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Greg Zwahlen began practicing meditation and studying Buddhism in 2000 and joined the ID Project at its inception in 2005. He lives in New York City, where he is also a member of the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York. He has undertaken advanced study over the past few years at the Rime Shedra Rime of New York City, the Mipham Academy under Khenpo Gawang, and the Nitartha Institute for Higher Buddhist Studies.

by Greg Zwahlen Foreign Policy published an article not long ago by Wen Liao called Why the Dalai Lama Needs to Get Real.  Liao writes: Advocates of Tibetan rights are disappointed that Barack Obama has chosen not to meet with the […]

by Greg Zwahlen The US News and World Report God and Country blog reported last week that a recent Trinity College survey found that in the next twenty years, the percentage of Americans who report “no religion” may increase from […]

by Greg Zwahlen Over the last few days our friend Waylon Lewis, editor at elephant journal, blogged about allegations he had recently discovered about Chogyam Trungpa. Waylon was convinced they were false, and suggested that a reference to it on Wikipedia, be deleted […]

Time magazine, along with a number of other news outlets, ran a profile recently about a program called “Warrior Mind Training” being used by the U.S. Army to “train its 1.1 million soldiers in the art of mental toughness.” The Defense […]

If you’re in New York City tonight and would like to commemorate 9-11 in a Buddhist fashion, Rev. T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki will be releasing paper lanterns off of Pier 40. The Reuters FaithWorld blog has the story. I’ve always found the […]

In the Times “On Religion” blog this weekend was an article about a young Sikh group that meets in Manhattan. It was described as “a Sikh version of what religion scholars call the emergent movement, a growing trend toward small, nimble, […]

An interesting piece by Robert Wright about his first experience with a Vipassana retreat, and his anticipation of the second one he will shortly undertake. .  . . I attended my first and only silent meditation retreat. It was just […]

I’ve never done anything like this . . .  

According to Tibetan tradition, the eighth-century yogin Padmasambhava was born as an eight-year-old child on a lotus blossom in Lake Dhanakosha. His name, in fact, literally means “Lotus Born.” This is what the early 17th-century Tibetan historian T?ran?tha had to […]

Recently the New York Times “Happy Days” blog ran a piece by Tim Kreider, who was stabbed in the throat fourteen years ago. He writes: After my unsuccessful murder I wasn’t unhappy for an entire year. . . . I’m […]