it hits the shelves on May 15! Your choice!Here’s the link to all the rules and regulations!

  • Amy

    I crave whatever I’m not eating of late–
    so I’m watching my carbs and dreaming of eating bread and butter…

  • el gigante

    how exciting! can the party be an ice cream social
    what food do I find irresistible? any kind of junky fruit flavored candy – like starburst, sunkist fruit gems, boston fruit slices, mike and ikes, good and fruity, fun dip, laffy taffy, airheads, sweet tarts, bottle caps, razzles, chewy sweet tarts, skittles, sour skittles, spree, chewy spree, sour spree, peach rings, cherry bombs, watermelon slices, spearmint leaves, jawbreakers, gobstoppers, atomic fireballs, jujyfruits, jujubees, dots, nips, twizzlers, red vines, jolly ranchers, cherry clan, lemonheads, necco wafers, gummy worms, swedish fish, gum drops, spice drops, old fashioned hard candy and those that cheap generic candies you get at the drug store in the clear, plastic bags.
    oh – and joyva jelly rings, which straddle the chocolate-fruit divide.

  • Remorseless Eating Machine

    What I find irresistible is THE NEXT BITE, no matter how full I am, of whatever I am eating, until my plate (or the serving plate) is empty! My fork is poised, heaping, while my mouthful is midway down. My “food G spot” is in my throat. I LOVE the sensation of swallowing, even more than tasting. Chhewy pizza. Moist cake. Crunchy carrots. Creamy ice cream. GLUG! GLUG! GLUG!
    Our Lady, if ANYBODY on this Earth needs you, it is Me, weak in the flesh!

  • Nancy Tina

    For health reasons, I now only eat raw food. I’m doing very well [it’s been a week], except that I have a terrible craving for coffee. I miss espressos and lattes. And the school where I teach now has a chef who is a vegetarian and is making the most delicious food ever. I’m so glad that I have someone to talk to like you, who understands about cravings and how to maintain positivity. You’re the best!

  • cat

    My cravings come and go. I can go six months without candy bars and then binge for 3 to 4 weeks! I love the whole chocolate/peanut butter love affair the most…yum! When I’m being “good”, carbs are my favorite…especially PASTA! Recently, I’ve discovered Peppermint and chocolate…a new addiction.
    I think that if I won you, we’d have a healthy pj party. lots of yummy treats and watch old movies…
    Thanks, our lady, you’re grooovy

  • laury schneider

    Lately I am most tempted by anything that combines nuts and chocolate – probably because they are something like me, sweet but crazy! Thank whoever’s responsible for Janice and her kicks in the tush, and now her forgiveness! I’m moving on….

  • roberta gross-torres

    i stay fat by pigging out on ice cream. i mean, buying a half gallon and softening it up in the microwave and eating it up in a couple of days. oh, yummy. popcorn is not bad. pasta is good stuff. challah with sweetened soft butter is very special. anything with peanuts helps. but ice cream. rich, vanilla ice cream. oh, yes. that is my strategy for staying fat.

  • Gayle/mrskeebler

    Anything SWEET is irresistible to me! I always say that sugar is my favorite drug!! I crave candy, cookies, cake & sometimes just a spoonful of brown or white sugar!!! I crave it, but I don’t want to give in to it!!!! Help me!!!!!

  • Shelli Bazemore

    Unfortunately, I am a seefood eater. I see food and I eat it often when I am not hungry at all. If it is sitting out and I am Balts (Bored, Angry, Lonely, Tired, or Stressed) it is irresistible to me

  • Dee

    Potatoes – fried, baked, whipped, mashed, as french fries or chips – are my kryptonite! I have a terrible time saying “no” to them. So I’ve been trying to eat the “better” forms (baked/mashed) as opposed to my downfall (french fries/chips). But oh, if they are there, right in front of me, I can’t resist!

  • Shelly

    Hi Janice,
    Love your Blog on B-net and the group(of which I am a member). You are a blessing! Now on to the question…..
    Seriously? You really want to know? Well, I guess that would be…
    any and all.
    I just LOVE food. From diet food(salads, Lean Cuisine,etc) to junk food(Chips w/ Creamy Ranch Dip, pretzels and ice cream,etc) to “comfort” foods(for me and my daughter, that would be anything with cheese; Mac & Cheese{homemade, baked in the oven, only, thank you}; grilled cheese, etc) and on and on.
    I love meat and potatoes meals, nothing hits the spot like a juicy steak, with onions and mushrooms, and a steamy baked potato.
    I love vegetarian meals, like veggie lasagna, or south western veggie wraps.
    I love cakes, pies, cookies, pudding, anything under some Cool Whip.
    I love beverages, too. Milkshakes, hot cocoa, coffee, tea.
    I am getting hungry just typing!
    I really think you asked a loaded question here.
    I love Drive-Thru food, especially fries.
    I love home-cooked the best, which is ironic, because I don’t really cook anymore. But when I do, you can bet your bottom dollar, we will all over- indulge, just look at my couch after Thanksgiving Dinner. I don’t know if its the “from scratch” quality, or the family togetherness, but in my eyes…” Nothing says lovin’ like home-cookin’ in the oven”.
    So there you have it, the foods I find irresistable. Did I miss anything? Oh, I am certain that I did, but I am trying to keep to the point. Have a great day! And remember, savor every meal like it was the last of its kind. I have found that this keeps me from eating too much, well most of the time anyway.

  • Tracey Byram

    This is the meal that I couldn’t resist even if I had just eaten an elephant:
    Counrty FRIED steak and gravy
    FRIED okra
    mashed potatoes made from REAL potatoes
    7 layer salad
    and a pair of chilled Reese cups for dessert.
    Dang, now I’m hungry.

  • Gloria

    Mac and cheese….lots of cheese…hot from the oven, or warm because it’s still on the table, the meal has ended,and it wasn’t all eaten. I like it cold from the fridge, too. And then there are those browned bits that stick to the bottom of the casserole.

  • Anne Bussell

    What foods do you find simply irresistible?
    Oh that would be Beef but lamb, seafood, pork and chicken come in a close second. I am definitely a carnivore.
    And then of course there is the 2nd major food group… Chocolate 😉
    I would love to win this prize for all the ladies in the “Why Jesus” Bible study group that I go to every Wednesday.
    It would be such a wonderful blessing. We have been working through Beth Moore’s book Get out of that Pit.
    For many of us food is a problem and it sounds like your book would be an excellent adjunct to our studies.
    I’d like to invite all the women from the group. At least 10 but attendance varies from week to week could be as many as 25.
    Love & Light,
    Anne Bussell

  • Cam

    C is for Cookie. That’s good enough for me. My favorites are ones with simple flavors (short bread, oatmeal), but any cookie will do. Warm out of the oven or sandwiching icecream; hard or soft; dainty wafers or big mounds of chocolate chip dough. Just give me a cookie! Surprisingly though: candy and cakes? not so much.

