On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It
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Perhaps you thought when you grew up you’d inherit your father’s business. Carrying on the family legacy would be your contribution to bettering the world. But it didn’t happen. Maybe you planned to be a wife and mom with a […]

Do you need a: Solution? Product? Book topic? Idea for a painting? Whole new chapter in your life? A guru or mountain retreat may help. However, on an ongoing basis, the #1 tool for creating something new is this: Openness. […]

Today—after a halfway-across-the-country move—I pick up my pen (otherwise known as my computer keyboard) and begin again. I’ve always wanted to write. Get good. Write important stuff. Become a writer people want to read. But I’ve done other work most […]

Usually it’s alpha mare bellowing and kicking alpha gelding. Not last night. The bellowing turned frantic. Man-Son flew out of bed and ran barefooted to the corral. He yelled to let the horses know he was there. Situation: a fog […]

Have you stopped dreaming? You no longer: –Draw amazing possibilities in your imagination? –Invent solutions? –Craft new ways to communicate your idea? –Scheme work-arounds? –Imagine what your key relationships could be if you went back at it? –Wish for the […]

It is morning. A new day, a fresh start. But the thoughts swirling in my mind are grey: I’m stuck. My new ideas are all used up. I’m a failure. How does he/she do it? How does he keep coming […]

My mother’s paperback fiction book is for sale on Consider this: she was 85-years-old when she published it, this was her first book, and she doesn’t use the Internet! We live in a very special world. Susan Boyle, an […]