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Kirsten Firminger is a Doctoral Candidate in Social Psychology. Her dissertation research focuses on individuals who have voluntary chosen to reduce their consumption levels (aka the amount of stuff that they buy). Her research interests center on understanding the processes of social and behavioral change.

Ted Kennedy died late last night. He spent his career fighting to get health care coverage for all. May his legacy be completed by passing real health care reform in the coming months as a fitting tribute to him.

Kirsten & her very enthusiastic husband getting ready to ride another roller coaster My husband is what you would call a roller coaster enthusiast. By the end of this roller coaster riding season, he will have ridden 218 different roller […]

Photo courtesy of Kirsten FirmingerIn a new research article being published in this month’s Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Dr. Alan Kristal and colleagues found that people who eat mindfully (defined as those were aware of why they ate […]

As reported by the Mercury News, Project Kaisei researchers have sailed to collect data about the Great Pacific Garbage patch (or plastic vortex), which is created by plastic debris and other trash brought together by ocean currents. Some scientists estimate […]

The Deep Ecology movement has suffered two big losses this year with the passing of Arne Næss in January and Bill Devall at the end of June. It led me to delve more into the writings and the history of […]

I ran into this courtesy of the unconsumption blog. It is a video called La Victoire sur les Sachets, or victory on the plastics bags. It is a short film of an African community where plastic bags are transformed from […]

It may not be the new Harry Potter movie, but I’m still very excited to share with you some of the video footage that resulted from IDP‘s highly successful Back to the Sack day of action which was one of […]

Global warming is a serious thing. There is much that needs to be done – so much, that it is hard to even know where to start. Everyday I learn about something new that needs to be fixed. Another crisis […]

It is official. With the Minnesota Supreme Court ruling in favor of Al Franken, the Democrats will have reached the filibuster-proof magical number of 60 senate seats. Franken will likely be sworn in early next week in time to jump […]

This year at the Burning Man Project, a 20 foot bunny is going to seek enlightenment. How do I know this? Well, last year I contributed a leaf to a New York based multi-media art project I thought was cool […]