  • Robin

    Chocolate the second food group? It is the biggest food group of the new triangle! Need just a little bit every day to stay on track with all the yummy foods (fruits and veggies) that we need to eat.

  • Cathy A

    The food I find totally irresistable is carmels – like the ones you use to make caramel apples – but I like them right out of their little square wrapper.Put one in front of me – it’s gone – put 100 in front of me – they are gone!!

  • Amy

    Peanut Butter! On bread, on celery or straight from the jar! Smooth organic or Jif or Peter Pan. Choosy Mom I am not….. Best in the evening with a glass of Chardonnay.

  • Jennifer Koenig

    I must confess I can’t say no to pizza. I just can’t. If I smell it forget about it. The hot melty cheese, tomato sause, thin crispy crust. It is the one food that always pops into my mind when someone asks “What do you want to eat?” or “What do you feel like eating?”. I have some kind of default on my brain. PIZZA is always the answer!

  • Barbara

    I can’t resist plain Lay’s potato chips in the sunshine yellow bag. I can eat the whole bag. If you throw in a snickers candybar with it, it is even more wonderful!!! Chocolate & salty-what a wonderful combination. Oh, I forgot. FOrgive for I love to eat chips & chocolate….

  • judi goolsby

    Birthday Cake! There is something so wonderful about cake with icing. Maybe it’s the celebration that goes along with it, but I can not resist really good birthday cake with icing. Especially scooping up the extra icing that is left on the edge in the box when you lift it out! I try very hard never to miss a chance to celebrate a birthday with grandchildren and friends.

  • Laura

    Icecream … to be specific, Cold Stone … I have a secret belief that they put heroin in it … I litterally can’t start eating the stuff or I’ll never stop.

  • Sally

    Our Lady – you need to come to Las Vegas! No gambling required. We can have a healthy party and take in the best shopping in the world! Hmmmm. Let’s see: M&M’s, red wine, pasta, hot dogs (yes, I said it), pizza, Mexican food, Italian food, mashed potatoes, lamb chops, you name it. What DON’T I like? Salad. I’m sorry, I’ve tried. I don’t mind cooked vegetables so much, but salad does absolutely nothing for my taste buds.





  • Denise Blaisure

    Any kind of candy. Hard, soft, chocolately, doesn’t matter. I can eat Mentos like, well, candy.
    Honest to God, one of my former passwords on my work computer was “CANDY”; how sick is that? It made sense at the time, what can I say?

  • Donna Barchard

    Well it seems that any food that I see, I can reason myself into believing that it would be tasty. But, being Italian, I do crave and love pasta in any form, thick crusty breads and cheese, melted (on home made pizza) is best. Also, I do lean (which doesn’t make one so) towards the crunchy on the outside with cream on the inside this delight is called a lobster tail. One absolute favorite comfort food from when I was a child is polenta. My grandmother used to get it all hot and crunchy on the outside with melted cheese on the inside…kind of like the original toasted cheese..I have never been able to replicate this dish-no matter how many times I’ve tried! Over the 18 months, I’ve lost 28 pounds, but lately I’m finding myself sliding back to my old ways and eating too much bread and carbs, even though I’m exercising…Help me get back my concentration and discipline!

  • Patricia McEntee

    Sugar – especially in some crunchy form – cookies, biscuits, candy – I remember in second grade staring at a drawing of animals eating big round crackers and wishing, wishing I too had a cracker. Now it’s more sophisticated – Biscotti!!! Thanks to all the Italians who make the food I love.

  • Meredith F

    Breakfast is a huge part of my weekday morning ritual. Most sensible mornings I go for a couple scrambled eggs, but some days I feel the grumbly in my tumbly. It’s then that I can’t resist bacon, eggs, biscuits and honey, hash browns, and in true southern fashion, a giant glass of sweet tea.
    However, this skillet-fried love doesn’t contain itself only to mornings. After a night of drinking, I must complete the experience with a stop at one of the closest 24 hour grease shacks. Their heavenly glow always call out, despite protests from my designated driver. It is then that I truly indulge, telling myself that I need all these omelets, waffles, and hash browns for “absorption” of the spirits I consumed.
    The final piece of evidence is embarrassing, but I must tell. I once made a collage for the local sandwich shop where I feed my morning obsession. The title? “Eat More Bacon”

  • Jackie Belasco

    I can not turn down homemade tortillas fresh from the griddle – hot with butter!

  • Dorothy Schmidt

    ICE CREAM BARS. When I dare to buy a box of them, the box is empty before I go to bed that night. As a kid I used to eat ice cream bars and coke for breakfast. Now, that’s what I do on my birthday morning, and of course, throughout the day, until I don’t have any more. I like the kind with vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate with almonds — Ohhh, I’m craving just writing this. Excuse me now…I gotta go to the grocery store….

  • Linda Wright

    There’s many, many foods that call out to me but chocolate is the hardest to resist. I tell myself that I only eat the “good for you” dark chocolate but if M&Ms are the only chocolate available, you guessed it – I’ll eat those as well. If it’s Saturday and we go out for lunch, I can’t resist the french fries. Sundays at our favorite restaurant after church, it’s the bacon and hash browns. Oh, almost forgot Mexican food (but this one does need to be at least semi healthy). Love wild and brown rice with black beans, salsa, green onions, extra sharp cheddar and light sour cream. Oh, don’t forget a few taco chips to go with it.
    Thanks, Janice. It’s fun reading all the comments.

  • Geri

    Pizza & garlic bread
    Chunky chip shop chips
    Battered sausages and garlic sauce
    Huge bowls of pasta, meatballs and cheese

  • Brad Potter

    My weakness is a lovely roast beast. I mean beef. Dripping with gravy, mashed potatoes dripping with butter, a big scoop for the gravy and then some nice fresh green beans (hey we need something green on the plate) and then that is covered in a cream sauce with mushrooms in it. (another vegetable, hey they grow,… somewhere)
    Submitted this day, with fingers trembling. Oh, to win Jamice for a day. And Puget Sound this time of year is lovely. We will take you out on our boat with a nice vegetable tray to keep us company.
    Brad Potter
    360 340 5350

  • Mary

    Just reading this list of comments gets me going…wow…it’s that mind-body connection. I can see cheese bubbling on the pizza as it comes out of the oven and imagine those crusty first bites as the pizza cools to the perfect “first bite” temperature….SNAP OUT OF IT!!
    Phew, ok, better now.
    Congratulations Janice on publishing ANOTHER book. I love OLOWL and recommend it to everyone. And I love your newsletter.
    OK, now for the matter at hand. I won’t mention the P food again. Lets move to “movie candy.” Another favorite. That crunch biting into Good and Plenty, and the licorice aftertaste (don’t get me started on Australian licorice…the whole package is eaten when I “come to” but fortunately they don’t sell that at the movies), hmmmm then there are Hot Tamales….the red cinnamon jelly bean like candies. If I buy a box, I can eat the whole thing in one sitting. Well, you get my drift.
    Food is a sensual experience for me. I have had to replace it with other sensual pleasures to lose about 80 pounds. You help a lot on that front. Thanks. Life is good.

