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Patrick Groneman is the Assistant Director of the Interdependence Project, co-founder of the multi-media collective Wunderkrafthaus, and aspiring virtual cosmonaut. He studied Painting and Video at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and currently lives in Virtual Brooklyn, NY

by Patrick Groneman I too, was lucky enough to get tickets to see a very timely talk by Zen Monk Thich Nhat Hanh today in New York City.  He spoke of the importance of building peaceful and compassionate communities, just […]

by Patrick Groneman The top thinkers in the world of Future Study, Transhumanism and advanced computer programming recently descended upon the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan for the Singularity Conference to discuss all things Artificial Intelligence.  The question on everyone’s […]

Jay-Z ‘s got ’99 problems’ but a stanky yoga mat ain’t one. Jay’s been opening for the UK based band Coldplay the past month and has noticed the flexible on stage presence of Lead Singer Chris Martin: ‘Chris hasn’t tried […]

Today is The International Day of Peace! The Karmapa recently shared one of his methods for avoiding aggression … by playing video games! “All of us have emotions, happy emotions, sad emotions, displeased emotions and we need to figure out […]

One City Bloggers Ethan Nichtern and Julia May Jonas recently teamed up with Buddhist Geeks Vince Horn and Ryan Oelke to discuss the state of the Dharma in the 21st Century.   Some of you may remember Vince’s guest post on […]

A few months ago Triumurti community founder Purna Steinitz delivered a rare public talk at the IDP on the topic of practice in relationships.  Since then “Crushed by Love” has been one of the most downloaded episodes of the IDP […]

A recent Boston Globe article points to a trend of young adults turning to Meditation as a means of dealing with the speed up of life that comes from becoming an adult in the age of the internet: “At a […]

A few weeks ago I wrote about how amazing my first week long meditation retreat was.   What I didn’t mention was the extra helpful advice about retreat practice I got in the form of a handwritten note from my friend […]

I’ve never been so shocked by someone unveiling a cake to me as I was when last Friday my girlfriend Jen showed me the special Mandala Birthday cake she made for me. It was a delicious as it looks.  May […]

“Let the greatness infuse every detail” – Michael Carroll This week on the ID Project Podcast we have Part 2 of a very lively Guest Lecture by Michael Carroll.   Michael is author of Awake at Work and The Mindful Leader […]