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] I was driving earlier this week and Casting Crown’s Stained Glass Masquerade started playing on my Ipod. I started to sing along, and got to thinking about the lyrics. Growing up I loved Stained Glass, especially one of the […]

This picture is from a sunrise in my backyard.  My fiance had just spent the night taking care of me when I was sick and he was still awake when the sun started to rise.   I don’t know why this […]

This week in one of my classes we were talking about why we punish criminals. As a class we came up with a list of reasons that are often cited for the various punishments criminals are sentenced to. Part of […]

So, I think I should start with a disclaimer that I’m a Chemistry teacher – so English, not really my thing, and please excuse the many typos/grammar mistakes I am sure to make throughout this journey. Alrighty, recently my quiet times […]

For this to make sense I should probably fill you in on a couple of things. First I’m a law student at a Christian Law School, I have this habit of procrastinating when I feel like I can actually afford […]

The days get so busy. I have to make “To Do” lists to get anything done it seems. I have to put “make  a To Do list” on my To Do list.  I know that everyone is busy. Busy, Busy, […]

I’ve been trying to read through the bible cover to cover and it hasn’t exactly been a piece of cake. I sometimes find the Old Testament to be antiquated, which usually prevents me from getting too far. However, last week […]

Trust. This past Sunday at church, before the service began, a couple was asked to speak to us.  And they explained how God has changed their lives. Because they trusted Him.  They trusted him with their finances, and he answered.  […]

As I sat down to write this post I began by looking over a post from my own personal blog for inspiration and this really caught my eye: “These past few months have been really hectic for me. I quit […]