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Joe_Wilson_South_Carolina.jpgYou Lie,” Obama.
Would any congressman dare to disrespect President Bush this way, even though he
actually lied in front of congress many times? Hey guys, remember WMD? I can’t imagine so. Joe Wilson of South Carolina called the president a liar, and well, the President was actually and factually telling the truth about immigrants in his health care plan. And Lindsey Graham was not so nice either, in his quasi-something statement meant to further a destructive and distractive narrative.

Check out this rebuttal site taking the intertoobs by storm, Joe Wilson is Your Preexisting Condition.

Warning, the site certainly does not qualify as right speech. Not even close. It does, however, qualify as a snarkalicious and funny rebuttal to a tactical (Hey Joe, Thanks for the distraction from discussing Health Care Reform! You guys are really good at taking our minds off of anything that matter!) and pre-meditated version of very wrong speech.

So, for the Buddhist ethical question of the day: Is wrong speech ever right? What if you are speaking in an arena where no speech is genuine, all speech is tactical? What if you know the person you are talking to has very little interest in right speech?

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