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Jerry Kolber is grateful for the teachings of Buddhism and daily meditation practice.

by Jerry Kolber What the hell happened to health care reform? It turns out that not only is Barack Obama not some sort of savior, messiah, or angel, as his post-election pre-office halo seemed to suggest, he is also not […]

Jerry Kolber is a writer, filmmaker and television producer based in New York City. His personal site is at and you can follow him on Twitter. Past projects include Inked and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and he […]

Jerry Kolber is an award-winning film and TV producer and writer and is on the board of directors of The Interdependence Project.  Past projects include Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, The Eden Myth, and Inked.  Upcoming projects include Bank […]

by Jerry Kolber I am going to continue exploring where I left off last week with my question:  is Buddhism a religion or a way to approach living?  The ONLY reason I think this question matters is that the ideas […]

In today’s post I’m going to continue explaining why Buddhism, despite there being religious organizations called Buddhism, is not inherently a religion and is a technique and way of living that is applicable to anyone, EVEN IF they choose to […]

One thing that the Buddhist community doesn’t seem to think about very much is branding.  Gasp! Branding and Buddhism? I’m sure some Buddhists would find this hideously inappropriate, and they may be right.  But, following up on my post two […]

This week’s entry began as a long angry article about the scarcity-and-fear-based argument against universal health care and making sure that all humans in the United States are able to be healthy.  It ended as a western-form Haiku that would […]

I recently noticed that the “For Dummies” franchise had a book called “Buddhism for Dummies”.  This made me laugh. Buddhism is a philosophy (and, in some areas of the world, a religion) full of deep-sounding expressions, lots of quiet time […]

I wake up early every morning, meditate, make coffee, write a bit and usually check out a few sites online. Besides the Interdependence Project One City blog, which I humbly submit manages to have a more relevant, lively, and consistent […]

I’ve been putting this off for a while, but since yesterday’s conversation here with Buddhist Geeks Vince Horn pretty much started a blazing meteor shower of comments, it’s time to come out and say it – my dharma is better […]