  • Lenore

    I can’t resist home made chocolate chip cookies–I could have 100 bags of Chips Ahoy at my desk and not touch a one, but home made, soft chocolate chip cookies–I can’t stop.

  • narani o

    I attempt a healthy and tasty week of things good for my body–attempt is the operative word, but it’s a sure cave in during my usual once a week visit to my brother–willy wonka’s house. He and his kids have EVERYTHING I DON’T USUALLY BUY–and they buy in volume–so I just suck in whatever is in the cabinet. This week, I brought my own pecans, in hopes on resisting the irrestible. One mention of peanut covered M&M’s had me pack the nuts for the chocolate and chemical covered ones. All things sweet beckon me, from the junkiest, to the gourmet. I never over eat my delicious veggies, fruits or proteins………………

  • TriciaR

    Really great bread with butter! Yum!

  • Marianne Drusano

    Oh, my goodness! What a question! So many choices! Anything sweet is pure happiness. I must say that my favorite food is Haagen Daz ice cream, preferably plain old vanilla. It’s such comfort food. I have given several friends 5 lb. Hershey bars for their birthdays and they experienced pure bliss! What a question, Janice! So many favoirte foods!
    For Administrative Assistants Day I also plan on giving my husband’s two assistants the big Hershey bar. There’s not a better way to show one’s appreciation!

  • Elle

    Peanut Butter~~Jiffy Creamy!!!

  • Elle

    Peanut Butter out of the Jar~~~Jiffy Creamy

  • Shirley

    Hi Janice,
    The question of “what foods do you find irrestible”, well, my food isn’t really considered a food. Mine is Pepsi, to me it is food,
    I drink it in the morning,for lunch instead of food, I can even go for a day without real food, and drink pepsi. So that is my weakness, that is where I need help, I’m carring a sack of sugar around my waist, a sack of flour in my ass, and God knows what else I need to get rid of, but help I need, and I can easily think of 25 other people that could use some help as well.

  • Miriam

    Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and hamburgers. Anytime someone orders a hamburger at a restaurant and I order something else, I get jealous.

  • Leah

    I can’t resist potato chips!! I can resist cake, cookies, ice cream– anything sweet. But put potato chips near me, and I’m a sunk,

  • christopher

    nothing cures the blues like a big pile of mashed potatoes

  • Helen Mundy

    A plate of French fries and salt, or a slice of fresh chocolate cake!!

  • joanne

    ….doritos, cheese nips, and pasta in all shapes and sizes and sauces!!

  • Joanne

    Dear Janice,
    I have great difficulty in resisting fresh hot Steak Fries!!! They have all the good stuff…..fat, starch, salt (3 of the 4 food groups!)and when I dip them in ketchup…there’s the sugar!
    Most of the time I am able to turn and walk away! …..but I can hear those steak fries still whispering to me as I do…”resistance is futile.” :)
    If I do give in and become one with their yumminess (please, excuse the salt on my lip!,) I remember that “All is Forgiven, Move On” and am glad of that!

  • Kathryn Wilking

    Cheetos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I can’t have a bag in the house as they keep calling to me…………. “Come and open me and eat all that is within”!!!
    And, they leave the telltale sign of orange fingers so that I cannot deny what I have done ( :

  • Tricia Andrews

    The food I find most irresistable is homemade deep fried pickle chips with homemade BBQ sauce. It takes so much time and effort to make this appetizer (which I eat as a main course) that I feel justified when I eat them. I INSIST I have worked off the few thousand calories in the dish before I have even eaten them. OK in reality I probably burned 40 calories making them because they aren’t very strenuous to make, just time intensive!

  • Kathleen Donovan

    Anything that is made in a bakery. Bread, cupcakes, cookies, do I need to say anymore. :)))) Yummy.

  • laurie

    ICE CREAM> especially Blue bell- COOKIES N CREAM!!

  • Julie

    Sweet potato fries!

  • jackie cronnon

    There are not very many foods that I find resistable! In fact the only things I can think of are frozen foods [tv dinners, lean cuisine, etc] Just about anything frozen I find very resistable. If it is fresh and homemade It is irresistable to me!!

  • karen

    Dark Chocolate, home made cookies, Nestle’s Quik, Moose Tracks Ice cream, Espresso Chip Ice cream. I am getting hungry just typing this.

  • Amanda

    Anything chocolate!

  • Lena Kondo

    Irresistible food:
    Sunday mornings my Swedish roots emerge, and I HAVE to have a soft boiled egg (or two) with pickled herring and onion.

  • jess

    irresistable food: chestnut honey madeleines!!! mmm i have to eat the whole bag! so delish!

  • Teresa

    It would easier to list the foods I do not find irresistable.
    I love food all kinds of food but I love meat lasagna it reminds me of my Grandparents. I love veal Cutlets it reminds me of my mom, I love cannolis or anything made with Cannoli cream. It reminds me of sunday at my grandparents house. I also love frittata which reminds me of Easters at my other Grandparents. As you can see food is irresistable because it not only taste good it feels good.

  • Kelli Lackett

    My two secret pleasures (and they are actually kind of gross) are corn dogs and those little doughnuts covered in shiny parafin-like chocolate. I can’t explain why.

  • ljshee

    Oh my gosh..I have learned these the hard way:
    CHEESE, BREAD, PASTA and if they are served together..really deadly!!

  • Kathleen Taylor

    Mmmm..cotton candy..soft and pink like the bouffant white hair on lady who may have used just a smidge too much rinse. Pull off a swirl and as it hits your tongue it melts instantly to its original crystal sweetness.
    Warm maple syrup..the real kind, sweet earthy tasting, drizzled with butter into each and every nook and cranny of a crispy yet fluffy homemade buttermilk waffle.
    Finally, fresh blueberries, picked with my own hands on a sunshiney August morning. They pop with flavor bursts in my mouth. Every berry is so delicious..I can eat a quart!

  • Pat

    I’ve tried your balsamic fig sauce and do love it! The only thing that would make it better is cheese! I love anything with cheese on it! If I win, I would rather meet you at Kripalu!

