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According to Republican Strategist Roger Stone, Palin did the right thing on Friday if she wants to run for President in 2012. Meanwhile, on Fox News, Palin got hammered. Yes, I said Fox News slammed her. A Republican running for national office without the support of Fox News is…well…impossible. Good luck Sarah Palin (Check out what Pulitzer Prizewinner Eugene Robinson thinks)!You are every wolf’s and every progressive guy interested in Interdependence’s worst nightmare. But if you run against Obama, you are a dream come true. Please do it. Please. Maybe you can make Donald Rumsfeld your running mate. Or Oscar the Grouch.


(image from Top News)

Watching that fiasco at the same time as President Obama in Russia  and Nuclear Disarmament agreement with Dmitry Medvedev
was pretty amazing. In less than six months, Obama has begun to repair
many damaged international relationships in Russia, Europe, The Middle
East, Asia, and Latin America. I am less than thrilled with a few of
his policy positions, but I could not be happier with his diplomatic
skill. It is unbelievable. Even Sarkozy loves him!

Just, imagine, just for fun, President Palin meeting Medvedev. Wow. Wow. Wow.

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