One City

Emily Herzlin graduated New York University with a B.A. in Dramatic Literature and Creative Writing in 2008. She is a freelance writer for the Women’s International Perspective, and her writing has been published in Sentient City, the ID Project’s online literary magazine. Emily is also a playwright and winner of the Young Playwrights Inc. National Playwrighting Competition for her one-act play “Assemblage.” Her writing is influenced by art, artists, psychology, and spirituality. She has run drama and arts workshops in schools in NYC and Long Island, and teaches children with autism. Emily is working on her M.F.A. in Creative Nonfiction at Columbia University School of the Arts. Emily has been attending classes and workshops at the ID Project since 2005.

For many theatre devotees, this past Sunday was the dramatic equivalent of the Superbowl – the Tony Awards. When I was younger I got so excited for the evening and watched it on TV with my family, but in past […]

On Monday June 1st, Nebraska banned smoking in most public indoor places, and Japan also banned smoking on limited and express trains on Japan Railway Group. In May, North Carolina and Michigan banned smoking in public places. LA County plans […]

The train clamored on down past 86th Street. The weather had finally started to clear up after a long stint of rainy days and yet I had chosen to take the subway rather than the more scenic bus to get […]

So apparently, after 12 fantastic years, I am no longer #1. “Emily” has lost its spot as the most popular name for girls. Now it’s Emma. Whatever.

Recently I’ve found myself with the urge to take better care of myself. Eating healthier, exercising more, going to bed earlier, sticking to my meditation practice. I’m not worrying about catching the swine flu, this isn’t a totally neurotic thing. […]

On Monday, April 27, 2009 I closed the NASDAQ – yes, that’s right. Y’all can thank little ol’ me for stopping the American economy’s losses in stocks that day. Why did I get to go to the NASDAQ? Because I’m […]

Maureen Dowd’s last article in Sunday’s Times got me thinking… We all know it’s great to eat locally grown food and to cook your own meals, and I wonder: Are restaurants bad for the environment? I did some research and […]

An Imagined Dialogue about Passover Characters: MOSES and EMILY (AKA Emily Herzlin) Please note: I am not schizophrenic, just a little bit eccentric. This is what happens when I let my inner dialogue play out. Or maybe I’ve just been […]

Last year at my dad’s Passover seder, I made more than my fair share of comments about how out of touch I felt the Haggadah we were using was. For the non-Jewish Buddhists out there, a Haggadah is the special […]

I started reading this book, The Couch and the Tree: Dialogues in Psychoanalysis and Buddhism, edited by Anthony Molino. It is a compilation of essays, the first of which is titled “Psychology in Primitive Buddhism,” by Joe Tom Sun, published […]