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Wishing you a weekend of peace, joy, collaboration with all in you life. Listen to what you are feeling.  See beyond the surface of how things seem at a particular moment.  Finding purpose, and direction, in all that you do, […]

  Is there something on your mind? Or is there an issue you need to stay away from, Because others may be blind Listening to what you may be feeling Let the sadness be a way for you to feel […]

Wishing everyone a great holiday, for those in the USA We all want to be able to be free, in body mind and spirit.  We want to feel safe on all levels of our living, in relationships, making decisions, in […]

 May this day be magical for you in every way. Being in a place of receiving of all that comes to you and being grateful for what the day will reveal to you, will help you to keep alive, the […]

Have you ever gone into a room and felt that the energy is not all that healthy?  That you just don’t feel comfortable, and you mood had totally changed…  This is basically because you may be empathic and you sense […]

Archangel Raphael, shares with us, when life gets stressful, and a bit too much to deal with, that is the perfect time just breathe, consciously and take a moment to thank the universe for their support. Taking that time helps […]

Today has been Earth Day The angels remind us to remember to take care of our planet just as we help each other.   When every one does their part no matter how small, this helps Gaia immensely.  What can you […]

Spring is here and the angels encourage all to enjoy the warmer days, the beauty of what is out there and how nature is blossoming.  Go to your favorite spot and be grateful for the beauty you see. Know your […]

Archangel Chamuel has a message for everyone and their partner.  He is one of the Romance Angels and guides you in your love relationships. ” Open your hearts to the love surrounding your relationship, which is special to you both. […]

Stay safe during this weekend of travel and beginning of winter vacation, along with Valentine’s Day on Sunday the 14th.The angels ask you to take time for respite and to take time for family and friends as you enjoy each […]