On the Wings of Angels
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Wishing you a weekend of peace, joy, collaboration with all in you life. Listen to what you are feeling.  See beyond the surface of how things seem at a particular moment.  Finding purpose, and direction, in all that you do, […]

  Is there something on your mind? Or is there an issue you need to stay away from, Because others may be blind Listening to what you may be feeling Let the sadness be a way for you to feel […]

  Today the angels ask you count how many numbers show up at different times during the day. Numbers have messages too. Many of the messages in the numbers are full of Spiritual Messages.  Look for number sequences that seem […]

What is the most favorite place you want to visit today. Do you want to go with family or friends, or maybe alone?  Think of how you want to spend time in that favorite place.  Take some pictures, write about […]

Did you ever notice how an amusement park ride, can be a bit life.   Some are mediocre, with not too much action, some really slow, and not much action, and some of the rides are absolutely crazy and wild with […]

A prayer from your angels given to you, for when you are asking difficult questions.  You may feel you don’t have the answers you are looking for that moment.  The angels ask you to focus on the feelings you are […]

Wishing everyone a great holiday, for those in the USA We all want to be able to be free, in body mind and spirit.  We want to feel safe on all levels of our living, in relationships, making decisions, in […]

  July 1  Did you ever smell the earth after a torrential rainstorm? Did you ever see a butterfly land on a flower? And do the dance of going from one flower to another. Or what about when the bees […]

Dear Children, There is such wonderment throughout your world….. There is more than meets the eye. There is so much history and beauty on your small planet, each corner, each hemisphere, is totally different from the other. And each of […]

Today, as I was outside by the beach, and very involved in some writing at a picnic table, by the beach. Suddenly, a cute little squirrel climbed up to the top of the picnic table and starting moving toward me. […]