  • LarMer

    Seems like chocolate in any form gets the most votes, and I have to admit, it is up there on the list! I give it up for Lent each year, & it is TOUGH!
    Some of my other “Irrestibles” are my grandmother’s corn meal-fried okra & catfish in Arkansas, homegrown tomato (peeled) & mayo (Duke’s) sandwich on white bread, my own homemade chalupas (they are famous), Cheesecake Factory cheescake, really good blue cheese vinegarette salad dressing, Hostess Ho-Ho’s, Wing Stop’s homemade french fries & Lemon ‘n Pepper wings, baked potato w/ salt rubbed skin & butter & bacon, day old salad, Elephant Ears, thin crust pizza w/ extra cheese, Gaido’s baked crabmeat in butter in Galveston, TX, good smoked ribs, a medium rare rib-eye or T-bone steak on the grill….. Well, I’d better stop b4 the list gets too long. Sounds like I REALLY need to get your book as soon as it comes out, huh? Thanks! Think I’ll go eat a Lean Cuisine.

  • cynthia varamo

    Ruffles potato chips- any potato chips for that matter. Also any milk chocolate.

  • Ruthann

    Chocolate dipped potato chips!!! Salty and sweet in the same bite. Nirvana. Any flavor of ice cream calls my name. I love any kind of fast food; if it goes out a drive through window, I’ve had it.

  • Ruthann

    Any fast food. If it comes through a drive through window, I crave it.

  • Pam

    Mmmmm…Raisinettes. Chocolate mint chip ice cream. A restaurant meal of pecan pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. Thanks for asking. Janice, I would LOVE to win you and spend a couple of hours in lively conversation!

  • Cheryl Gribskov

    If it is a chocolate chip cookie larger in diameter than 2″, then I am like a sailor heeding the siren’s call. If it is one of those Mexican chocolate chip cookies from Baja Fresh, my car simply can’t drive by the driveway to the restaurant. Can I eat one? No. Only when eaten in multiples of two do I feel completely satisfied – until, of course, the drop in blood sugar renders me comatose. But what a ride.

  • S.

    Well, I don’t know about any one thing specifically, but SALTY things. I don’t keep them in my own house, but I walk my mother’s dog with her a lot, and she has a whole drawer full of things – potato chips, pretzels, and lately she’s been buying Doritos, which my family has decided are laced with crack, because we can’t stop once we start eating them. And I’m a total sucker for cheddar/sour cream potato chips. And COMBOS! The ones with pretzel outsides and cheese insides. And I haven’t had one in years, but Corn Nuts! Those weird corn things from convenience stores?
    Oh, and the rolls that Bertucci’s give you before your food. I could eat like twenty of those.

  • Jennifer G

    I have an unholy addiction to these little fried mini-taco’s from a local pizza delivery joint–they’re just meat inside a taco shell, and they deep fry the whole thing, and you eat them with sour cream. So, when I crave them I of course have to order other assorted fried foods to make the $10 minimum for delivery–breaded mushrooms, cheese fries, these little broccoli cheese bites (hey, at least there are vegetables in there!). I don’t crave sweets as much, but I can demolish a container of those Dibs things–the little ice creams bites coated in chocolate and krispies–in no time flat. Or bananas foster–I can’t pass that up when it’s on the menu. Yikes, now I’m hungry…

  • Jean, Mouse and Boom-Boom

    The fattiest recipe I have. Good thing I have to go to the effort of making it. A sauce of mayonnaise, sour cream, and chutney. No, low-fat anything doesn’t work. Cook chicken breasts in it and serve it over couscous. Yikes. I gain a pound or two every time I eat it.

  • Renee Drew

    Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips are my version of a three-martini-lunch. I do control my self enough that I don’t eat the whole big bag in one day. I finish it off the next day!

  • Deb

    Anything white; sugar, potatoes, bread, pasta, pretzels, etc…

  • Barbara Allgood

    Doughnuts are yummy! Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Carol T.

    Sweets are irresistable to me because I’m so sweet…wait, maybe that’s WHY I’m so sweet:)!

  • Maria

    Chicken fried steak with gravy, french fries, Ben and Jerry’s “Everything but… ice cream”, chocolate candy,cashews and my turkey dressing!

  • Barbara

    Chocolate is my weakness. I can pass up almost everything else.

  • Patricia Worth

    Oh dear, anything chocolate. Brownies, hot fudge sundies, chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate candy bars, dove candy, ben & jerrys ice cream, doughnuts, chocolate infused croissants. I need to stop this insanity…..

  • Nadeva

    Irresistible… to me it is a visual thing. Sometimes I see chocolate cake with raspberry in between the layers with dark icing and I just have to have a piece. Sometimes when I read a menu at a restaurant I just have to have the lobster or a piece of rare steak and baked potato with lots of butter (or even better… both!). Sometimes I see a bowl of M&Ms and I just can’t resist a handful. Get the picture?

  • Ilissa H.

    Some foods that I find irresistible are potato chips, fried chicken, peanuts (or really any kind of mixed nuts), fruit snacks and jube jubes. I am sure there are many more but these are the main ones that come to mind. Thank you for hosting the giveaway. I’d love to win your book!

  • michelle

    What foods do I find irresistible? Anything with flavor, calories, not good for you. I love especially those foods with empty calories and the doctor warns you not to eat.

  • Joyce A

    I find anything in a Bakery irresistible. Fresh raised dounuts and esp good Bread. Good Bread i could eat plain, no butter or anything, its like desert to me.

  • Liz C.

    Awhile ago I would have listed certain very specific foods to answer this question, but recently I have realized that ANY food becomes irresistible when I make it Off-Limits. So, what is irresistible food to me? Like Eve, it’s the forbidden. For her it was an apple, I’ll just take anything with “forbidden” in front of it.

  • Connie Robinson

    Anything sweet and creamy. Pudding, cheesecake, flan, burnt creme, brie (I just ate an entire pound in 2 sittings)If it’s creamy and full of calories it’s got my name on it.

  • Anonymous

    How cool to find this contest now because … it’s my birthday month too (April 9th in fact, the day you started this) and my middle son’s and my Mother’s birthday month as well. My favorite and irresistible food right now??? You guessed it, CAKE. and I just can’t seem to get away from it …. it’s there first thing in the morning, yelling for me in the afternoon and faithfully bidding me a good night. I have to say that I’ve been really good at controlling myself and have yet to eat one big yummy slice of any of the cakes yet …. I do however feel the need to constantly even up the cuts that other people have made and eat the slivers that are shaved off. It’s an art you know. And I hate it when the frosting is uneven, so it’s imperative that I constantly spread that out and then, of course, lick the knife (there’s always so much excess with no where to go but my mouth). Then there’s the frosting flowers which are always “too sweet” for the rest of my family so being the good mom that I am, I have to eat these “really gross” items as well.

  • Pat

    Candy…the more sugar, the better. Cotton Candy…how sugary is that! Peeps…and they have them available at every holiday now! Geez. And of course chocolate candy. The kind that melts in your mouth.

