Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Video! For the Love of Cake starring Harriet Taylor, my 92 year-young mother.

It is my pleasure to introduce y’all to my mother, Harriet Taylor, Queen of Cake!Harriet is incredibly beautiful, talented, funny and 92 years young. Nothing whatsoever 92 about her! She is here to teach us all how to eat cake … and more. Be sure to hang in for the end … her ‘big bang’ theory. She’s a riot, all-righty! Without further ado … For the Love of CakePS: My mother warned me NOT to make her famous. Like any good daughter, I am determined to do what I am told not to do. Spread the word (NOT the icing)!

  • flashmom

    Fabulous! No wonder OLOWL is so great—its genetic! Peace and joy to you all this week

  • Karen

    Your mom is delightful! How blessed you are. Thank you for sharing.

  • cat

    Wow! She’s very cool…what a trip!

  • elle

    Please fill us in on what kind of candy it was that gave her the (blush, coy smile, hesitate, smile again, turn away, blush a deeper red) orgasm! I need to get me some!!! What a peach!

  • Amy


  • Anonymous

    Hi Janice, Your mom’s adorable. She’s amazing, and you inherited great genes from her! Thanks so much for sharing her with us.

  • Anonymous

    Your Mom is hoot, at 92!!!!! I liked that she could say orgasm!!!! I hope I have that much spunk when I am her age!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dot

    Mom, You look wonderful, and I love your spirit!

  • Pam

    Mom, you’re adorable and so much fun! I’d love to sit down for coffee with you…cake or no cake!

  • Kim (The Queen of Curvyness)

    Remember the older woman in the Wendy’s commercial year’s ago who said “where’s the beef”? Your Mom should be the poster girl for “where’s the orgasm”? If your chocolate doesn’t send you into orgasmic bliss then MOVE ON!
    Janice, your Mom is too cute for words! I think a JUST ASK HARRIET video would be great….everyone could send in questions for her to answer!
    And Harriet….Thanks for giving us Janice. I can see where she gets her personality!

  • Moola

    The video made me miss my Mom as she died a year and a half ago, but I truly enjoyed seeing and listening to you. Thank Janice for sharing you with us.

  • Nadeva

    I am very lucky to know Harriet personally as she is my favorite aunt. When the family gets together at her home, we just know it is going to be a wonderful and funny day. We love her very much. Am I lucky or what!!!

  • Carole

    Harriet! You are my role model! I would be so blessed to have your spirit and vitality at any age! Thank you for sharing your zest for LIFE! You have given us permission to EAT CAKE without the guilt—and that is part of the secret that Janice is teaching to interrupt the cycle of overdoing it. Thank you for being You in the world. You are a peach! Carole

  • Betsy Morishita

    Your Mom is GREAT!
    I love the care & romance of the cake she discribes, by that I mean nobody uses a machine to wrap string on the cake box anymore. It just seems when I hear my Mom and ladies of that generation talk about life or “cake” it has much more care and meaning given to it? Maybe this is terribly confussing what i’m trying to say? Your Mom is delightful!

  • Pat

    92! I don’t believe it! I love your logic Harriet, and I love Entenmans too! Especially the crumb cake with cheesecak filling!

  • Meg

    Dear Harriet, We should get together. I am well known for the cakes I bake from scratch. I would love to bake a cake for you. At 92 you deserve every piece of cake you can get your hands on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pattie

    Your mom is definitely 92 years YOUNG! as someone said above, I would love to have her vibrancy and passion at any age. I love hearing the stories of going to the bakery and picking up lots of cakes, and then the recommendation that one should eat cake every day! as Marie Antoinette in the French Revolution, said “Let them eat Cake”, so now we can say that Harriet said “Let them eat Cake!!” And if this is the secret to your long vital life, I guess we should follow your advice!

  • Debby

    Loved this lady.I’m sitting here laughing out loud. Made my day. Thanks Harriet!

  • Anita from California

    It was a “gas” to see Harriet on the video!
    Harriet, You made me smile and my checks hurt because I can’t stop smiling!
    You look fabulous!!! (and not just for your age, you look fabulous regardless of age.)
    I hope I can see you on my next trip to NY.

  • Bonnie

    Hi Janice,
    thank you so much for sharing my best pal (and your wonderful mom) with the rest of the world. Amazing how one short video clip can show all the reasons why I just adore your mom so..I’ve really been blessed by her friendship, she’s brilliant and funny and a wordsmith worthy of praise. Once again she’s brightened my day and inspired me,something she never fails to do. She’s ageless, timeless, glorious and I treasure her, and I couldn’t be happier that now everyone who views this will too.
    Thanks again for sharing her with at least this one of her adoring fans! A big grateful kiss to you, and as always, to our Harriet…

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