Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

There are SMART Goals and then … there are SMARTER Goals.

When I first started by journey on the road to Sveltesville with Our Lady of Weight Loss at my side, I did not have a number in mind. I had no idea that I would permanently remove over 50 pounds.
I figured I’d take it 5 pounds at a time and see what happened. Taking five pounds at a time was smarter than I realized. If I had thought of it in terms of 50 or more pounds to lose, I may have felt completely overwhelmed and consoled myself with a trip to the bakery!
SMART goals are indeed smart – BUT Our Lady of Weight Loss’s SMARTER goals are that much the smarter!
S – Goals must be SPECIFIC and the more specific the better. State your goal in as exact of terms as possible.
M – Your goal should be MEASURABLE. Think about what will be the measurement of your goal. (It’s not always about pounds lost. Could be to stay away from candy bars today!)
A – Goals should have ACCOUNTABILITY. Who or what are you accountable to for your goal? Our Lady of Weight Loss, of course!
R – Goals must be REALISTIC. Unrealistic goals will lead you off the path of health and happiness and straight into destruction valley! Yikes.
T – Targets should be TIME based. What’s your time-table for completion, and stick to it. FYI, when it comes to Permanent Fat Removal, I generally advise that one’s goal be: I will eat healthfully and stay on plan for (period of time). This way, I’m not driven mad by the scale, knowing that if I am eating healthfully and on plan, the pounds will have to move out.
E – Goals should be EXCITING! Woo hoo EXCITING and you will meet them faster. So now add on a reward or an event or something that links your goal to excitement. Or just imagine what’s at the other side of the rainbow. Wow, that IS exciting.
R – Goals should be RECORDED, as in written down, in a place where you can look at them every day. It’s amazing how little credit we give ourselves. Proof positive that you ARE making progress and reaching your goals.
What are your today’s goals? Make them SMARTER! And record and report them to Our Lady of Weight Loss. See her SMARTER goals in her Kick in the Tush Club! Join the KITT Club Now! (NOW that IS EXCITING!)

  • Incognitus

    This is blasphemy. “Our Lady of Weight Loss”? What a sacreligious title.

  • Incognitus

    Monday Mantra? Trying to merge religions? You must be Freemasons.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I for one think it’s lighthearted, loving and fun. I can’t imagine any mother worth the title who wouldn’t think that loosening up a bit in order to lose weight and be healthier was just fine by her. I shouldn’t think that the Blessed Mother would be any less inclined to that than our earthly ones.

  • KLD1967

    Are you people serious? Maybe you need to lighten up more than just pounds if you think that Janice is being “blasphemous.”

  • Susan

    Anyone who is trying to help people to feel better about themselves and to be healthy is helping us to live the life GOD wants us to live. Also “Our Lady of Weight Loss” if you were to read Janice’s bio, is not Janice, but is an inspirational voice she heard in a moment of desperation. How in heaven’s name could this be blasphemous? There is probably a website out there for you to visit, but this positive and encouraging one is not for you Incognitus.

  • the right reverend mark o’cain

    “Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7:1-5)
    “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body,” (1 Cor. 6:19-20)
    Nothing blasphemous here. Move on!

  • ernesto aguilar

    hear reverend o’cain,
    read the bible before you call people names. reading or knowing two verses does not give anyone the right to call someone a name they are not even familiar with. definitions are precise. NOT partial.
    blasphemy 1 a: the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God b: the act of claiming the attributes of deity

  • PrairieGal

    So who is this Igcognitus (anonymous) a former inquisitor?? Lighten up your life, Igcog baby. Go be a church lady somewhere else. This program works. Maybe it would even work for you..It is about attitude and yours needs an adjustment. Our Lady of Weight Loss should bless you.

  • Alexis

    I was going to post a long comment but then I thought….
    “All is forgiven, move on”
    Let’s all do that, shall we?

  • J

    It would be sacreligious and blasphemous if Janice was referring to herself; as usual, people who cry “blasphemy” often have no idea what they are criticizing.
    Our Lady is called by many names, from Our Lady of Victory to Our Lady of Sorrows, and from Our Lady of Good Counsel to Our Lady of Ransom…in “All Nations” from “Fatima” to “Malibu.”
    We ask for her prayers in our quest to do better. If we are truly each part of the Body of Christ, doesn’t it seem that by mistreating our bodies with food we are mistreating the Body of Christ, and by caring for our bodies we are caring not only for ourselves, but for our brothers and sisters in Christ, and indeed for Christ Himself? Why would this be blasphemous?
    I agree that you need to lighten up, and I am NOT talking about a scale.

