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Podcast: Dealing with Anger Pt. 2 with Ethan Nichtern

posted by Patrick Groneman

The Buddhist philosophical and psychological teachings include in-depth instructions on the destructive power of anger, as well as the possibility of channeling it to unvail insight and compassion. This three part series focuses on an understanding of what anger is […]


The Buddha is My DJ

posted by Jerry Kolber

Scott Mitchell is a Shin Buddhist practicioner and scholar from Oakland, CA, with a Doctorate in Buddhist Studies. He’s the co-host of the podcast The Dharma Realm (with Rev. Harry Bridge) and also runs his own excellent Buddhist blog The […]


The Weather Outside is Frightful

posted by Evelyn Cash

by Evelyn Cash I returned home from retreat last week, feeling very cheerful and very Zen only to be literally smacked in the face by the first winter storm of the year.  The solstice may not yet be upon us […]


Recite the Heart Sutra Three Times and Watch This

posted by Patrick Groneman

Link to Heart Sutra

Going on Retreat, Leaving the iPhone

posted by Evelyn Cash

In one week, I’ll be heading to the Atlanta Soto Zen Centerto sit my first 7 day retreat in honor of Rohatsu, the Japanese Buddhistholiday commemorating the Buddha’s enlightenment.  My plan is to pack light, no checked luggage,just a backpack […]

“Getting To Yes” – Unintentionally Mindful?

posted by Stillman Brown

By Stillman Brown I had a fight with a close friend last week, one of those wrenching, existential blowouts where you argue each other in to a kind of hysteria of extreme positions and begin asking yourself, “who is this […]

Back to the Basics: The Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path

posted by Evelyn Cash

By Evelyn Cash Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking a step back and revisiting some of the very basic teachings of the Buddha.  I think it can be helpful from time to time to go back and reconsider […]

Shopping For a Spiritual Practice: Intro to Zen

posted by Patrick Groneman

by Patrick Groneman Last weekend I continued my search for a spiritual practice by taking part in the Zen Mountain Monastery’s “Intro to Zen Training” Retreat, a weekend toe dipping into the Mountain and Rivers Order manifestation of Soto and […]

Building and safeguarding Buddhism in the West

posted by Greg Zwahlen

by Greg Zwahlen  People study meditation and Buddhism for all sorts of reasons, with varying levels of interest. That said, it seems safe to say that the vast majority have modest aspirations for it, modest levels of interest in it, […]

Adventures in Comparing Mind

posted by Evelyn Cash

by Evelyn Cash I was voted “most competitive” in my high school senior yearbook. I would get a 95% on a physics test and be happy with it until I saw that a friend of mine got a 97%. I […]

Podcast: Guest Lecture – “Deep Abiding Change” with Purna Steinitz

posted by Patrick Groneman

“It is useless to try to willfully change ourselves. We are much too entrenched in our own habitual patterns and in maintaining physical and psychological survival. In fact, sometimes the more we focus on trying to change ourselves, the more […]

Podcast: Natural Wakefulness with Juan Carlos Castro

posted by Patrick Groneman

“Wakefulness is our natural state: enlightened, complete, perfect in wisdom and compassion. It’s not something outside ourselves that we need to attain or become. But it’s also true that some effort is required to get in touch with it–and that […]

Enlightenment without retreat?

posted by Davee Evans

by Davee Evans How about a year off? NY designer Stefan Sagmeister does this every seven years. He shuts his design firm, and heads off to work on personal projects for creative renewal. Watch his views on taking time off […]

Learning to Sit Down and Shut Up

posted by Evelyn Cash

The truth is, I’m an accidental Soto Zen Buddhist.  When I initially learned to meditate, I had little interest in sticking to any particular tradition.  I liked to call myself a “non-denominational” Buddhist and didn’t really see a need to […]

Letterman. Mitterrand. What about your guru?

posted by Davee Evans

from Davee Evans Sex is in the news again, surprise surprise. I’m hearing nightly about David Letterman‘s confession of romantic affairs, and recently rehashing Frederic Mitterrand‘s prior sexual purchases as well. The latter, according to the AP, stemming from his […]

