One City

Ethan Nichtern is the author of the acclaimed book One City: A Declaration of Interdependence (Wisdom Publications, 2007) and is currently finishing a novel. His writing has been featured in numerous print and online publications. He is the founding director of the Interdependence Project and the host of the I.D. Project’s popular weekly podcast (available on iTunes). He is currently on the part-time faculty of Eugene Lang College at New School University in NYC, where he teaches Buddhism. Ethan lectures regularly at universities and venues around the country on Buddhism, meditation, contemporary culture, and activism.

by Ethan Nichtern I thought this was a good patriotic quote for Veterans Day: For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time: Hatred ceases by love alone, this is an eternal law. -The DhammapadaSayings of the Buddha My […]

by Ethan Nichtern This is the last installment of “Why We Meditate” before the 24 Hour Meditation Marathon. On Friday and Saturday, the Buddhist-inspired Interdependence Project (which creates this blog for your education and/or amusement) will be hosting our largest […]

by Ethan Nichtern This Friday 7pm, Until Saturday 7pm, The Interdependence Project is putting on what promises to be a very cool event. We are meditating, as a group, for 24 hours straight, in the storefront windows of this place, […]

by Rosemary McGinn I’ve always wanted to eavesdrop on a conversation between Siddhartha Gautama and Bill Wilson (the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous). I think they’d get along great: Both of these men found paths out of suffering in their own […]

posted by Ethan NichternWhat better time than All-Hallows’-Eve for halloween quotes about fear and fearlessness? What better teacher than Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche. Happy Halloween everyone! Go to the places that scare you, homies. (ugly Golden Buddha costume from – […]

by Ethan Nichtern From the “Never-Thought-I’d-See-The-Day” Department, Hip Hop Legend and Wu Tang Clan charter member, The RZA, was interviewed about Buddhism, Right Speech and the Heart Sutra for the Shambhala Sun blog by my good friend Rod Meade Sperry. […]

by Ethan Nichtern On November 6 & 7, the Buddhist-inspired Interdependence Project (which creates this blog for your education and/or amusement) will be hosting our largest fundraiser and event to date in the form of a 24- hour Meditation Marathon […]

By Melissa Kirsch I recently developed a mild but irksome case of writer’s block. I dreamed someone important in my career had built me a tightrope.  I like when dreams are so explicit as to require a minimum of parsing: […]

by Ethan Nichtern Greetings from the Shambhala Sangha Retreat in gorgeous Vermont, where I am acting as a meditation instructor under the awesome mind-heart training, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the coolest Buddhist teacher this side of the Himalayas, in my humble […]

by Jon Rubinstein I’m a talent and literary manager. Recently, a problem was brought to my attention regarding an upcoming release. So we all got on the phone–movie studio executives, publicists, agents, and myself–to discuss the situation and see if […]