  • Rose36619

    This is a clean, fun way to lighten up both physically and mentally. Some people really take “religion” overboard. Maybe Incog sould be more focused on “Christian relaitonship building” instead of “Religion”.
    INCOG- Religion will send you straight to Hell. A Relationship is what will save you. Noone ever won a soul to Christ by being condesending and fault-finding.

  • Jiffy

    For heaven’s sake (you should pardon the expression)!
    If we cannot find a moment of good humour in this world, we might as well give up now. Life is too short, too complicated, and all too frequently too hard not to grab laughter when the occasion merits it.
    There is nothing better for you than recognizing the ‘powers’ that shape us, whatever their source, and using them to help you focus on being the best you can, even if it is one day at a time. Janice’s concept of ‘Our Lady of Weight Loss’ is clearly one of those ‘powers’ for many people.
    More power to her!

  • mccubrey

    Love this…Janice is great…
    Nothing better than a sense of humor for dealing with weight loss or any of life’s obstacles…

  • aynne


  • Deb

    where is that rolling eyes icon when you need it?

  • cat

    Oh my! Incog – you seem to have so much anger and fear…both are spiritually stunting. God’s word tells us to love with an open heart. That’s how we are to recognize one another as the children of God…I pray that you will be recognized

  • pottersproduct

    Incog….do you remember that we are called “to love” and not to judge?
    hmmm, well, just a reminder.

  • Sunnygal

    Let’s focus on what Janice does for people and not worry about what she calls herself. In my opinion she should be called the Queen Mother Teresa of Weight Loss and Soul Redemption!! Her positive attitude, humor and knowledge has been nothing short of a miracle to me.
    Let’s embrace the fact that we can do something positive for our health in a way that makes us feel good instead of feeling guilty or bad about our weight problems. Janice is dedicated to helping others overcome their struggles with weight in a way that will work if you allow it. Relax, get to know Janice and experience the majic…it may change the way you feel about Our Lady!
    The Queen of Curvyness

  • penny

    Janice is not blasphemous. She is always tongue in cheek and really inspirational. don’t take everything so seriously, honey

  • Elise

    If the Church was upset with Janice using Our Lady, I think they would have stopped along time ago. I like her thoughts and comments. I agree with other posters, lighten up.

  • Suzin

    Janice…you go Sista!
    Upon receiving your weekly “Our Lady of Weight Loss” newsletter the very first thing you see is, your Mission statement…TO MAKE WEIGHT LOSS FUN! And that’s just what you do! Plain and simple to me.
    For you people with no sense of Haw Haw – Lighten up!!(opps! I didn’t mean that literally … LOL)

  • KC_in_KC

    It’s more of a sacrilege to denigrate and destroy the beautiful bodies our Creator gave us than it is to make light of Our Lady. If our bodies are sacred vessels and Janice is working to have us be better stewards of these vessels, doesn’t that make her work more sacred than sacreligious?
    KC in KC

  • Judy

    The person who called Janice blasphemous needs to get a life! Janice is a one-of-a-kind guru of weight loss. I’m Jewish, and recognize her as OLOWL. When I have erred, I have asked her how many “Oy veys” I should say. She said “ten” and it worked!

  • Darlene

    The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “blasphemy” as “the act of expressing lack of reverence for God”. If you bother to read Janice’s book, you will learn in the first pages that she writes from the strength granted to her by the inspiration, voice, or interpretation of the presence she identifies as “Our Lady of Weight Loss.”
    Therefore, not only are her actions not blasphemous, but in fact reverent and giving credit where it is due.
    And, speaking of the dictionary, “sacrilegious” is defined as “gross irreverence toward a hallowed person”; again, not at all Janice and her writings. And, it’s spelled with an i…..

