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dalai-lama_memphis_fist_bump.jpgby Ethan Nichtern

According to the Associated Press, the interim Mayor of Memphis, Myron Lowery concocted a new way to greet His Holiness the Dalai Lama: Fist Bump! Yes, that’s right. He also said “Hello, Dalai.” Apparently his Holiness was a bit confused, but chuckled when Lowery showed him how to properly executed the bump. I wonder if Fox News will accuse His Holiness of giving a Terrorist Fist Bump. Given that The Dalai Lama told CNN last year that he is actually a Marxist philosophically, the cable news media might find a way to link this meeting to Sarah Palin’s Death Panels (If it tries hard enough). But a more pressing question to people who meditate and Buddhist practitioners: Is a fist bump the new namaste

Update: Here is raw video via Huffington Post. The AP seems to report confusion where there was none. All in all, a beautiful moment. 

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