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Wishing you a weekend of peace, joy, collaboration with all in you life. Listen to what you are feeling.  See beyond the surface of how things seem at a particular moment.  Finding purpose, and direction, in all that you do, […]

Have you noticed that each week the week gets a bit more difficult to keep the plans for the week? Like there seems to be some interruptions that are dire to attend too.  I know. I deal with that many […]

Todays message for Saturday, June 18th Creating your life can be so inspiring. We ask you to keep the momentum of what you wish for you, always. Know we help when you ask us . We want all that is […]

Archangel Gabriel spoke to me on focus, in an analogy that has to do with the game of baseball of all things.. He says, that when a player whose turn is up to  make a home run or get to […]

Spring is here and the angels encourage all to enjoy the warmer days, the beauty of what is out there and how nature is blossoming.  Go to your favorite spot and be grateful for the beauty you see. Know your […]

Dear Angels What can you speak to us about motivation today? Dear Children, It is certainly understandable that you may not feel motivated at times.  When asking about motivation, ask yourself, what is happening in your life that you may […]

Dear children, You have so many questions about so many things.  Many of you know the answers.  Follow through on what you know.  You will be glad you have done so. Love Archangel Michael  

Archangel Chamuel has a message for everyone and their partner.  He is one of the Romance Angels and guides you in your love relationships. ” Open your hearts to the love surrounding your relationship, which is special to you both. […]

As we had been talking about the snapshots of your life, this weekend take some time to take some snap shots the time you are having friends and family.  Enjoy the time for relaxation and doing things you enjoy doing […]

January 8th Did you have ever have dream and keep the dream totally to yourself. You would make a plan and make a bit of progress, and then forget your plan, because life got really busy.  Then a month later […]