Our Lady of Weight Loss

Who is Our Lady of Weight Loss?
Our Lady of Weight Loss is the patron saint of permanent fat removal.
She first made herself known to me during one of those group meetings where people obsess about food and the scale. (You know which meetings I’m referring to, yes? Most of us have been there more than once!)
I’d dragged myself to the weight loss center because, while dressing that morning, I made the “mistake” of standing in front of the full-length mirror as I pulled up my XXL elastic-waist band pants. Describing them as tight doesn’t even come close! At that moment, I had to draw a line in the sand. Triple XXX pants were not an option. They, too, would be tight!
So there I was at yet another group meeting, about to embark on yet another diet. Ugh! I weighed in, my highest number ever, and joined the thirty or so other women (not a man in sight – hope there are some at BeliefNet) for the lecture.
I was totally defeated, depressed and deprived before I even started! With tears in my eyes, I thought, “I’m never going to make it.”
That’s when Our Lady hit me over the head with a Zen celery stick. WHACK! And said, “If you think you’re never going to make it, you never will.”
Needless to say, I was a bit taken aback – hearing voices and all. Still, the voice was so wise and centered, I had to take notice.
Our Lady of Weight Loss continued, “You’re an artist. Make weight loss an art project.”
My entire being shifted from despair to happiness. To make a long story, short – instead of focusing on ‘dieting,’ I focused on making sexy vegetable collages. And I started to have fun. (Fun being the operative word.) With my glue sticks and glitter in hand, and Our Lady of Weight Loss by my side, how could I not lose? … as in 50 plus pounds permanently gone, removed, vanished forevermore!!!
So there you have it. Our Lady of Weight Loss has been with me from day one. She seems to mysteriously show up when needed. And not only is she here for me, but she is most definitely here for you. After all, She is OUR Lady of Weight Loss (not, my lady!).
New Point of View:
• Actions follow your thoughts. If you think you won’t make it; you won’t.
• Make weight loss about something else. Sure, you’ve got to eat right, but no point in obsessing about it all. Focus on something that makes your heart sing. (Not to worry; I can help you find that something. And if I can’t, Our Lady of Weight Loss can!).
What else would you like to know about Our Lady of Weight Loss, or me? Write me … below or at
Deliciously yours,
PS: the full scoop is in my book – Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous and Motivational Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal.

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