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by Jerry Kolber Jerry is a writer and producer of film and TV based in NYC. His site about how to cook cheap delicious organic meals is at’s hard to believe in Judaism and also believe in Christianity, but […]

by Ethan Nichtern This Friday 7pm, Until Saturday 7pm, The Interdependence Project is putting on what promises to be a very cool event. We are meditating, as a group, for 24 hours straight, in the storefront windows of this place, […]

Closely following on Greg Zwahlen’s excellent post, “Why I am not a Tibetan Buddhist ” with its thoughtful look at the panorama of Buddhist traditions available to practitioners in the USA today comes Meditate NYC, an opportunity to sample the […]

By Kirsten Firminger One of my favorite magazines, GOOD, put up this great video looking at the intersection of green job creation, what happened to some of the federal stimulus money, helping the environment through reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and […]