On the Wings of Angels

Did you ever notice how an amusement park ride, can be a bit life.   Some are mediocre, with not too much action, some really slow, and not much action, and some of the rides are absolutely crazy and wild with action.  We make the choices of what ride we want to be on..  The angels, particularly Archangel Michael is reminding us to be choosey, and to have the clarity of how much action, experience, or excitement in our life. Sometimes it could be a phase of the amount of action we may want in our life. And when we are aware of this, then it becomes your decision of how want to live your life. Your way.

Be the designer of your life in all that you do. Beware of your choices at all times. Understand too, that you always have choices.  Experience and make decisions for your life, in your own way. Honor your choices and all that you do.


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