On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It
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I fill my large Einstein Bagel coffee cup with vanilla hazelnut. The woman next to me mumbles, “I should know never to book anything before 10:00 o’clock on a Monday morning.” She explained she got lost on her way to […]

Every person has been created by God with a Gift to give for the bettering of mankind. This message—along with writing and teaching—is my Gift. This morning, upon waking, I pull my laptop onto the bed and open it to […]

I know regret. Really well. Open doors I walked through turned out to have ugly surprises—a contentious boss, a backstabbing friend, or a guy who just wanted to use me. A new city I thought was the pot at the […]

I made an illegal U-turn. Shortly thereafter a cop pulled up behind me and turned on his flashing lights. “I saw what I did as I was doing it,” I told him, owning up to my error before he accused […]

Are people ignoring you or being inconsiderate? Treating you like your input doesn’t matter, or you don’t even exist? Stop what you are doing right now and, instead, do your Work. Your Work–with a capital “W”–is the thing you were […]