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Belowis a simple and awesome animation by Andy Lubershane  about Health Care Reform. The main thing it does, which progressives have so far failed to do in any coherent message, is explain why certain services (police, fire, health care, etc) make total sense to be government-run, and why health insurance is without a doubt one of those things. It also gets to the heart of the false belief that conservatives have hammered into Americans for decades: that representative, democratic government is somehow evil. Government is US. It is nobody other than us. Until we address that false belief that government is somehow an evil big brother, large corporate interests are going to dominate all debates with better funding and better messenging, plain and simple. Even if Medicare recipients are WAY happier with their care than those on private insurance, until we dispell the myth that government – our shared entity – is bad, we aren’t going to make much progress.

From an interdependent perspective, government is simply a group ofpeople getting together to pool resources and share responsibilities.Sometimes this makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. When does it makesense to have the government do something? When a service is A) sobasic to our quality of life that profit-motive should be taken out ofthe equation and B) when a service is so expensive to the individualthat we need to pool our resources to provide that service to everyone.Just like police and water treatment, it’s clear Health Caresatisfies these two conditions. Every other capitalist country with a non-evil government thinks so. We need a public option. For real. Callyour congressperson and forward this video, especially to anyone whoclaims government is evil.

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