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I’ve never been so shocked by someone unveiling a cake to me as I was when last Friday my girlfriend Jen showed me the special Mandala Birthday cake she made for me. It was a delicious as it looks.  May […]

Last week I didn’t post because my computer broke.  It’s fixed now.  I won’t go into details – talking about your computer breakdown/revival is like telling someone your dream, extremely interesting for you, extremely boring for them.  However last week, […]

I’ve been putting this off for a while, but since yesterday’s conversation here with Buddhist Geeks Vince Horn pretty much started a blazing meteor shower of comments, it’s time to come out and say it – my dharma is better […]

My favorite aspects of Buddhism were not brought forth by SickestBuddhistgate and the winding rhetoric of comments that followed.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy getting down with analysis.  I do. But I’m not fond of when awareness practitioners […]

I’m practicing lovingkindness meditation as part of Hardcore Dharma’s investigation of three specific meditation practices. Specifically, I’ve been following the very explicit directions in Sharon Salzburg‘s* classic book, Lovingkindness. But I’ve been applying them to baseball. Specifically, the New York […]

This is a story about my friend Jenny. Jenny and I attended the Tuesday night gathering at the New York Shambhala center. Jenny’s new to Buddhism – this was the second Shambhala talk she’d ever attended.  My normal tendency would […]

Did you know that: Online Dating may make people feel overwhelmed by too many options?  and Exercise provides stress relief?andKids like their dad’s aroundandStudents benefit from tutoring?and Soda is bad for you?andSo it smoking?andToo much porn? Did you know that? […]

My experience of meditation lately feels like this: 1. Stabilize on breath.  Having been doing lots of work on concentration lately, I feel like I’m getting to the point where instead of trying to pin down my attention on the breath, […]

Before the Buddha became all Bodhi, he did Shamatha and sustained Samadhi.  But much like Einstein took Newtonian physics one step further or the Beatles improved on Elvis, the Buddha saw that something good could be made better.  The problem […]

Here’s a story. My mother is a retired church organist and choir director.  Growing up, my participation in religious life was fairly required.  When I was about ten or eleven, the church had a charismatic youth minister, a wiry, fierce, Princeton-seminary-educated […]