  • KellyLove

    If you actually read Janice’s book, you’d know that she’s not making light of religion or being blasphemous in any way. She’s worked tirelessly to help other women (and men!) be healthier and happier. Her book is inspiring, not just to me but to thousands of others. Shame on you for your knee-jerk reaction to a book title.

  • Leticia

    I agree with all the comments made in response to your remarks, especially those of the Rev. O’Cain.
    And I just want to tell you that Janice is a compassionate, loving, creative, fun loving, all around beautiful spirit who truly loves people and is on this planet to help others fight their demons. I echo Alexis who quotes Janice, “All is forgiven. Move On.”
    May your heart and mind be opened with Light and LOVE,

  • Anonymous


  • Chris

    It’s all in perspective. Just as people can take scripture out of context and make it what they want. The same can be done with blog entries. I see nothing irreverent about Janice and her work and I haven’t even read the book. I think she simply finds a way to connect with weight loss in a way that is helping many so let her be. She is dissing nothing about any religious ideals whatsoever.

  • Maureen Eckl

    Dear Janice,
    Our KITT group is no way blasphemous, says this cradle Catholic. In fact, I very much like the idea of Our Lady having a kind and gentle sense of humor (her Son, also) which I think all her pictures depict. Sometimes it’s interesting to as speculate how Jesus and Our Lady would look and comport themselves were they to assume human form. (reference: the book “Joshua” by Fr. Girone (sp.)
    Do not let yourself and KITT Club be taken down, Janice, by a granite-hearted pre-Vatican2 opinion. Cheers … and carry on

  • Patricia Phillips

    I was initially intrigued by the title of the Janice Taylor’s book, since I have always been devoted to Mary. When I read it, I found it inspirational and fun (certainly not blasphemous!). I have also been fortunate enough to have had a personal counselling session with Janice and found her to be a kind, compassionate and wise person. I don’t claim to speak for Our Lady, but I bet she would approve!

  • Peg Grady

    Oh please, with all the horrible things going on in this world you (whoever you are as you did not leave a name) take time to pick on Janice because she lightheartedly uses Our Lady to help us all lose weight? Please find a useful cause to work on and devote some time to that rather than getting your panties (or jockey shorts) in a knot over The Kick in the Tush Club.

  • mary

    The last word I would ever use to describe what Janice does is blasphenous. And furthermore – we are made in God’s image – and I would hope that means that God has a sense of humor! We very much need that in these times…and to know that we should take better care of all God’s gifts. yep, all is forgiven. Move on. And get over it!

  • adriana

    I fail to see what part of Janice’s messages or intent regarding Our Lady of Weight Loss could ever be construed as blasphemous. I suppose this unfortunate individual lacks capacity to understand humor, creativity, and forgiveness for one’s transgressions–all of which are God given gifts, are they not?

  • Kate Gilmore

    Well I don’t get it. I truly believe that humor is a gift from God and that we don’t have enough of it in our lives. If you look for ways to be offended you can always find them………
    I always look forward to seeing what Janice and Our Lady are up to. Keep on keeping on!

  • Philomena

    Incog, did you take the time to investigate “Our Lady of Weight Loss” before you decided that it was blasphemous? I did a workshop with Janice. There is nothing blasphemous about it whatsoever. I really enjoyed it and I’ll probably do another in the future.

  • Karen

    Wow! I was going to post a comment in support of Janice, but after reading all the previous posts (with the exception of the gutless “Incog”) I think you’ve all done a fabulous job of pointing out what Janice and Our Lady Of Weight Loss is all about. You all just buried that ignorant fool. nice work!

  • Glenda

    Hi Janice
    I emailed you with my change of address recently. Remember we emailed each other last year about a craft I did and you wanted to put in in your book. I didnt receive a response so I thought I would try you here. I was Glenda Riley until I got married. Do you remember me. Please let me know.
    Thanks Glenda

  • lisa

    Our lady, you continue to inspire me and give me support with keeping the weight I have lost off!!!!!!Not to mention the continuous humor that I read from our lady of weightloss. I have your first book and will order your second one. Thanks again for all your help, in more ways than I can mention.