  • Christin

    French fries! I may buy the Happy Meal for my son because he is hungry and picky and loves chicken nuggets, but the real reason is to get some french fries into the car so that I can steal some. Of course the higher quality french fries in a restaurant must come with a large side of ranch dressing. Yum.

  • Joy

    Foods I have a hard time resisiting: mashed potatoes with butter, shredded cheddar and sour cream; Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream; anything with nuts and chocolate and I will add these items if necessary; strong tasting cheeses and finally, hearty red wines.

  • Kristine

    It would have to be chocolate…no cheesecake, no, let me see….hmmmm. let me look here….hmm…candy….
    no, I really mean it, it is chocolate!!!! but only GOOD chocolate…so maybe that means it is not irrisistable, well…..hmmm…let’s see it’s time for dinner…let me settle on chocolate with some exceptions….

  • Ann Gullberg

    I love all the salty things! Steak with salt, Poatato chips, pringles, PRETZELS!
    Sweet things are good too… but I have lost my taste for icecream (hurrah), but Dark Chocolate is a sweet deadly sin!!! Love my Dove squares, rich and dark. If all else fails a tootsie roll is good.
    No wait…. Reisen carmel and dark chocolate…. the best…. Can’t buy the bag without eating the whole thing………

  • jodi

    Dark bitter-sweet chocolate–especially the stuff from Italy. It is the best in the world! I also love veggies!

  • flashmom

    Simply Irresitible
    Boudin Balls, Crab Claws
    Crawfish Etoufee, Cafe au Lait
    BBQ, Irish Stew
    Organic, Free Trade Chocolate
    Bread–I just cant stop it!
    Depending on the day
    What can I say
    Some foods that I love
    Give me the shove
    I Beat a path
    to the refrigerator door
    and scarf down the contents galore!
    But there is hope–
    I’m no dope
    with Our Lady of Weight Loss
    There is always hope

  • E. Hakenson

    Potato chips, tostada chips, chex mix and french fries. Salty foods are my weakness!

  • Joselle

    Come now, Janice. This must be a trick question. Food and irresistible;
    kind of says it all, don’t you think??!!
    Seriously, if it can be dipped, dunked, sliced or scooped, look out!!

  • Draigg R.S. Phillips

    Greetings from the Most Beautiful City in the Southwest US and the Sonoran Desert… Tucson, Arizona! And from the most beautiful guy…. (cough) OK, from just me, Draigg!
    I’m really digging the KITT Club and Janice, you’re a hoot! This is right up my alley, because laughter, fun, humor and playfullness are my sourdough bread and gobs of real butter… or is that 9 grain low fat thin-sliced bread with ICBINB spray?
    Anywho, what was it you were asking? Oh yeah, What foods do I find irrestible? The better question would be what foods DON’T I find irrestible. But that’s not really true because there are many I can take a pass on. Like Liver and Onions! Yeah, I’ll get my iron from chewing roofing nails, thank you very little!
    But I have to tell you, what I’m weak for and ask my good wife to prepare for me every Birthday is skillet-fried cubed steak and mac & cheese (homemade, not from a box). Now for a baby-boomer child raised by good Southern parents, that thar’s some mighty fine eatin’!! I’d have it once a month if I could… oh who am I kidding? I’d have it every other day if I could!!
    Or perhaps I should say, I’d have it more than once a year if I didn’t care about my wife, my son and his wife and my two gorgeous grandprincesses, let alone myself. But you know what? I do care about all of them, especially about me. When I was a kid I used to say I wanted to live to be 100. You don’t get there on the “Cubed Steak & Mac & Cheese Diet”! No sirree! Not in this lifetime anyway. So rather than say I can’t have it, I just made a deal with myself to be reasonable about it and make it something special.
    I’ve been turning my life around lately and I’m doing well at it, but I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be. And one of those goals is to sink my teeth (real or store-bought) into some delicious Cubed Steak & Mac & Cheese on my 100th Birthday! Wanna celebrate with me!?!?

  • Jan Foulk

    As I sit here and ponder your question, I ask myself am I truly interested or am I procrastinating again. I guess the answer really is a bit of both! Newsletter and sermon and bulletins loom on the mental horizon, beckoning me to come up with nuggets of wisdom and knowledge with a little mirth thrown in. So I better make this short and get on with it.
    My food that is utterly irresistable is dark chocolate – the high fat content kind that simply melts in your mouth! I know dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you, but there are limits.
    A bunch of years ago, I went to the Hershey factory in Hershey, PA. I bought postcards with pictures of chocolate to send home. I wrote: Help! I’ve fallen into a vat of chocolate. On second thought, don’t help!
    A couple years ago, I lived in Robinson, IL, which has a chocolate factory–that is the home of the Heath Bar. Coming home from work, I would stop at the grocery store across the street from the factory. On days they were processing chocolate, the aroma would tavel across the street and I could stand there and revel in drenching in the flavor of the delicious nectar!!! What a treat–without calories!!!

  • Christine Trzcinski

    Cheese Burgers @ the CT Department of Veterans’ Affairs (oh… and the Captain’s Cheesecake!!!!) DELIZIOSO!!!!

  • Leslie Downey

    One word – CUPCAKES

  • Adaline

    Oh My Goodness!!!!!
    Anything with meat and Bread is my favorite food.

  • kate

    swedish fish
    swedish fish
    swedish fish in a dish
    so delish
    fish dish deeelish oh so sweet and red and yummy…
    the top of the line and oh so fine
    though they’re now more than a dime..
    I could eat them any any time
    with or without a rhyme.
    : )

  • Mashed potato

    I could live in a bowl of mashed potatoes and still not get enough of them! And I can’t resist “butter” sandwiches. As my mother says, “why don’t you have a little bread with your butter!” I’m a butter-holic.

  • Lynn

    potato chips what else is there can’t eat just one maybe one bag but not just one.

  • Sherry

    To change a familiar quote a bit, “It’s seldom I meet a food I don’t like.” But the two things I find the most difficult to resist are sweets and things that crunch. Ice cream and cookies, pretzels, nuts and chips seem to take a lot of pressure off my mind while they pack pounds on my tush.
    Looking forward to reading your books,

  • CC

    Brownies, with nuts – without, cake or fudgy, with icing or not, hot from the pan with vanilla icecream. homemade or bought. there isn’t anything in the kitchen better unless the brownies follow Thanksgiving dinner.
    that’s the double yum day cause of course I make those for me instead of pumpkin pie.

  • Becky

    Anything salty! I love all kinds of chips and dips. I love cheese too! Give me a hunk of cheese & I’ll be happy!

  • Anonymous

    There’s nothing like a haunting little song that plays “Let’s all go to the Dairy Queen.” Normally, I am a food snob, but Dairy Queen is my siren song. I can’t resist Dairy Queen cones. When I was pregnant (in January!) I begged my husband to find an open Dairy Queen – again, and again, and again!

