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According to Tibetan tradition, the eighth-century yogin Padmasambhava was born as an eight-year-old child on a lotus blossom in Lake Dhanakosha. His name, in fact, literally means “Lotus Born.”
This is what the early 17th-century Tibetan historian T?ran?tha had to say about that:

Some small-minded persons, equipped only with the faith of fools / Have written many fabricated histories to inspire others. / Most people are so foolish that such fraudulent and unsound words and meanings might in fact increase their faith, / But when wise readers see or hear of these words, they are startled and amused and for this reason develop doubts in all pure teachings and individuals./ Such books are the work of demons: what could be more harmful?

(Quoted in Guru Rinpoché: His Life and Times, by Ngawang Zangpo. page 154)

Seems like an appropriate sentiment for our times.
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