On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It
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Let’s be honest. Life is good, bad, fun, terrible, beautiful and painful. Filmmaker Patrick Solomon reports he “struggled with hardship, suffered defeats…and tried to make sense of [his] world.” Seeing life through the lens of Joseph Campbell’s “hero’s journey” strengthened […]

Somewhere each day we have to fall in love with someone, something, some moment, event, phrase. Somehow each day we must allow the softening of the heart.  Otherwise our hearts will move inevitably toward hardness. We will move toward cynicism, […]

This post is a postscript to Finding Your Own Story.  Stories are the only enchantment possible for when we begin to see our suffering as a story, we are saved. -A. Nin diary 1943 I used to think life was […]

In my armed chair at my computer to write. I go inward seeking a flame…smoldering embers… a spark at least. Words to keep your heart and mine burning. My blog title is On Fire: finding your gift and using it! […]

Monday morning. The first day of the week brings fresh hopes and dreams. I imagine better, clearer ways to be true, to give the Gift entrusted to me. But there’s always something. I live on a mini-ranch. Letting the horses […]

There is a word that – keeps you down, – deepens your fears, – squelches your dreams and – hands you off to addictions and distractions—television, video games, shopping, wine, porn—ensuring you waste your life. The word is this: H […]