  • Molly Hilton

    That was me craving Dairy Queen. I forgot to include my name and email.

  • sherry luebke

    Anything with chocolate (cake, ice cream, brownies, truffles). I just crave the stuff, but don’t want to, as I have needed to lose 10 pounds for many years.

  • Linda Foy

    Foods I find most irresistible are pasta dishes. I love pasta in any form :-)

  • Linda Foy

    Foods I find most irresistible are pasta dishes. I love pasta in any form :-)

  • Hystar

    I’m as big as a balloon-Cuz I can’t help to consume
    Cakes & snakes and pussycat faces
    show the traces of all the places
    I have ate.
    I love Apple pie in the sky!
    Heck, I’d give anything a try!
    Mac n Cheese – Oh my – it’s my fix –
    and potato chips in a dip!
    Hey, I’m Hippy – I’ll be over for dinner in a Jiffy! :-)

  • Jan Church

    Potatoes – fried, mashed, baked; especially McDonald’s fries. I love potatoes. And Pop Tarts – double berry, blueberry, and the cream cheese one. I have MS and Fibromyalgia, and it is very hard to stop my weight from spiraling! I have never felt so awful with this extra weight.


    I love soda, coke, dr pepper, cherry coke, but fav is cherry pepsi, I also love junk food, candy, chips, snake cakes, filled donuts, ice cream,

  • Rainey

    It would be much easier to list the foods that I find resistable as I love most all foods:
    salty, sour, or sweet,
    raw, fried, or baked it’s all good to eat.
    Give me beans, taters, & cornbread….
    fresh fruits and veggies, non are bad…
    Steak, baked potato and salad
    or chicken fried or fish lightly battered.
    Any dessert for a perfect ending, Pies or cakes.
    Excuse me one more trip to the frig, I must make.

  • jeanette malan

    chocolate or any baked deserts



  • michellen

    Pizza and beer. Cake and ice cream.

  • Debby



    Hi! I am 57 female that will power is gone for bread, candy anything I can smell or see. I start with maybe chocolate and then want something salty and then feel guilty (sometimes). I always go to bed at night and think I can’t wait till tomorrrow when I am going to really diet and cut back and some days I do great but the least little thing will get me off my path and food makes me feel so much better. So frustrating. Nona

  • Susan Frost

    That’s a tough question, no way I could choose just one food! The main foods I find irrestible are breads and cakes. Multi-grain bread, sour dough bread, crescent rolls, corn bread, chocolate cake, cheese cake, blueberry or banana nut muffins, lemon cake, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate macadamia cookies, you get the picture! Following baked goods very closely are other carbs like baked potatoes and lasagna. Yummy!!! Thanks for asking 😉 ~Susan

  • reshmi


  • Sonnetta DeLong

    I find that I cannot stay away from sweets like cinnamon rolls, cream filled doughnuts,and certain chocolate candies. I also find that when I have Pizza I eat more than what I should. I have been losing slowly but I really need to lose more.I am not going to give up. I intend to get down to where I should be

  • Crystal Bridges

    The food I find most irresistible is banana pudding. Layered with whip cream in the pudding and refrigerated. The vanilla wafers have just the right texture. I don’t like cooked banana pudding it mushes the cookies. Not good!! Might I add bisquick pancakes. Again, just the right texture.

  • linda

    I’m a chocolateaholic! also have a sweet tooth am 50lbs overweight & have type 2 diabetes for over 15 years, have been able to control it with medication & diet & emoderate exercise till lately blood sugar has gone up quite a bit{I take Actos. metformen & lisnoprilfor for aby 15 years now. My ankles have started to swell & my calfs I need to see my Dr. about this? linda

  • Marylynn

    I love cheese, pretty much any kind. Mozzarella , Swiss and Cheddar top the list. And foods with cheeses are hard to resist. But things don’t have to get very sophisticated. I love just having cheese and crackers. Salty things are hard to resist too, as in certain kinds of chips and pretzels. So you have to know that nachos and cheese are really tempting. Sweets aren’t a big issue for me. I think that a cheese hoagie, or french onion soup, or a really well made pizza are much harder to resist.

  • Shelley Slider

    Hands down its Mexican food for me. I really just can’t resist it and crave it quite often. I am craving it now that I am typing it !!


    I love things that are of a creamy texture, low fat pudding mixed with coolwhip. I could eat this every day!

  • Frank Ward

    Mexican food – Oh my – Mexican food. Not any mexican food but that special home made real Mexican food. It’s the one sin I can’t resisit – no eating in moderation for this Mexican food lover. I moved to Hawaii to get away from Mexican food! Now I have found other foods – and guess what – I gained weight since moving here 5 years ago. Hawaii is a paradise not only for it’s beauty but for the large variety of ethnic foods that are available!

  • Maureen Pescaia

    I crave CARBS! I can make it all day without eating carbs, but, at supper there must be either rice or some starch to finish the meal. It’s a tough thing to kick. I workout at least three or four days a week, and that last meal of the day screams for some carbohydrates. What to do?

  • Marie

    I crave carbs, but the thing I cannot resist is chocolate almond ice cream. I’ll have one small bowl and keep going back for more until at least half a gallon is gone!
    I cannot have it in my house or I go crazy for it. I like other flavors too, and will eat them hardily. Then, I want something with a salty taste, potato chips, and so forth. Then, back to more ice cream.
    One of my saving graces is caramel rice cakes with no fat cream cheese.
    I am/was following a very low fat diet and losing weight, but I’ve ‘gone off the wagon.’ Any suggestions about getting back on it would be helpful.

  • Goddess Christe

    I love any food that is set before me!!!
    my favorite food?…YES!
    ALL FOOD, in fact it would be easier to tell you the foods that i do NOT like.
    that’s it!
    now you can see why it is I who needs to win some time with you!
    that, and i am a party grrl who knows how to have fun!!
    let’s ROCK it Janice!

  • Janell

    Mexican Food – queso mmmmmmm……….. yup…. love it, love it, love it …

  • Lisa deMont

    FOOD is Love! It is the Italian that comes out in me week after week……… a nice, multi course Italian meal with fresh bread & olive oil, stuffed peppers or mushrooms, lots & lots of pasta……..roast beef or chicken,veggies….. and finally “coffee and” as my great aunts would call it………… and yummy Italian pasteries. Oh yea, if it is a celebration (who needs an excuse) ice cream sundaes for all! Ciao!

  • Nancy

    chocolate…chocolate…chocolate…any time day or night…breakfast or dinner. i would give it up…but i’m no quitter! also, pasta and i’m now having another love affair with bread!

