Organic Faith

The days get so busy. I have to make “To Do” lists to get anything done it seems. I have to put “make  a To Do list” on my To Do list.  I know that everyone is busy. Busy, Busy, Busy.  I really dislike that word right now. So it really isn’t a surprise that I often put my faith and worship far down on that  list of things to do.  It’s always easier to get those tangible items crossed off my list in comparison to the items like ” trust God today”, or ” forgive others as the Lord forgave you today”.  How can I honestly cross that off my list? Thus, I typically tackle my laundry first.  When thinking about what to write in this blog, I realized that I struggled to even make time for THINKING about my faith. Now, this is messed up.  How can I let all the trivial, day-to-day tasks take priority over my relationship with God?  I can think of about 15 Bible versus that advise against doing just that.  So, here is the game plan.  My game plan, anyway. In effort to get my priorities straight, I need to start each day off in the right frame of mind. Tomorrow morning I am going to wake up 15 minutes earlier than I normally get up. Sounds CRAZY, right? I know, I can cry about the lack of sleep later, no time right now.  😉 With those 15 extra minutes, I plan to read the Bible. I will sit, read, think, pray, and absorb (hopefully!).  So that’s all for now. That’s a realistic change I can make to my day in effort to cut out the busy madness and focus on growing more in love with Christ each day.  I’ll let you know how it goes….

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