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A question for meditators and yoga practitioners:

As a meditator, I’ve wanted to get into yoga for a long time
now. I finally went to my first real yoga class at OM Yoga, a center located
near Union Square in New York City. I’m happy to report that I loved it! Since
the class I’ve been paying more attention to my posture in general, and I’ve aware
that I am a horrible sloucher. When I call my attention to this as I’m walking
down the street and remind myself to stand up straight, I immediately feel more
confident and open. (Photo courtesy of  New York Magazine) 

 I’d rather not keep projecting this….badposture.jpg 

Does anyone have any advice for a newcomer to yoga? How do I
avoid injuries/muscle pain? Or should I expect a certain amount of muscle pain
at the beginning?

Do you continue to take yoga classes, or do you have your
own personal yoga practice at home? Or both?

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