  • BEV.

    hi janice,
    i hate to admit this but just about anything that is not moving is my favorite!!!!! that is my problem. i would not want to slight any particular food.
    i must admit, ice cream, so smooth,sooooooo delightful to the tast buds , if i must choose one, it would have to be ICE CREAM!!!!(all flavors)
    many the time i have had a frozen finger tip because i just happen to take the container out of the fridge & stuck my finger in to take just a bit, while getting something else out of the freezer.
    that was before. i am much better now.
    thanks for listening.

  • Sa Smith-Washington

    My favorite food is the food I begin to really crave the moment I go on a diet. Usually that can be all and everything. The “diet mind” triggers my FAVORITE brain cell. Can you help this lady at 63 and struggling for better lifestyle? I have 10 more friends just like me.
    Ms. “I’m too young to stop living” Smith

  • Anna Marie

    Foods I find irresistible are chocolate and ice cream (any flavor!).
    I NEED you to come party with me, Janice – we’ve had our home up for sale now for 14 mos. I stay stressed and have been trying to lose weight, exercise and stay healthy, along with getting this place sold -DH is retired now and we are MORE THAN READY to move! HELP!!!

  • Barbara Salant

    Dear Janice,
    My favorites are bread and chocolate. I think there was once a movie called, “Bread and Chocolate.” The bread should optimally be a grain bread, like health nut or oat nut. The chocolate should be dark and rich. A close third is ice cream, preferably the dark fudge chocolate chocolate chip. How I envy those who do not have cravings for the above!
    Best regards,

  • wanda

    BREAD- Fresh baked- or any bread for that matter- if it’s BREAD and it’s in front of me- I WANT IT- THERE is nothing like the smell of fresh bread baking- but I don’t see that as much as I see Pepsi machines with MOUNTAIN DEW In it- OMG- I love to do the DEW-There is something true about those commercials where the people doing the DEW can do extraordinary things too- It’s REAL I testify to it- though I’ve now cut back and am TRYING to quit- it’s an addiction!

  • Lisa

    I have to say… cheese. Cheese with anything, or cheese alone. Cheese popcorn, cheesy sandwiches, ricotta, mozzarella, cheddar, pepperjack… kugels, blintzes, cheese on muffins, bread, melted over my entree. Cheesy pizza, doublecheese on that.
    Oh, compared to cheese, chocolate takes a backseat, cause there are few entrees that use chocolate, but cheese is good for dinner and dessert.

  • Marcia

    Dear Janice,
    The food that I find irresistible depends on where I am and the time of day. For example, at work, they have this candy dish that is filled with red licorice – my favorite candy. It is hard to resist. At the grocery store, my cravings are for anything that has marshmallow in it especially rice crispy treaties. I avoid the bakery area and the candy and cookie aisle. At night, it is sushi and sake or a good red wine, all have empty calories. So, besides all these temptations, I have managed to drop 30 lbs with another 40 lbs to go. Any assistance you can provide me, would be greatly appreciated.
    Best regards,

  • Jen

    PASTA. I have worked very hard at trying to train myself into eating the whole wheat variety or subbing veggies, because white pasta is just one of those things I will gobble up very quickly if it’s in front of me. I pretty much avoid cooking it to resist temptation. One cup is never enough.

  • stayne

    fresh baked bread that you mixed and baked yourself with butter dripping down your hands and not on the floor

  • jamie

    potato chips. all of my life. the first thing i used to eat in the morning and the very last thing i would eat before going to bed. i ate a bag for my lunch also. now iam 52 and have to give them up. high blood pressure, overweight. so hard to do, so hard to do.

  • Debbie

    Creamy potato soup. I know that it is loaded with real cream and butter and one bowl is never enough. I could eat my weight (which is way too much) in it. A co-worker (which is overweight as well) and I try to encourage one another to cut back and then the chef (we eat in the dining hall of our work)makes his wonderful soup and places it on our salad bar. Of course, we partake of the soup and forget the salad. Out the door with rules of weight loss!!!!

  • Margie

    Dear Janice,
    My weakness is Cheetos corn chips and rice and gravy. Once I get started eating them I can finish the entire bag of Cheetos before I know it. That’s why they are banned from my house. And of course I dearly love hot yeast bread and O’Charley’s and Logan’s Road House in our area have some of the best. They make it hard to stay focused.

  • Grazyna Czerwinski

    I love nuts, fruit and dry hunter sausage. I tend to eat late at night but not during the day since I’m busy doing other things. I work out 5 days a week for about 30 to 45 minutes a day and I just cannot loose weight. I would love to learn what other do to remedy this dilema .

  • kristy l. george

    buttery kettle corn and frosted flakes cereal

  • sharon malone

    my weakness is piza,pasta,chocolate and snacks,pretzels,potato chips,popcorn,etc.

  • Linda

    My weakness is pizza and chinese food. I have had a hard time giving them up. I especially love pizza and I’ll get those pizza for one frozen pizza’s. I love my shrimp with broccolli in garlic sauce. I would prefer it with shrimp fried rice but I try to be good and get it with steamed white rice. It would be nice if the restaurants would carry brown rice instead. I would also say just eating out in general rather than cooking is my downfall.
    I try to purchase items like Smart Ones meals and the like to keep from eating fast food type meals. But since my children have left the nest and it is just me cooking is the least of my favorite things to do. I have made an effort to begin cooking my own meals again. I’ve also joined our church’s health support group and attend once a week. I’m a member of Bally’s but due to work travel for two years I couldn’t use my membership. Now that I don’t travel as extensively anymore I’ve decided to head back to the gym. So here’s hoping this time next year I’m about 80 lbs lighter.



  • Cindy

    I love chocolate. All forms of it. I have a sweet tooth.

  • cynthia

    sweetbread,pizza,torilla,pastas indifferent ways I ask God to help me stop the craving

  • Tonja

    I love chicken! Fried chicken, baked chicken,grilled chicken, stewed chicken, BBQ chicken, chicken and dumplings, honey BBQ chicken, lemon pepper chicken,so on and so on. CAN’T HAVE A PARTY, IF YOU DON’T HAVE CHICKEN! But if I had to choose, CHICKEN would be my number one. I could eat chicken everyday. I love junk food too. I guess that’s why I have gained almost 40 in 3 years. Not to mention, 10 of those in the last year. I am desperately trying to lose some by summer so I can get into the new clothes I brought last year. Right now, it doesn’t look good.

  • Pam

    I had a very hard time giving up the sweets. It could be chocolate anything. Candy was another thing. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.

  • Michelle Browm

    Hi Jnice.
    I just CANNOT pass by any creative combination of flour, butter, sugar, and eggs….yes, that would be COOKIES!! Chocolate,PB, nutty, fruity, oatmeal, name it. I love baking them. I love giving them. I love love love COOKIES.
    It darn near rivals my love for my husband. But then, unlike we humans, those little babies are sweet ALL the time, aren’t they!
    Have a blessedly sweet day.

