Organic Faith

This picture is from a sunrise in my backyard.  My fiance had just spent the night taking care of me when I was sick and he was still awake when the sun started to rise.   I don’t know why this image has been stuck in my head for this past week.  Just something about it is so hopeful that I cling to it.  Maybe to remind myself that there is always a tomorrow, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.


Anywho, I have an example of the power of prayer.  I struggle with how God would want me to love the homeless.  I don’t like to give them money directly because I don’t know what it will be used for.  So last Sunday night, after feeding some stressed out medical students (I feed about 8 friends before every exam so that they don’t have to stress about time of getting food, etc.) I was walking back to my car.  On the steps of a church I passed  two homeless men.  And I looked at the one sitting on the steps and I was like its now or never.


I took the remaining food I had made (pasta cabonara!) put it on an extra plate and offered it to the man on the steps.


Needless to say he was overjoyed.  He was so excited to have dinner for himself and his brother that night.  And I was overjoyed that God had showed me how to love in a way that I was afraid to do.  The man just kept saying “God Bless you.”


I walked away thanking God for giving me that opportunity to do something to honor His kingdom.  There are so many instances that I fail to bring glory to His name.  In that moment, I wasn’t acting on my own.  It was a moment where God had opened my eyes to see an opportunity to love a stranger who also needed some relief from life’s hardships.  His life is very different from mine but that doesn’t make any type of pick me up any less sweet.


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