On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It

I have a Gift. So do you.

My Gift could be described in a number of ways, but at its most basic level, it has to do with uncovering the uniqueness in people and helping them see it for themselves. I express this Gift unknowingly and knowingly, as in writing posts for this blog.

But every day I face a battle. Something blocks me…thwarts my ability to give freely, joyfully, unencumbered.

I’m at war with my Ego.

The problem with this embedded part of me is that its voice sounds so normal:

Be safe

Be included

Be superior, above others

Be applauded

Be clever, cool

Watch the pros and do it like they do

Be smart, intelligent and rational…unlike all the sniveling idiots who put airy-fairy stuff out there because they couldn’t come up with a workable idea if you paid them to…(Yes, my normal-sounding Ego also gets ugly…)

 Ego takes its place at the front line of my thinking and effectively strangles

Me—the real me—and

My Gift.

I enter the fray. Pick up my sword to slay that false, trumped up, robot-making force:

1) I “call out” Ego by identifying it.

2) Stop its voice and quiet my heart—that spirit part of me where the real me exists. That true, honest, God-loving, wish-to-be-helpful-to-people part.

3) Ego slithers away.

4) Faith arises. Belief that my Gift is from my Creator and He is pleasured by pushing it out to others through me.

Then new freedom.



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What about you–does your Ego get in your way?

How does it manifest itself?

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photo credit: teotwawki (creative commons)

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