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Question of the Day: I came across this interesting piece about the 2009 MTV VMA’s last night: Kanye West took the mic out of the hands of Taylor Swift as she was accepting an award, and went on a massive ego-maniacal rant. The audience was shocked and appalled; Kanye got booed for the rest of the night. The MC tried to settle everyone down by making a joke about Serena Williams outburst at the US Open.

kanye_west.jpgBut my question is this: aren’t the Video Music Awards one big ego-festival? Isn’t MTV one big celebration of over-the-top me-ness? Weren’t Kanye’s actions in line with the true unspoken spirit of the night? Or do you not care at all?

A message from a Buddhist, hip-hop loving friend this morning got me thinking: Are those of us who watch the VMA’s any better than Kanye? Or, rather, is he just the king of our ego-wackness? (credit for accompanying photo unknown.)

Food for thought.

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