One City

A friend recently brought this to my attention: recent studies are claiming that drinking your coffee from a styrofoam cup may actually be better for the environment than a reusable ceramic mug. Really? Styrofoam? What do you think of these […]

A short while ago I was driving down the road and was abruptly cut off by a man in a large cowboy hat. He was driving a red GMC truck with Alaska plates. It was the biggest car on the […]

I miss my paternal grandparents. They were fantastic. I spent a lot of time with them growing up. Perhaps that’s why I have such a special fondness for the Greatest Generation. My super cool grandfather back in the day: Members […]

Ethan talks a lot about interdependence at what might be called the macro level, for example, in terms of food production and consumption. So what’s the micro level? Have you ever noticed that people pick up the attitudes, preferences and […]

On Monday night Steven, Kevin and I attended the forum, “Solving the Plastic Bag Dilemma: Is Portland Behind?” held at City Hall and hosted by the Recycling Advocates. I was surprised by the number and variety of people in the […]

Cassie’s cute kid videos remind me of a random act of kindness I heard about a few weeks ago via the internet. A four-year-old girl who was heartbroken over the death of her dog wrote the following letter (with help […]

At tonight’s ID Project Portland meeting Davee Evans wrapped up his month long series of talks about how our meditation practice influences our consumption choices. During the discussion the inevitable issue of plastic bags came up. We all agreed that […]

Well, as cassmaster said, we’ve been chatting via email about our mutual interest in that thing we’re not supposed to talk about in America: the class system and the myth of meritocracy. So I’ll follow up her post on this […]

I watched a 20-minute video today called The Story of Stuff about American consumption habits and how they affect our lives and the world. It’s fast paced, designed to be amusing and easy to digest, and packs a lot of […]

Greetings from The ID Project Portland. Now that it’s Low Impact Consumption month, I wanted to find out the status of super-cool Portland City Commissioner and Mayor-Elect Sam Adams‘ proposed ban on plastic bags, which got a decent amount of […]