Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

The Miracle of Music: from weight loss to the common cold

Did you know that music activates the same feel good center of your brain that food does? It’s true!
Listen to music: Lose weight. (Wow, that was easy!)
And … there’s more . . .
Fight Off the Common Cold: Listening to music lowers the stress hormone cortisol, boosts the feel-good endorphins and fortifies the immune system by raising levels of immunoglobulin A, a prime defense against upper respiratory infection.
Chase those blues away: There are minor chords and major chords; and while the minor chords tend to bring you down, the major chords can and do raise the spirits. Music sweetens temperament, increases feelings of optimism, calm and joy.
Spin Sister: Listen to music while spinning, running, trotting and your endurance levels will soar. You’ll hang in there longer and feel happier for it.
Sleep Baby Sleep: Play 45 minutes of your fav soft music before you get into your comfy bed and you will effectively lower your heart rate, slower your respiration and enjoy a good quality sleep.
What’s your favorite genre of music? What gets your booty to shakin’? What calms and soothes? What’s your favorite lullaby? Leave a comment or write me.

  • Shelli

    Nothing raises my spirits like Beethoven. The other night I got in my car to do an errand and after just a few notes of a piano concerto, I felt lifted up. Of course it was a Beethoven opus.

  • beth kiser

    I am a music therapist and appreciate your reference to the value of music to effect physiological change. Please direct me to your source for this information.
    I am unaware of any solid research base to support your claim that major chords raise your spirits and minor chords “bring you down”. This statement is really a significant oversimplification of the process the which occurs when one listens to music.
    It is my understanding that most music is organized in a series of chords and that the tension and consonance produced between the different harmonies (whether major, minor, 7ths diminished, etc.) creates either energizing or relaxing effects as you move through the progression of a piece. Further most music is a combination of major and minor chords, the tonality of an entire piece in classical music often modulates through different keys—-however a piece generally begins and ends in the same key which may be either major or minor. This is a very basic explanation of harmonic structure….Other aspects of the music such as tempo, rhythm, timbre and use of words also impact the experience. The use of words and relationship to the music from past experience create discrimulative stimuli that strongly impact our response.
    The physiological and emotional effect a piece of music has on a person is determined by that person’s cultural background, musical experience
    and emotional state at the onset of listening. It is true that music does alter and effect our moods, emotions and energy/arousal levels. The tonality of a chord is only a small component of how we respond to the sound.
    Using music as a tool to both energize and relax are valuable strategies to facilitate weight loss. But selection of listening based on major or minor chords alone is usually not enough to impact a physiological or emotional response.

  • Deborah

    Yes, I have music for you too that will help. Check it out on beliefnet.com/Deborah E. Cox

  • Deborah

    i mean go to beliefnet.com and search Deborah E Cox



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