Organic Faith

The contributors to this blog are a group of young adult “professionals” in the same Bible study at a Presbyterian church in Norfolk, VA. We are just graduated, still searching for a job, have a job, going to graduate school Christians who all have something in common.  We are trying to figure out our role in society while discovering the true meaning of God’s love and His miracles.

The idea behind “Organic Faith” came to us one night when we were discussing lifestyle and our relationship with God.  It was a comparison between how, if one changes one’s diet to organic food and a healthier eating style, it can affect your body, your mood, etc.  Overall, you just feel better when you are not putting something processed in your body.  It is the same idea towards a relationship with God.  How much better do you feel when you are the one in a relationship with God, not you through your church.  Or learning about it from books written by Christians about their faith.  What if you stopped saying to yourself “I go to church so therefore I have a relationship with God.” Instead, it was just you and the Word. Or you being more aware of how He is affecting and changing your life.  How would your relationship with Him change?

So here is our journey with our faith.  Discoveries and disappointments included.  Here is how we are having a more organic faith.

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