  • shawn

    I find sweets to be irresistable. They call to me, day and night. I wish I could say I never give in, but midnight rolls around and cake or candy will be calling my name, and I answer… boy do I ever!

  • Pam

    Hi Janice,
    Pasta would be one of my all time favorite pitfalls. Then of course we can add that delicious chips and dip (any kind of dip). Cheese, and Ice cream chocolate of course.
    I have found healthy alternatives to pasta I now indulge in whole grain or wheat pasta and breads. I if I have to have it and sometimes I just have to have it eat baked chips with salsa or low fat cream cheese dip.
    Yogurt seems to curb the ice cream rage and I have lost 53 pounds since last June. – I give all the Glory to God because I did not set out to lose wieght it just kinda happened. Healthy was my desire and now I am on the right path. I am still eating healthier, and I have gave in to that coconut pie, chocolate dream desert, and so delicious peanut butter/chocolate cake. I know I will slip again but my health is more important than what I put in my mouth. Chocolate altoids are great they curb that chocolate craving. So With he Help of God and his Words I will continue to be healthier and stay on the path.
    I love your site it is wonderful the stressed to your last nerve sure was right on time this morning. God Bless and Healthy eating to you all.

  • Nancy Horning

    I absolutely cannot pass up red or black licorice. Even a nibble, leads to eating too much of this irrisistable food.

  • Gigi

    It is sweets like chocolate,and carbs as well.I mostly think I am a BLT….bite,lick and tastey person.

  • Liz

    Chips, crackers anything salty is my biggest downfall….
    I can’t eat just a couple, I keep digging in for more….
    I gave them up for Lent and did well but since then I am back
    to my old habits :

  • Karen Talmage

    PRETZELS! Sticks, loops, twists, bagged, home made, frozen heat-n-eat, buy-em-at-the-mall, any shape or size. Must have salt. No baldies. It’s all about the salt. Chrispy crunchy salty pretzels. No dips. It’s all about the pretzel. I’m a purist.

  • christy graff

    The foods that I find irresistable are…OH THIS IS EASY…fresh sourdough bread and butter, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken pot pie, Ben and Jerry’s Brownie Batter Ice Cream, and McDonald’s (preferably the $1 double cheeseburger, value fries, filet-o-fish, and Big Mac with extra onions!!!
    ALSO>>>Mushroom pizza,lobster with butter and lemon and fresh buffalo mozzeralla cheese.

  • mary Terry

    Sweet and soda.

  • Sandra

    I love sweets, for example, pound cakes, sweet potatoe pie, and I find banana pudding, simply heavenly.

  • Laura Keeney

    I love hummus and beans and any kind of fruit, and I can’t stay away from dairy products,but chocolate is what I crave. Not all of the time, but often. I do love dark chocolate better than milk chocolate, which I understand is better. The trouble is I like cherry filled, cream filled, jelly filled, as well as plain.



  • Kathy O’Connell

    The foods that i find irresistiable are veggies and my down fall is bread freshly baked from the corner bakery.

  • Laura

    I love breakfast! My all-time irresistible comfort foods include homemade blueberry pancakes with fresh whipped topping, spinach quiche and homemade soups and fresh baked bread or piping hot biscuits drizzled with honey and butter. My dinner binge would be a course of fresh steamed vegetables or a cranberry-walnut salad with rasberry vinagarette dressing and any seafood dish : Lobster eggs benedict, conch chowder, shrimp cocktail, baked salmon and stuffed flounder with crabmeat. I also find it hard to pass up vanilla bean cheesecake and hot apple pie!

  • Nora Ann Kunstbeck

    Help!! My most irresisible thing is sweets–If I go for a few days without chocolate, nothing beats this irresisable desire. I really need to lose weight because I need a or most likely a double knee replacement soon. I’m really trying. If I really get desiree is it okay to have 1 or 2 bites of chocolate?

  • wilma burden

    All foods (except Pasta) are what I can’t resist. Only food (I wish it was the Lord) fills my belly. Of course the fulfillment is only temporary until my next meal or snack or whatever it is at the time. I cannot seem to get enough.

  • Anonymous

    Boy when it comes to food I usually like most anything except liver or sushi. Mexican, Italian, Cajun, Texas bar-b-que, homemade pies, mine are by far the best just good food in general and lots of it. Oh and when I am feel really down or just lonely I can everything and anything in sight I will try to give up my cookies in the morning with coffee which I have many times. Of course I always drink diet soda only 1 a day.Unfortunely I really do not eat many fruits or veggies. I do need to eat better I have not eaten well for a very long time.

  • Caroline V. Ritter

    I am a raging sugar-a-holic, especially when it’s paired with fat, such as in ice cream. I used to eat a half gallon of coffee ice cream a day! Yes, it was a very big problem and addiction. I didn’t think I could go a day without ice cream. I was hooked on chocolate, too. I made a daily pilgrimage to Baskin-Robbins–even in blizzard conditions. Now, I prefer a daily chat with Our Lady and her rosary. That fills me up much more than the wretched ice cream ever did–and my mood swings are much improved, to boot. I am also 85 pounds lighter, too. Our Lady has truly lightened my load! “Into the lite” always…
    Caroline R.

  • Margie Case

    Sugar, sugar, sugar gives me the ummmmmmmmmmm! on my tongue and then ‘I wish I hadn’t done that.’ I used to eat 2 or 3 bags of Dove Dark Choco every week, for many, many years, and didn’t gain an ounce. But after I had to quit eating Choco :( I’ve gained 40 lbs. since the sugar I eat now has so much more fat and calories and then add menopause in :( I’m working on eating more fruit and have eaten 30 lbs. of grapefruit this winter–seriously! Once I become friends with Mr. Dicipline and get this body excerised regularly I’ll be a new woman and will have lots of self-esteem besides!! (Wow! It sure looks good in print… Maybe I’ll frame this :o)

  • Dale Stuckey (female)

    I only just opened your site on 12 August, 2008 so think the ‘contest’ is over, but I got so many laughs from the ‘gifts’ entry! My beloved who died a year ago on Aug 6, was primo! I cheerfully gave his granddaughter who is a Brit a little kitten figurine while they visited in January! A de-radiated car from same lady friend after his divorce in 1989 went to Sam’s boss in nuclear safety consulting. I have a gazillion ceramic figurines from his older daughter in a suitcase with other things from the years since I’ve been in the picture just waiting for a street address so I could ship them to her. NOW there is my stuff waiting for the same! I have our house on the market to move near family. The said market is very poor as you know so I will maybe have time to attack my hanger ons! Love to Our Lady of Weight Loss, Dale, aka as Fluffy Lady

  • Angel Yeast

    I think you write very good article I agree with the views and ideas! Second, the article gave me the feeling is very large, so I learned a lot of knowledge. Very grateful to the author’s share. I also like Angel Yeast very much!

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