One City

Julia May Jonas writes, directs and performs throughout New York City and the world wide web under the auspices of her company, Nellie Tinder. Nellie Tinder is Art. Appropriate & Instructive.

Here’s a story. My mother is a retired church organist and choir director.  Growing up, my participation in religious life was fairly required.  When I was about ten or eleven, the church had a charismatic youth minister, a wiry, fierce, Princeton-seminary-educated […]

Pina Bausch died Tuesday, five short days following her cancer diagnosis. German choreographer bad-ass, founder of the groundbreaking company Tanztheater, and one the most beloved dance innovators of my generation, Pina Bausch’s death is a shock.  

Last night marked the commencement of the Interdependence Project’s Hardcore Dharma summer session.  We settled our balances, met our neighbor and talked about our intentions.  Ethan Nichtern, founder of the ID Project and general man about town, introduced the class […]

Hi Guys. My “sleep hygiene” has been terrible this week – the equivalent of brushing my teeth with dirt.  The computer is changing colors on me and my head is bobbing like a blind man at a piano.  I can’t […]

  True/False/Cannot Say Folks really love Obama: True Folks really love PETA:  False Obama kills fly: True PETA complains: True  

Darren Littlejohn recently published a book titled, The 12 Step Buddhist: Enhance Recovery from any Addiction, a Buddhist take on the Twelve Step addiction recovery method.  As Darren’s article on Beliefnet iterates, “from a Buddhist perspective of attachment, we’re all […]

The typical conception of a spiritual person’s home is a minimalist abode painted with soft, calming colors.  The tipple of a small fountain, the shadow of a bonsai tree, hemp fabrics, lightly sounding gongs, African throat singing music, ethnic cushions, […]

  JD Salinger is suing pseudonymous John David California for penning an unauthorized sequel to Catcher in the Rye.  The 90-year-old reclusive author, currently living in New Hampshire, objects to California’s projection in which Holden Caulfield, at 76 years old, […]

    Hi Kate Moss! I hear you’re converting to Buddhism!  I’m not sure what “converting” means, but that’s cool.  Welcome.  I think your designs for Topshop are nice.  Maybe you could get Johnny Depp to come to some dharma […]

A couple of months ago I was tripping about blithely with my gentleman friend in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn when the stream of conversation turned, as it invariably does, to the mental causality of the cruel mistress called Internet.  “You know,” I […]