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If You Bite It, You Must Write It
Dear OLofWL ~ Someone told me – I do believe it was YOU – that I am responsible for what goes in my mouth and that I need to ‘count’ everything – even the BLTs. (Bite Licks and Tastes!!!) If that’s the case, I need a calorie count on something, if you please.
My son had a party and actually invited my husband and me (imagine!). He put together a gorgeous platter of cheese, pepperoni and sausage – some olives, too, which would have been fine, I guess, had I been following the ‘100%-fat you-may-as-well-inject-it-straight-into-your-heart diet.’ (Kids!)
Anyway, you know me well enough to know that I had some melba toast and apple sauce tubes (you cut the tops off – or rip them open with your teeth and then, suck out the apple sauce) in my bag for these types of emergencies. But – still – the platter sat before me and the sausage kept calling my name.
I witnessed my husband loading up cracker after cracker and popping them into his mouth. I started salivating.
I said, “Honey, honey.” But he was too busy stuffing his face to hear me. (I’m getting agitated all over again just thinking about it.)
Finally, I yelled, “HONEY! CAN I LICK YOUR SALAMI?”
Dead silence followed by peels of laughter. My son has yet to invite us to another party; his friends keep asking for us – and I’m still left wondering. Was I supposed to track that lick? And if yes, how many calories would you say are in a lick of salami? ~ Doing What It Takes
Dear Doing … One ounce of salami is approx. 100 calories, so a lick, I think is FREE. As long as it was truly one lick and you didn’t take a bite out of your husband’s salami! Keep on ‘doing’ – you’re doing great! ~ OLofWL

If you bite it, you must write it.
Keeping a weight loss/food journal has many advantages.
Statistics show that those who keep track of what they eat lose weight more effectively and efficiently. In addition, keeping a weight loss journal, reduces stress. (I know how stressful it can be when we haven’t stayed on track. Being able to look at it in black and white is comforting. Yes, more comforting than comfort food!)
Still, we rebel! So, here’s some food for thought that might help you to overcome your resistance!
There are many ways to keep a journal. You can make is as simple as you like, or you can turn it into a project. Projects keep our hands and minds busy and keep us out of the kitchen! AND creating a multi-layered food journal can help you to observe thyself! You will be mesmerized by the fascinating facts that will rise to the top of your pages!
Weigh and Measure Thyself and Track It: Make a chart that has your starting weight and measurements, if you like, and track it week by week. It’s absolutely thrilling to watch the line move in the right direction. And should a little zig-zag present itself, that’s cool, too. Adds character! Pound by pound, centimeter by centimeter, it’s motivating to watch it slowly but surely add up to a meaningful number.
Write It/Lose It: It’s a fact. If you write down what you eat/track it, you will eat less – and lose more. It’s that simple.
Recipe Index: If you’ve made something that’s great, put it in your recipe section. Create your own mini-cookbook. It’s a great resource!
Movement Chart: Chart your exercise progress and rate it. What do you really enjoy doing? If you love to dance, then dance! If croquet is your thing (it sure is mine), pound those balls and turn it into an aerobic sport. Work it, baby!
Life Happenings and Mood Swings: Correlate your moods with your foods. If you crave chocolate every time you are cranky, make sure you’ve got some low-cal chocolate pudding around!
Or – let’s say that every time your teenage daughter is out on a date with some . . . . (okay … I won’t go there), and you note that a cheeseburger deluxe is sure to follow. Then, instead of ordering from the local diner for an emergency meal, stock the fridge with boca cheeseburgers (90 calories each), lite-bread (40 calories a slice) and baked potato chips (180 calories for the entire potato). Call it dinner and go for a walk afterwards. Do you realize how valuable that kind of information is?
Write Down Your Thoughts: Very revealing. If you’re having positive thoughts, give yourself a star. If you’re having negative thoughts, turn them into positive thoughts and give yourself a star.
Organize Thyself: Keeping a weight loss journal gives you an opportunity to organize your day. Keep a to do list. Look at this in a holistic manner. Lightening up isn’t just about pounds. Don’t you feel ‘light’ when you can cross things off your to do list? How gratifying!
Photos, too? Hey why not. If you get tired of writing down what you’re eating, take a photo, print and add to your book. Get down, get funky. Go wild. Catalog your memories!
Remember … it’s your journal and while it’s true that the more you write, the more successful you’ll be, don’t beat up on yourself – or give up on yourself – If you skip a day. Just keep on ‘doing.’
All Is Forgiven. Move On!
Remember to count all the BLT’s (bites, licks and tastes) and join the Kick in the Tush Club Community to confess your dietary transgressions!

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