On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It
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My elderly father succumbed to a stroke. Then bed bugs arrived in the house I just completed decorating. The creepy, blood-sucking insects infested again and again. Thirdly, a new friend turned postal…frightening me with her behavior.My world teetered dangerously out […]

You’ve heard the quotes. The minute you set your will to pursue your calling or some higher realm endeavor—art, a business venture, guitar lessons—Heaven comes to your aid. Doors mysteriously open. Synchronicity happens. The missing piece you need shows up. […]

I thought life would get easier. More under control. Finally the time would come when I could freely and happily do what was most important—give back to God by giving my Gift. But it didn’t happen—the part about life getting […]

It is morning. A new day, a fresh start. But the thoughts swirling in my mind are grey: I’m stuck. My new ideas are all used up. I’m a failure. How does he/she do it? How does he keep coming […]