Our Lady of Weight Loss

When I first started by journey on the road to Sveltesville with Our Lady of Weight Loss at my side, I did not have a number in mind. I had no idea that I would permanently remove over 50 pounds.
I figured I’d take it 5 pounds at a time and see what happened. Taking five pounds at a time was smarter than I realized. If I had thought of it in terms of 50 or more pounds to lose, I may have felt completely overwhelmed and consoled myself with a trip to the bakery!
SMART goals are indeed smart – BUT Our Lady of Weight Loss’s SMARTER goals are that much the smarter!
S – Goals must be SPECIFIC and the more specific the better. State your goal in as exact of terms as possible.
M – Your goal should be MEASURABLE. Think about what will be the measurement of your goal. (It’s not always about pounds lost. Could be to stay away from candy bars today!)
A – Goals should have ACCOUNTABILITY. Who or what are you accountable to for your goal? Our Lady of Weight Loss, of course!
R – Goals must be REALISTIC. Unrealistic goals will lead you off the path of health and happiness and straight into destruction valley! Yikes.
T – Targets should be TIME based. What’s your time-table for completion, and stick to it. FYI, when it comes to Permanent Fat Removal, I generally advise that one’s goal be: I will eat healthfully and stay on plan for (period of time). This way, I’m not driven mad by the scale, knowing that if I am eating healthfully and on plan, the pounds will have to move out.
E – Goals should be EXCITING! Woo hoo EXCITING and you will meet them faster. So now add on a reward or an event or something that links your goal to excitement. Or just imagine what’s at the other side of the rainbow. Wow, that IS exciting.
R – Goals should be RECORDED, as in written down, in a place where you can look at them every day. It’s amazing how little credit we give ourselves. Proof positive that you ARE making progress and reaching your goals.
What are your today’s goals? Make them SMARTER! And record and report them to Our Lady of Weight Loss. See her SMARTER goals in her Kick in the Tush Club! Join the KITT Club Now! (NOW that IS EXCITING!)

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