  • Anonymous

    To Janice with love from John
    I am sure your intentions in running OLWL are honourable and you have only your correspondents ‘ health in mind May god and Our Lady comntinue to care for you until you have eliminated excess weight from the world. Hope yopu do not mind my manner of greeting you and that your husband will not punish you someway for receiving “love letters ” from other men. That is you will not be seriously spanked for reading this note . May you all be blessed for EAster. I am tempted to close by calling u my darling though I know I may never meet you and you are not in the entertainment world where terms of enderament are used willy nilly Without starting any kind of diet, apart from eating less, and without significanr=t exercise a I am starting to lose. however the bathroom scale is not quite like the one in the gym.
    On my home scale my weight showd around 234lb yesterday compared with 240 about a month ago at whioch time the gym recorded 255lb. I will go back to gym later today and see whatchange has occurred
    Best wishes

  • Carole Goldstein

    Janice, thank you for all the love, support and healing you bring to me and so many people every day. Everyone is entitled to their own religious views but I believe in tolerance and live and let live. And I can’t imagine anyone less “blasphemous” than you.

  • Sharon

    Incog… Shame on you.
    The only good your blasphemous post did was to bring out all the wonderful responses I have just finished reading. Way to go Janice supporters.
    Way to go Janice.

  • Nadeva

    Just a note to tell you that I think your new Beliefnet space is spectacular. It is truly informative, artistic, funny and definitely mind provoking. How can one consider this blasphemous when you are obviously a very loving and caring person. What more could God ask for!

  • mae

    As a devout Catholic and a follower of the Virgin Mary I feel I have to add my voice to those who stood up with Janice against the voice of ignorance and overzealosness of this Incog person. In the Catholic tradition The Blessed Mother will take the race, the look and the language of those that witness her appearances. That is why there are different images of Our Lady, not that they are different… she takes the form of the person that is pleading to her. Like a mother she will speak to her children in the way they can understand her. She has the humility to show herself in our likeness. All to help us. In this same manner “a voice” inspired Janice to change her life and come up with this fabulous way of getting healthy… who is to say that this was not our Blessed Mother. Afterall, Janice’s mission was to share a way to save our “temples” and in some cases even our lives.
    The Blessed Mother I pray to has a sense of humor and loves us all. I am sure she appreciates what Janice is doing and continues to lead her… in her mission. Move on and may the Mother of all Mothers bless you, dear.

  • Paula ann Hagar

    I am a member because of your sense of humor and out of the box approach to change. Halleluiah – and Praise Be. The only successful change I have made in my life has been done with a heavy dose of light heartiness and humor. I ordered a passel of your “all is forgiven “ spirit wear for myself and friends to encourage the weight loss of past history. Those are truly life threatening pounds. So my dear friend forge ahead, I am a step behind you hurrying to catch up. Laughter heals- Paula ann (laughing yoga teacher)

  • Anniepie

    Why does anyone think that”Our Lady” has to be a religious distinction? Certainly all the members of the House of Lords (England) have wives who are addressed as “Lady”. Are they blasphemous?
    Janice Taylor is an amazing inspiration to all of us who have had the pleasure of her words and art. Get down off your religious high horse and get a grip. Janice has purpose and charm… so she calls herself “Our Lady of Weight Loss”- Had she chosen “Our Witch of the Wicked Calorie” you would think she was straight from the Devil.. Leave her alone.. She is doing great work across all borders… religious and other wise. Isn’t this a good work? Your bias is just six degrees from the civil war in Iraq! Don’t you want people to get along? OH, only if we agree with you. Well that isn’t going to happen. Keep your religion out of this and just try tolerance!!!!!!!!
    I have lost 60 pounds and kept it off and plan to loose more…. with Janice’s help. Loosen up a bit. Wake up an smell the roses( but don’t eat them!)

  • Kelly

    Hi Just started with a gym and health routine. Anythning that helps is wonderful. My weight(and every calorie)is hanging on for dear life!

  • Anonymous

    I was doing very well a month or so ago. Not with weight so much as routine. Shopping and cooking, excercise, cleaning, and so on. I figure that weight loss is related to personal discipline and that if I take care of myself and do the right things I will be healthier. Then I got hit by a cough that won’t go away. My doctor and I are working on it, but meanwhile I can’t excercise like I was. 10 minutes into a simple routine and I’m holding onto the wall. I am confident that the cough will go away, but meanwhile how do I stay on track? How do I keep from backsliding in my success?

