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by Paul Griffin In honor of Jessica Rasp‘s new four-week-long course on the 14th century mystic poet Hafiz, I’d like to share a Hafiz poem today on the ol’ blog.  Hafiz is similar to the more well-know Sufi poet Rumi.  […]

by Ellen Scordato On a recent visit to San Francisco, I visited the Japanese Tea Garden and ran into this wonderful bronze buddha statue. photo courtesy mark rifkin/ There really was something that struck me about this statue at that […]

Link to Heart Sutra

by Jerry Kolber. Follow Jerry on Twitter. Ethan mentioned Heifer International here on the blog a few days ago and I’ve been reading more about this fantastic organization. I wanted to offer a little more insight as to why Heifer […]

by Paul Griffin My partner Erin and I had a baby girl six months ago, and largely because of little Iris’s existence I’ve had more trouble getting to the cushion recently than in all my seven or so years of […]

by Greg Zwahlen Lately I’ve been reading Tibeto-logic, a fascinating and helpful blog by scholar Dan Martin. It was there that I discovered this interesting interview with Prof. Paul Harrison, one of the world’s leading scholars of Mahayana sutras.  

by Ethan Nichtern(for more information on the Interdependence Project, visit I’ll admit it, I’ve been listening to Lady Gaga this last week. Her new album The Fame Monster is out today. Call it a Bad Romance, and call me […]

by Davee Evans When I saw this clock created by artist Bertrand Planes, I thought every Buddhist household needs one. I’d put mine right by the door, so I couldn’t miss it as I left for work each morning. It’s […]

by Paul Griffin The tantric teachings on the subtle or energetic body were an aspect of the dharma to which I responded very strongly when I first discovered Buddhism.  Why?  Two reasons.  First, I found that I basically lived my […]

Volunteer (and One City blogger) Paul Griffin with the streets to himself at dawn By Stillman Brown For 24 hours last Friday and Saturday volunteers from the ID Project sat in the large display windows at ABC Carpet & Home […]