On the Wings of Angels
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Wishing you a weekend of peace, joy, collaboration with all in you life. Listen to what you are feeling.  See beyond the surface of how things seem at a particular moment.  Finding purpose, and direction, in all that you do, […]

  Prayer of Peace Today the angels share with us a Prayer of Peace We pray the prayer of peace to our God and all in our Universe We ask that you hear our prayer, to help us to spread […]

  We all need reassurance at different times in our lives, about the choices we make each day, each hour. We need reassurance, about those close to us in our family that all are ok. And today the angels let […]

Happy Easter to All!! The angels message for us on this day: To enjoy the day, for those that celebrate this holiday.  To enjoy your preparations, of  the holiday and then the day its with the different traditions you share […]

The angels want to remind you that when you ask for guidance from your Guardian Angel, they are actually quite close to you.  They are just waiting for the invitation from you to ask for guidance.  They will help you […]

Lately there have been some world wide prayer gathering.  And I asked the angels about them   Today you will hear from two of the Archangels and tomorrow you will hear from two more concerning the effort we are all starting to […]

Dear Children, We want to share a prayer, that you can say to us when your week gets really busy and hectic /   A quick version for you to say as you are going through your day: Dear Angels […]

    There is a saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” * Think about that when you look at certain pictures what this may bring to you. How does it make you feel? What are the colors like? […]

  We ask you to be safe on the first night of the New Year 2016.  Celebrate with safety in mind and with the intention of helping all you are with to be safe also.  Letting go of the past […]

Merry Christmas to everyone!! The angels ask us to take note of the day, and the meaning that Christmas day has for so many, not only those who celebrate this day. The angels ask you to focus on the positive […]