  • Mable

    Hi, my name is Mable. I stand 5’3 and weight 200 pounds. I am a very nervous person,I can’t seem to stop stressing about my weight combinded with other problems. Ilove helping other people but can’t seem to be able to help myself. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!… My goal is too lose 65 pounds by May 15,2008. Mable

  • Monica

    Hi, I am On the road to weight loss and doing pretty good. My terrible days are right before my period, I crave everything and usually go up 2 or 3 pounds which I shed right away after the cravings stop. Any ideas how those hormonal cravings could be managed! THANKS!!!!!

  • Mary

    Hi I am drowning here. I am 5’3 and weigh 250. I had loss 30lbs but gain it back after i got married. I don’t want to blame my marriage on my weight gain I know its me. I want to get back on track and loss 100lbs. I just don’t know where to start. I have been having a lot of back problem lately and i know the weight isn’t helping me. Now I am thinking I am blaming the back problems on my lack of weight loss. When husband even mention weight I get mad. I am anger at myself ,but i take it out on him and I feel bad about that. Can anyone help me

  • Edna

    I’m going to be 48 this Sept. 1 year ago I brought a exercise dvd from tv info commerical and it was the start of a new way of life for me. I’m 5’7″ was 255 lbs. I have lost 32 lbs. just by stopping alot of my bad habits. Stopped drinking sugar drinks, stopped eating sandwiches. I eat more vegetables and fruits and I feel better. I hope to lose 30 more pounds. I have always been on the big side but was always comfortable with myself at 190. WHen I tell people my weight they do not believe that I weigh that much. I have lost weight before many times but this time it is for ME. I hope to meet my goal by my 50th birthday and I ‘m going to Jamacia. I have never been anywhere with beautiful beaches and blue ocean water. Jamacia see you in TWO YEARS and at least 30lbs lighter and heathier.


    HI THERE!!!

  • cccchuckles

    Edna, What DVD did you purchase?

  • Pooja

    I am 5’1 and weigh 69KGs. I joined slimming center but they dont gives sesions if the weight increases than 67(two kgs reduced). I have been fed up with this way. If i eat little my two kgs comes back. Since last five months i am runing aroung this only. Pl. let me know how to stop the cravings. I feel hungry n feel always like eating tasty foods.

  • Ape

    Hi, I am looking for some help please. I am 5’7 and 190lbs. I have had two kids and well the latest one was about 5 1/2 months ago. I just cant seem to find a program that is for me, or actually what I really need is motivation. I need encouragement, I need to know there are others who are going through what I am at the same time. I was vegetarian for about a year after my first child. So I am open to a multiple variety of plans.

  • Lisa

    I’ve found that it was fairly for me to lose weight after both my pregnancies (90 lbs with the first, and 60 with the second) by eating a whole foods diet (which I don’t consider a diet, because it’s not restrictive other than avoiding processed foods) which I detail on my blog. I found it helpful because I had enough energy and nutrients to nurse, and the weight came off slowly and stayed off. It was realistic because I was able to eat real food, which is so important to me.
    Your Daily Foothold to Happiness

  • nicolas najjar

    Iam 61years old and I weight 100kg I tried to drop down my weight but I could not due to my love to eat. I like to drop down my weight to 80Kg . will you please tell me what is the procedure to arrive to my dream.
    Best Regards
    Eng. Nicolas Najjar

  • Ilysa Seltzer

    Hi Im 5ft 1 and i weigh 158,i was 244 in April 2007 and went down 2 140lbs.I had a horrible slip and fall this summer and my back was severely affected.I was bed written and on pain meds.I gained 18lbs and now that im doing better im allowed 2 only walk in the pool or use the bike in the gym.I have been watching what I eat for the last month and i havent lost a pound.Do u have any suggestions 4 me,i am getting married on Valentines day 2009 and would love 2 drop this weight,even if it takes 3 months.Please get back 2 me when u get a chance.t/y and GOD BLESS,ILYSA SELTZER

  • Jenna

    Girl, i feel for you i was in the same exact postion. i started walking every day and eating only 900 calories, i know that is not healthy but it worked so i looked great at my wedding. Congrats on your upcoming event. If you would like some support like the buddy system feel free to contact me. God be w/u

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