On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It

It is morning. A new day, a fresh start. But the thoughts swirling in my mind are grey:

I’m stuck.

My new ideas are all used up.

I’m a failure.

How does he/she do it? How does he keep coming up with great stuff?

Life sucks.

 I’ve fallen into a black hole of:

I must take control of myself and my life.

If I work hard I will become important.

The answer, the “secret,” is out there if I just keep looking for it.

I get what I deserve. The outcome is up to me.

Untruths. All.

 The truth is:

There is a Source from which all good comes;

That Source is God—not me.

God created me to create…

And wishes to push His wild—loving—genius out to others through me.

I just need to do one thing: Get ME–my ego, fears, pride, control, angst—out of the way.

When I stop focusing on mySELF;

let go of the outcome; and

relax into God and His love…

…immediately fresh inspiration—creativity—energy—seeps out of me. It’s as natural as breathing.


I am back in the flow.

– – – – –

What about you—what hinders flow?

What restores it?

 – – – – –

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Photo credit: Shakespearesmonkey (creative commons)

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