Buddhism is Not A Religion Part 3: The Truth Shall Set You Free

posted by Jerry Kolber

Jerry Kolber is an award-winning film and TV producer and writer and is on the board of directors of The Interdependence Project.  Past projects include Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, The Eden Myth, and Inked.  Upcoming projects include Bank […]

The Comfort of Wherever You Are

posted by Stillman Brown

by Stillman Brown I wasn’t able to make it to last night’s Heartcore Dharma class on “Aspiring and Entering Bodhicitta,” so I thought I’d blog about something more personal. Several weeks ago, the partner of a good friend of mine was […]

Buddhism is Not A Religion Pt. 1: Buddhists on a Plane

posted by Jerry Kolber

In today’s post I’m going to continue explaining why Buddhism, despite there being religious organizations called Buddhism, is not inherently a religion and is a technique and way of living that is applicable to anyone, EVEN IF they choose to […]

Podcast: Reflections on 21st Century Dharma with Ethan Nichtern, Julia May Jonas and The Buddhist Geeks

posted by Patrick Groneman

One City Bloggers Ethan Nichtern and Julia May Jonas recently teamed up with Buddhist Geeks Vince Horn and Ryan Oelke to discuss the state of the Dharma in the 21st Century.   Some of you may remember Vince’s guest post on […]

The Branding of Buddhism

posted by Jerry Kolber

One thing that the Buddhist community doesn’t seem to think about very much is branding.  Gasp! Branding and Buddhism? I’m sure some Buddhists would find this hideously inappropriate, and they may be right.  But, following up on my post two […]

Top Five Method’s for Having an Awesome Retreat

posted by Patrick Groneman

A few weeks ago I wrote about how amazing my first week long meditation retreat was.   What I didn’t mention was the extra helpful advice about retreat practice I got in the form of a handwritten note from my friend […]

I Am (Not) The Blue Cheese

posted by Emily Herzlin

This past weekend I went to a homecoming party for a friend who I haven’t seen in about a year. Seeing this friend for the first time in such a long time brought up some things that made me think […]

5 Reasons My Dharma is Better Than Your Dharma

posted by Jerry Kolber

I’ve been putting this off for a while, but since yesterday’s conversation here with Buddhist Geeks Vince Horn pretty much started a blazing meteor shower of comments, it’s time to come out and say it – my dharma is better […]

Buddhism is The Greatest Religion in the World, If It Was A Religion

posted by Jerry Kolber

My post Freedom From Religion: Buddhism Wins Best Religion in the World Award last week set off quite a stir around these here ‘nets. Over at Paramita they offer to send an 11 month old girl to pick up the […]

T?ran?tha on Padmasambhava’s lotus-birth

posted by Greg Zwahlen

According to Tibetan tradition, the eighth-century yogin Padmasambhava was born as an eight-year-old child on a lotus blossom in Lake Dhanakosha. His name, in fact, literally means “Lotus Born.” This is what the early 17th-century Tibetan historian T?ran?tha had to […]

Buddhism, Meditation, Psychology, and Therapy

posted by Ethan Nichtern

Are you interested in Buddhist meditation and its link to psychology, therapy, healing arts, and a contemporary understanding of the mind? What might Carl Jung say about Buddhism or guided meditation? Would Pema Chodron and Freud get into a ballroom […]

Are You Sure?

I was craving a little dharma reading the other day and picked Thich Nhat Hanh’s Teachings on Love off my book shelf. I’ve also recently started dating someone, so I thought it might provide a little preventative care and help […]

Podcast: “Understanding Karma” with Crystal Gandrud

posted by Patrick Groneman

This week on the ID Project Podcast Crystal Gandrud takes us past many of the common misconceptions surrounding the Buddhist Definition of Karma to a deeper understanding that reveals important connections between the concepts of interdependence, non-self and Karma. You […]

Podcast: “Space is Grace” with Jessica Rasp

posted by Patrick Groneman

Inspired by reading the life story of Yogi Ransuratkumar and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche‘s “Shambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior“, Jessica Rasp takes us on a journey into an insight from a recent solitary retreat, encapsulated in the phrase “Space is […]

Dharma Discourse: Plato

posted by Paul Griffin

Teacher: What’s on your mind?Student: Well, many things.T: What would you like to talk about?S: The view.  I would like to talk about the view. T:  Okay.S:  You see, I studied a lot of Western philosophy in college, so whenever […]

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