On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It
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To myself: You’re unproductive. You’re too emotional. Insecure. Scaredy-cat. Just push ahead, stupid! Look at Joe (or Susan). He gets after it every day. Steady outcomes. Can’t you be more like that? Just do it. Your work doesn’t really matter. […]

I made an illegal U-turn. Shortly thereafter a cop pulled up behind me and turned on his flashing lights. “I saw what I did as I was doing it,” I told him, owning up to my error before he accused […]

Have you stopped dreaming? You no longer: –Draw amazing possibilities in your imagination? –Invent solutions? –Craft new ways to communicate your idea? –Scheme work-arounds? –Imagine what your key relationships could be if you went back at it? –Wish for the […]

There is a word that – keeps you down, – deepens your fears, – squelches your dreams and – hands you off to addictions and distractions—television, video games, shopping, wine, porn—ensuring you waste your life. The word is this: H […]