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by Greg Zwahlen In our What are the Suttas? study course last Saturday at the IDP New York City center, we had a look at a translation from Pali of the Satipatthana Sutta, and a session of meditation practice based on the instructions […]

by Greg Zwahlen Let’s say you’re interested in discerning which teachings can most reliably be attributed to  ??kyamuni Buddha, the historical man. Seems reasonable enough–after all, it’s been a primary concern of Buddhists and scholars over the last two hundred years. You’re […]

By Stillman Brown This Monday was the last meeting of fall Heartcore Dharma class series. We met, meditated, and had a discussion, after which most of the class adjourned to the East Village for cheap (and somewhat flavorless) Indian food […]

By Evelyn Cash Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking a step back and revisiting some of the very basic teachings of the Buddha.  I think it can be helpful from time to time to go back and reconsider […]

by Greg Zwahlen  People study meditation and Buddhism for all sorts of reasons, with varying levels of interest. That said, it seems safe to say that the vast majority have modest aspirations for it, modest levels of interest in it, […]

by Greg Zwahlen If you’ve received meditation instruction at a Shambhala center, or at an Insight Meditation Center, a zendo, or the ID project, the very first thing you probably learned was that it is possible to look directly into […]

By Stillman Brown This week’s Heartcore Dharma discussion at the I.D. Project ended with a short contemplative meditation and discussion led by Juan-Carlos on the Lojong slogan of the week: Always Maintain Only a Joyful Mind This particular slogan, and […]

by Jerry Kolber I am going to continue exploring where I left off last week with my question:  is Buddhism a religion or a way to approach living?  The ONLY reason I think this question matters is that the ideas […]

by Greg Zwahlen Over the last few days our friend Waylon Lewis, editor at elephant journal, blogged about allegations he had recently discovered about Chogyam Trungpa. Waylon was convinced they were false, and suggested that a reference to it on Wikipedia, be deleted […]

“We can practice as Bodhisattvas in one moment and practice as devils in the next moment…We can have characteristics of the Bodhisattva at any time.”  -Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara Last night saw the launch of a new Heartcore Dharma Ongoing […]